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by Griffin Morrow
AMC Networks and their cable family.

AMC Networks and their cable family. [31]


AMC Networks Inc., operating under the title of Rainbow Media Holdings for decades, is a former subsidiary of Cablevison that was spun off in the Summer of 2011 as a publicly traded company [1]. The New York based organization owns and operates cable channels AMC, IFC, WE tv, and SundanceTV and recently acquired a stake in BBC America [2]. AMC, the obvious bell-cow of the cable bundle, has birthed dramas such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad that helped catalyze the so called “golden age” in cable television from 2007 onwards. This stretch of critical acclaim has scored AMC 207 Emmy nominations along with 33 wins [3], including five of the last six Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series [4].

Key Executives

Joshua Sapan - President and Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Sapan – President and Chief Executive Officer (photos curtesy of AMC Networks [37])

Charles F. Dolan - Executive Chairman

Charles F. Dolan – Executive Chairman

Edward A. Carroll - Chief Operating Officer

Edward A. Carroll – Chief Operating Officer

Sean S. Sullivan - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Sean S. Sullivan – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Programming Reach

Ranking as the 14th most watched network among the coveted 18-49 demo [5], AMC reaches 97 million American households. AMC Networks, however, finds itself in a unfortunate predicament. Other cable entities WE tv, IFC, and Sundance have failed to match the margins AMC has managed. Among the 18-49 demographic, WE tv ranks 39th, IFC stumbles into 58th, and Sundance checks in at a disappointing 88th [6].


Three year economic landscape since going public.

Three year economic landscape since going public [33].

To the blind eye, AMC Networks would seemingly be reveling in their cult-like headlining dramas they’ve found in Madison Avenue and meth making high school chemistry teachers. Since going public on June 21st of 2011 AMC Networks shares are up nearly $29 in price, an increase of almost 82% over three years [7]. Affiliate fees augmented from a 2007 margin of 22 cents per customer per month to 33 cents in 2013 [8]. The recent 3Q report stated a stout 31% increase in net revenue from levels a year ago to $514.2 million [9]. So what’s not to like for AMC Networks? Ad revenues have slipped by 6% in this recent quarter with a 19% drop in audiences [10]. Operating income this quarter was $12 million short of last years. Shares hit a 52-week low on October 13th when prices fell to $52.75. Moreover, AMCX stock has tumbled by approximately 18% in the last year.

Life After Mad and Bad

Dramatic successes that once stoked the AMC flame have begun to fade. Viewers said goodbye to Breaking Bad last fall and will prepare to jettison Mad Men after it’s end next spring. Questions as to how the organization will survive such gigantic losses in programming have dominated industry conversations for some time. One common theme reigns supreme: if AMC plans on continuing on, they need something to replace their prior hits. And fast. The majority of the industry, AMC Networks investors in particular, are wondering if this is possible.

Zombies Devouring American Audiences 

Iconic Walking Dead season 1 poster art where protagonist Rick Grimes investigates a desolate Atlanta.

Protagonist Rick Grimes investigates a desolate Atlanta in the iconic season 1 poster. [32]

The most life in AMC Networks ironically resides within the cold clammy hands of the undead. A television adaption of Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse graphic novel “The Walking Dead” has has wowed audiences suspenseful storytelling and heaps of zombie carnage. The Walking Dead premiered on Halloween night in 2010 with 5.35 million viewers, an AMC first [11]. The show has produced end over end increase since. The Walking Dead ended it’s 4th season with an average of 13.3 million viewers [12], a growth margin that prompted AMC to renew the show for a sixth season before the fifth season even aired [13].

A "Walker" enjoying a mid-afternoon snack.

A “Walker” enjoying a mid-afternoon snack. [34]

The infectious love for zombies has proved so strong that the first episode of season five shattered television viewing history. An audience of 17.3 million viewers for the season five premiere crowded The Walking Dead as the highest rated show in cable television history [14]. The October 12th premiere, with help from the 7% increase in viewership, managed to out muscle typical ratings power house Sunday Night Football [15]. Playing off of a dedicated following from the graphic novel has allowed the show to become the most popular program among the 18-49 demographic for two consecutive years [16].

Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice…

All in all, AMC networks has whiffed when it comes to finding their next trademark show. Recently premiering series that AMC networks hoped would share the same prestigious stage as their predecessors have fallen significantly short. Rubicon, a conspiracy thriller set against the New York skyline, proved anything but thrilling for viewers and was cancelled three months after debuting due to subpar ratings [17].

