CBS Corp.

Marcia Gillespie

CBS Headquarters
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019-6188

Key Executives: [1]

Sumner M. Redstone: Executive Chairman

Sumner M. Redstone

Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website


Redstone currently serves as the chairman of both CBS Corporation and Viacom. He became the chairman of Viacom in June of 1987 and became the executive chairman of Viacom in January of 1996. In January of 2006 Viacom separated into tow publicly traded companies. After this split Redstone became the executive chairman in both companies and currently is the controlling shareholder of both companies.

Leslie Moonves: President, Cheif Executive Officer


Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website

After serving as the president of Warner Bros. Television, Moonves made the transition to CBS in 1995. After starting shows like “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” Moonves and his team brought CBS out of the bottom of the ratings and was promoted to president and CEO of CBS Television in 1998. Currently Moonves oversees  all of the aspects of the company including all of the television networks in affiliation with CBS.

Anthony G. Ambrosio: Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Administraion

Courtesy of CBS Corporation Webstie

Picture Courtesy of CBS Corporation Webstie

Ambrosio joined the CBS team in March of 1985 and got promoted to his current position in May of 2000. He is in charge of all Human Resources functions for the company.


Picture Courtesy of CBS Corporation Webstie

Joseph Ianniello: Executive Vice President and Chief financial Officer

Getting promoted from Deputy Chief Financial Officer in 2008 Ianniello oversees all of the financial operations that happen with the CBS Corporation.

The CBS Company

(Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website)

Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website

CBS Television Network: [2]

(Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website)

Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website

Established in 1928, CBS television network has over 200 tv stations and affiliates. Their programming includes CBS entertainment, CBS news and CBS sports. They started when founder william Paley bought 16 independent radio stations. Paley called this new company the Columbia Broadcast System. The CBS Television Netwok ranges from entertainment to news to sports. Today the CBS Television Network has the #1 scripted drama (NCIS), the #1 sitcom (Two and a Half Men), the #1 newsmagazine (60 Minutes), and the #1 daytime drama (The Young and the Restless).

CBS Television Stations: [3]

(Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website)

Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website

With 29 owned-and-operated stations, CBS Television Stations reach all over the United States. 16 of these stations are part of the CBS Television Network, eight of the stations are affiliates of The CW Network, three are independent stations, and the remaining two stations are MyNetwork TV affiliates.

CBS Television Studios: [4]

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 2.22.44 PM

Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website

As one of the leading suppliers of primetime network programming in the television industry, CBS Television Studios produces the #1 and #2 scripted series, as well as six of the top ten most watched scripted series. The shows have earned them many Emmys over the years.

CBS Entertainment: [5]

(Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website)

Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website

CBS Entertainment acquires and develops entertainment programming. This includes primetime comedy and dramas, television movies and miniseries, reality shows, theatrical films, children’s programs, games shows, daytime dramas, and late-night programs.


CBS News: [6]

(Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website)

Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website

This devision if focused on news and information. CBS News is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week programming. They have interviews, reporting, investigations, analysis and breaking news to keep their viewer up to date on things happening in their communities and in the world.

CBS Sports: [7]

(Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website)

Picture courtesy of CBS Corporation Website

Covering sports year round, CBS sports attracts all sports fans. They broadcast the NFL, college basketball (including the highly watched NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship , golf (including The Masters and PGA Championship), college football, tennis, track and field, auto racing and gymnastics. On the CBS Sports Network has 24 hour sports programing.


Finances [8]

2012 Full year Results:                                                                                                Revenue: $14.09 Billion                                                                                                Adjusted OIBDA: $3.49 Billion                                                                                   Operating Income: $2.98 Billion                                                                                  Adjusted diluted earnings per share from continuing operations: $2.55                        Diluted earnings per share from continuing operations: $2.48

CBS revenues increased 3% from $13.64 billion in 2011 to $14.09 billion 2012.

Courtesy of the CBS 2012 Earnings Release

Courtesy of the CBS 2012 Earnings Release

CBS Stock Information:

Courtesy of CBS Corporation Website

Courtesy of CBS Corporation Website

What is Happening Now?

TV Guide Network and [9]

It was announced on March 26, 2013 that CBS purchased 50% stake in TV Guide Network and The other 50% is owned by Lionsgate. The TV Guide Network is a netwok focused on entertainment that reaches over 80 million homes. Leslie Moonves, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the CBS Corporation is excited for the deal, “Lionsgate, led by my friend Jon Feltheimer, is a forward-thinking content company and a great partner for us here.  We’re excited to bring CBS’s programming and production assets to the venture, and work with Lionsgate to rebrand and grow a channel that will be increasingly valuable to our carriage partners.” CBS plans to capitalize on this purchase by using its content brands and to gain access to the highly distributed basic cable network of the TV Guide Network.

