“Rosewood” Post #12

This past Wednesday, Fox’s “Rosewood” enjoyed a boost in demo and a .1 increase in ratings. “Rosewood” boasted a 1.5, 4.723 million this week versus 1.4, 5.167 million last week. This year Fox has moved up amongst it’s network competitors by moving up to the number 3 spot in viewership amongst major networks. Many critics are calling this increase in Fox viewership the “Empire-effect,” which is the powerhouse series that follows “Rosewood” and plays a role in “Rosewood”‘s success. “Empire” has maintained a steady and strong following.

Going along with the theme of pulling reality stars and celebrities such as Taye Diggs, “Rosewood” has now tapped celebrity Tia Mowry as a reoccurring role. Mowry will play Rosewood’s sister’s childhood friend that comes from a troubled past. Mowry has recently starred in Nick at Nite’s hit “Instant Mom”. Mowry’s character will play the role of bringing up past memories of each major character, and thus driving the character development even further.


“Rosewood” Post #11

I decided to take a look at the type of products and companies that are advertising on the Fox website during full episode recaps of “Rosewood.” I found that there was a wide range of products, however many of the commercials included families and focused on products that families would use together such as products at Best Buy. This ties into the idea that “Rosewood” is promoting itself as a family-oriented show. The show’s Twitter feed draws attention to the relationship of the main character to his sister and his mother. Furthermore, many of the show’s drama revolve around family dilemmas. For example, the last few episodes have watched the main character and his father battle out their differences and go head to head with each other in court. Other advertisements during the show include promotions for Fox’s hit “Empire,” which comes as no surprise since the show follows directly after “Rosewood.” Also, there were a few advertisements for “The Mindy Project,” which is now available on Hulu.


Grandfathered Post #8

Grandfathered is reaching the mid-season mark and the question is raised for Grandfathered staff, “Do I Stay or Do I Go?”. A recent article from TV By the Numbers placed Grandfathered as teetering on the line between renewal and cancellation.

grandfathered-renew-cancel-wk-5Although, its ratings are not as blatantly successful as Fox’s Empire or doing as poor as Fox’s Minority Report, they fall right on the cusp between success and failure. Last week’s ratings demonstrated that the show is beginning to level out at approximately at a rating of 1 and reached about 3.3 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic. These numbers appear pretty stable, but the question is raised, whether or not Fox thinks these ratings are worthy of keeping the show going.

Although the show’s future is unknown, show executives are trying to secure ratings by locking in guest stars for future episodes. Currently, John Stamos’ longtime co-stars on Full House, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier are set to be appearing on the show. Their episodes are expected to air in late 2015 or 2016, which will hopefully give the viewers something to look forward to. john-stamos-bob-saget-dave-coulier-1Another guest star, expected to show up will be Dr. Phil, who will play John Stamos’ doctor.

Rosewood Post #8

It’s looking like Fox has full faith in comedy drama series “Rosewood.” They have just announced that they are giving the medical series a full season order. The series averages a 2.4 rating among A18-49 and 7.8 million viewers in Live+3 estimates. Fox entertainment president David Madden is quoted saying, “Rosewood has proven to be a real self-starter for us, which is a tremendous feat on this highly competitive night.” This makes “Rosewood” the first freshman series to get a full season order from the network, and brings the season to a full 22-episode per season. However, the series’ viewership has still dropped significantly since the premiere September 23rd. According to Deadline, viewership increases in the second half hour of the show. Viewers are tuning in to get ready to watch Fox’s powerhouse “Empire”. Ratings for “Rosewood” build about 27%-29% from the first to the second half hour. It will be interesting to see if the full season order will help “Rosewood” gain momentum and stand on its on without the help of “Empire”.

“Rosewood”-Post #3

Whenever one reads an article about Fox’s upcoming series “Rosewood,” the popular series “Empire” will most likely be discussed alongside the new series. Fox appears to be giving an extra boost to its new comedy drama series “Rosewood” by having it lead into “Empire”. However, not only will “Rosewood” be the opener to “Empire,” but it has also taken “Empire’s” original 8pm Wednesday slot. Much of Fox’s success with “Empire” have been due to the networks extensive and early promos for the show starting as far back as May, right after the show was picked up. Furthermore, Slate Magazine claims, “Fox also took things a step further by capping each of Empire’s first ten episodes with an extended, 90-second teaser touting coming attractions—not just for the next week’s episode (standard practice), but for the entire season to come,” which gave “Empire” a leg up to it’s competitors. Slate magazine predicts Fox will thrive off of “Empire’s” success and apply it’s innovative structure to future series in what it calls “The Empire Effect”. Thus, I will be interested to see if “Rosewood” follows in “Empire’s” innovative promotional efforts during its first season. “Rosewood” has already followed “Empire’s” footsteps with early promotions starting as soon as May 7th 2015, right after Fox announced that the series had been picked up.

“Rosewood” premieres next Wednesday night at 8pm on Fox!