The Walking Dead stifles the average viewership of the other AMC programming.

The Walking Dead stifles the average viewership of the other AMC programming. [35]

The Detroit based crime drama Low Winter Sun adapted from a two-part British mini-series of the same name lasted only ten episodes [18]. Even the more constant series such as Hell on Wheels, Halt and Catch Fire, and TURN have underperformed expectations.

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…or Does It?

While millions may have mourned the passing of anti-hero Walter White reign on television, they will not have to wait long to satisfy their Breaking Bad junkie addictions. Former show runner Vince Gilligan and AMC have partnered to produce a prequel to the former Emmy winning series [19]. Better Call Saul, airing this upcoming February, will star Bob Odenkirk and be set six years prior to the events of Breaking Bad. AMC has already renewed the spin off for a 13 episode second season despite a delayed production process [20]. AMC also green lit preliminary production on a companion series for current hit The Walking Dead earlier this year [21]. The show will be standalone from the current series, displaying a new set of characters in an entirely different region of the post-apocolyptic zombie world. Both spin offs are obvious attempts by AMC Networks to brandish new programming through past and present successes.

DirecTV and AMC Clash on Contract

AMC Networks warning message to DirecTV viewers about potential stoppages in content.

AMC Networks warning message earlier this month on website to DirecTV viewers about potential stoppages in content. [36]

DirecTV viewers may been in danger of losing AMC Networks‘ programming after this holiday season. AMC Networks went public with a contract dispute with the satellite provider during a November 2 episode of The Walking Dead [22]. They warned viewers that they were at risk of missing future content stating that DirecTV had not “engaged in meaning negotiations”. AMC Networks has gained a reputation of quarreling with service providers by often publicizing carrier contract disputes and using their viewer as meaningful leverage. Disputes have included Verizon FiOS [23], Suddenlink Communications [24], Rogers Communications [25], and AT&T U-Verse [26] over the past two years. The worst of the carrier disputes came when DISH dropped AMC Networks from their service for nearly four months [27]. The conflict, like the others, stemmed from AMC Networks aggressive price evaluation set in an attempt to profit from newfound success in dramatic programming.

International Distribution Taking Center Stage

AMC Networks rolled out programming in various international markets starting in November, an organizational first for a company that once prided itself on broadcasting classic American movies. AMC International started distribution in Europe with broadcasts in Spain on November 5th [28]. Broadcasts of the new international distribution arm furthered in Latin America a week later [29]. The company plans to continue it’s stretch across the globe with further rollouts. These recent investments into foreign markets can be linked to AMC Netoworks‘ $1.04 billion purchase of Liberty Global’s content division Chellomedia last year [30]. The array of TV networks will be distributed across an estimated 138 countries worldwide with access to more than 390 million foreign households.


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by Lauren Shaw

Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications

Company Logo, click to go to website.

140 West Street

New York, NY 10007

Executives [1]

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Lowell C. McAdam, Chairman & CEO

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Roy H. Chestnutt, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

James J. Gerace, Chief Communications Officer

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Roger Gurnani, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer

About [2]

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


Verizon Communications is a major media conglomerate that provides broadband and other communication services to consumer, business, government, and wholesale customers. The company is known for its wireless services, providing a reliable wireless network for its 98 million customers nationwide.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of 

Verizon FIOS is one of the company’s major departments that provides a telephone service, digital TV, and high speed Internet over a single fiber optic cable. Fios customers gain access to over 575 digital TV channels, with over 160 channels being High Definition. FiOS also offers over 18,000 movies on demand.

History [3]

Launching in 2005, Verizon FiOS was originally just available to 9,000 customers in Keller, Texas. With the addition of DVR in 2006 and High Definition in 2008, Verizon grew to eventually becoming a leading television distribution company, with around five million customers and availability in 18 million homes in 16 states, as of May 2013. Their top markets are New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Boston, with New York having 1,305,440 subscribers and Boston having 343,535 subscribers. (As of 2013)

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


On October 21, the company released their third quarter earnings report. Although more customers were added, Verizon Communications saw a decline in profit. Third quarter net income was $3,794 million, which is a drop from the $5,578 million in 2013’s third quarter. [4] More specifically, the companies Wireline segment had a total revenue of $9.576 million, which is a 0.8% decrease from last year. [6] However, FiOS video subscriber base went up 7% from last year to 5.533 million (adding a net 114,000 subscribers). In addition, broadband connections increased 1.7% from last year to 9.146 million.[5] Although the company is falling short of profit expectations, it seems as though they can detest their revenue drive to FiOS, as FiOS represented 74% of the company’s total revenue during the first quarter of 2014, and is continuing to do so. [7]

FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide 

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

There are many changes being brought to FiOS that may explain its success for the company. Verizon has revamped its FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide for TV and mobile, improving the personalization, management abilities, and user interface for customers.[8] Customers will now receive search results and recommendations for shows and movies based on their viewing behavior. Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews and FiOS TV star ratings will also appear when customers are viewing specific content via their guide, with cast and crew biographies as well. [8] The new changes also come with a “My FiOS TV” feature that connects users to social media. [9] 

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Customers can see what’s being discussed about their favorite shows via Twitter.[9]  These new changes are one of many incentives from the company to try and meet the demands of consumers and their reliance on media.  These changes offer a comparison to one of Verizon’s competitors Comcast, and its recently upgraded mobile user interface with similar user-friendly personalization updates.[9] 

TV Everywhere

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

The company is not only updating its guide to keep up with consumer’s growing reliance on media and need for entertainment on multiple platforms. In October, the company renewed its carriage agreement with Viacom. [10]  These new agreements seem to meet the demands of people’s need for ‘TV Everywhere.” Soon, Verizon customers will be able to stream Viacom programming in and out of their homes. [10] Viacom content such as music and entertainment programming will be available 24/7 on multiple platforms and will include 25 Viacom networks such as MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central[11] This agreement not only allows customers to gain access to live and on-demand content through the FiOS mobile App, but gain access to Video On-Demand content through various Viacom TV Everywhere websites and Apps as well. [11]As the industry is moving toward more content on mobile, the company is trying to keep up and avoid loosing subscribers by providing opportunities such as these to provide more TV Everywhere options.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

“People want to watch TV anywhere, not just in their living rooms. Disruption in the TV marketplace is happening and Verizon wants to reach agreements with content providers like Viacom that reflect that reality and give people what they want. We are thrilled to extend our long-term distribution partnership with Viacom Media Networks, delivering some of the most recognizable and popular kids, music and entertainment programming available to our customers anytime, anywhere on a variety of platforms from TV to wireless. “-Ben Grad, Verizon’s executive director of content strategy & acquisition  [12] 

FiOS Quantum Gateway

In addition to consumer’s need for entertainment in a variety of platforms, consumers also want their content as fast as possible. After complaints of slow download speeds over the summer, specifically when streaming Netflix, it seems as though the company is approaching these problems with the launch of FiOS Quantum Gateway.[13] (released in November 2014)

For customers with multiple devices in their homes who frequently stream videos, the Quantum Gateway, which was released at the beginning of the month, should improve speeds and cut down download time for its subscribers. [13] This goes along with Verizon’s “speed match” campaign, which promises to match all customers upload speeds to its download speeds by the end of the year for free. [14] These new features will hopefully improve user experiences for all FiOS customers and create an advantage over its competitors, as other distribution companies are attempting to improve speeds as well.[14]

Stopping the Cord-Cutters from Cutting this Holiday Season

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

With more and more ways to view content online, Verizon needs to promote competitive advantages to prevent the cord-cutters from actually cutting, and thus loosing customers for Verizon.  Just in time for the holiday season, from now until January 17th, customers can purchase FiOS Triple Play package (high-speed internet, phone, and TV) for only $59.99 a month, and get a full year of Netflix free. [15] Not only does this provide a popular package for a much cheaper price, but includes Showtime, HBO, and free Netflix, all of which are usually the reason for cord-cutters to begin with.[16] This bold move of including competitive companies in a much cheaper package should attract millennials who would have previously been turned off to paying for an expensive cable package.[16] 2015’s first quarter earnings report will provide an answer as to whether this unique package paid off for Verizon as a whole.

Looking Towards The Future

As 2014 comes to an end, consumers should prepare for more TV Everywhere opportunities from Verizon, as well as more user-interface and personalization changes to FiOS. [17] Verizon customers should look out for the possibility of a wireless internet pay TV service and FiOS Custom Channels, both which would be released sometime in 2015. [17] 


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