Ever since Empire premiered, it has experienced one shockingly long string of good news. The first episode was viewed by 9.9 million people, and since then the numbers have only gone up. The seventh and most recent episode was seen by 11.96 million viewers and achieved a 4.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic. The show was renewed for a second season after only a couple episodes. The show’s success is even more surprising considering its content. Empire is a soap opera-style program featuring a predominantly black cast, not exactly standard fare for television. Some of the show’s success could be attributable to the reputation of lead actor Terrance Howard and creator Lee Daniels, the latter of whom recently directed the critically acclaimed and commercially successful film The Butler.

And much like The Butler, Empire, in addition to being a commercial success, is also a favorite among critics, having garnered positive reviews on both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. All-in-all, the future looks bright for Empire. It will be interesting to see how long this upward trend in ratings and viewership can continue before it begins to taper off.


The seventh episode of Empire continued the television show’s upward trend in viewership and ratings, pulling down 13.02 million viewers and a 5.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which places it first in its time slot by a significant margin. At this rate, I would not be surprised if Fox renews Empire for a third season before the first one ends. With the massive success that the shows has been–with the caveat that only eight episodes have aired, and we only have viewership data for seven of them–it will be interesting to see if the unorthodox premise of the show inspires derivatives and copycats in the coming years.

Both of the last two weeks, Empire has increased its viewership. I can’t imagine the television world will see anything like this for a long time after. It’s frankly rather mind boggling.

But the real news is that the Empire season one finale aired last night. The numbers aren’t in yet, but I would be shocked if there is anything less than a significant increase in viewership. In addition to the upward trend that has been seen in all of the previous weeks, they seem to have stepped up their advertising a bit for this final two-part episode. The past few days have seen a dramatic increase in advertisement on Youtube and other platforms.

One other thing to note is that the Empire soundtrack featuring all the original hip hop songs from the show was just released on March 10 and debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200 with 130,000 albums sold. This is the first time a television soundtrack has debuted at number one since Glee in 2010.

The numbers for the finale of Empire are in, and as most people probably expected, there was a significant increase in viewership. Even within the two-part finale, the second half received far more viewers that the first. The first half received a 6.1 rating with 15.82 million viewers, while the second half received a 6.9 rating with 17.62 million viewers. Needless to say, these figures crushed all other contenders in the time slot competition.

In other news, Fox Broadcasting is preemptively launching a lawsuit against the real-life Empire Distribution Inc., a California based record label, over trademark rights to the title “Empire.” The lawsuit was filed in anticipation of a lawsuit by Empire Distribution. Fox’s argument appears to primarily be based upon the fact that Empire Distribution is a small and insignificant operation, coupled with the fact that the name “Empire” has been used by numerous other films, television shows, and companies with no infringement problems. Considering the lethargic pace of the civil court system in the United States, it is unlikely that the case will be settled any time soon.

Previously, I mentioned the absurdly high ratings for the Empire two-part finale, but it is also important to note that the final episodes achieved excellence in other areas as well. In the social media world, the finale broke a Twitter record by being the “most-tweeted about telecast since Nielsen started measuring,” with 2.3 million tweets viewed 112 million times by roughly 5.9 million people. This immense flood of tweets was beneficial to the actors’ personal Twitter accounts. The twitter account of one of the stars of the show, Jussie Smollett, saw an increase in followers from 54,000 to 204,000 on the day of the finale alone. Of course, any increase in the popularity of the personal twitter accounts of the stars of the show will naturally feed back into the amount of social media buzz that the show can generate, as the actors have been active on social media, and particularly Twitter, often live-tweeting the episodes as they air.

In addition, the finale two episodes were well received by critics. An article in Entertainment Weekly said that it “felt like the best episode of Trapped in the Closet in years,” while The New York Times called the entire first season, finale included, “pretty perfect.”

That being said, critical laudation in general appears to have become more mild as the show as progressed through the first season. While I have had trouble finding the exact numbers, if my memory serves me correctly, after the first few episodes Empire had a Rotten Tomatoes score in the mid-eighties, and a meteoritic score in the mid-seventies. Now, with the first season completed, these numbers stand at 79% and 69, respectively—still high enough to give this commercially popular drama a solid reputation of genuine artistry.

I mentioned earlier that Empire has been renewed for a season season—in fact, that it was renewed for a season season after only three or four episodes, a rare feat in and of itself. There is no new change to report here—a second season is still in the works. I only bring this up because a rumor was spreading around the internet recently claiming that the second season of Empire had been canceled. However, this was quickly traced to a fake news website (sort of a non-humorous version of The Onion) that in the past has also created fake buzz when it claimed Krispy Kreme was giving away free donuts and Martin Lawrence had died. Of course, it should come as no surprise that a second season of Empire is still in the works; with the constantly upward trending numbers it sported throughout the entire run of its first season, it is difficult to imagine any reason the network would forgo the immense opportunities afforded by a second season.