Amazon Prime and CBS Expansion: [10]

It was announced on February 13, 2013 that and CBS Corporation were to expand their content licensing agreement. This new agreement allows Amazon Prime members to watch more CBS and SHOWTIME programming online at no extra charge. This agreement allows series to be streamed on Amazon Prime for the first time. Some shows that are now available to stream through this agreement are America’s Next Top Model, Jericho, Everybody Loves Raymond, Undercover Boss, Medium, Star Trek, and I Love Lucy. 

CBS and Grey Television [11]

On March 19, 2013 CBS announced that they had signed an affiliation agreement with Gray Television. Their hope for this new affiliation agreement is to increase CBS’s servies to their viewers in central Nebraska. They will be adding an over-the-air, on cable and satellite television station, KNPL. They hope to launch the station on Sunday, September 1, 2013.














Lionsgate Entertainment

Taylor Kowalski

lionsgate logo

Courtesy of Lionsgate Entertainment [1]

Company Contact Information

Los Angeles Address:

Lionsgate Corporate

2700 Colorado Ave.

Santa Monica, CA 90404




Jon Feltheimer, CEO since March 2000.

Michael Burns, Vice Chairman since March 2000.

Steve Beeks, President since February 2004

Joe Drake, Preisdent of the Motion Picture Group since August 2007

Jim Keegan, Chief Financial Officer since April 2002


Company Overview

Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation is a leading multimedia entertainment company that maintains a presence in film and television production and distribution, home and family entertainment, digital distribution, as well as international distribution and new channel platforms.  Committed to low overhead, entrepreneurial business models, cost discipline, and niche focus, Lionsgate has recently seen the success of their 12-year growth strategy, which led to Lionsgate becoming a major name in the world marketplace. [6]

Lionsgate Film’s list of successful films includes The Hunger Games, The Saw Saga, and a long list of Tyler Perry’s films. In addition, Lionsgate Television’s current programming includes successes such as FX’s Anger Management, AMC’s Mad Men, ABC’s Nashville, and Showtime’s Nurse Jackie.

Other Lionsgate holdings and subsidiaries include Lionsgate Music and Publishing, Tigergate, Mandate Pictures, Maple Pictures, Kix, Epix, Thrill,, Debmar-Mercury, Elevation Sales, and

Brief History

Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation was founded by Frank Giustra in 1997 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  A majority of the funding for its founding was put forth by Yorktown Securities, a bank with stake in Frank Giustra’s mining assets.  [2]

To further itself in the industry, Lionsgate acquired other small production houses, purchasing Cinepix Film Properties, which was then dubbed Lionsgate Films, as well as North Shore Studios, then renamed to be Lionsgate Studios.  After more purchases, the Lionsgate Media subsidiary was founded to produce content for television.  [2]

After Feltheimer became CEO, Lionsgate Entertainment acquired Trimark Pictures for approximately $50 million in June of 2000.  Lionsgate also purchased Artisan Entertainment in 2003.   They went on to purchase Rebus Film Distribution of the United Kingdom in October 2005, which became Lionsgate UK on February 23rd, 2006.  Also in 2006, Lionsgate sold Lionsgate Studios to Bosa Development Corporation.  In June of 2007, Lionsgate Music and Publishing was founded. [2]

In 2009, Lionsgate acquired the TV Guide Network. [3]

In January of 2012, Lionsgate acquired Summit Entertainment, the producers of The Twilight Saga, which helped Lionsgate cross the $1 billion dollar threshold for the first time.  This success is also attributed to the release of The Hunger Games. [1]


Courtesy of The Hunger Games [16]


DreamWorks Studios

Imagine Entertainment

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Incorporated



As the fiscal year ended March 31st, 2013, the annual financial reports for Lionsgate have not been released yet.

Their first-quarter financial report for 2013 reported revenue of $471.8 million, with a price of $.33 per share with the first quarter of fiscal 2013 ending June 30, 2012. [4]

The second-quarter earnings release reports revenue of $707.0 million with a price of $.56 per share with the second quarter of fiscal 2013 ending September 30, 2012. [4]

The third-quarter earnings release reports revenue of $743.6 million with a price of $.28 per share with the third quarter of fiscal 2013 ending December 31, 2012. [4]

View Available Financial Reports

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 12.01.12 AM

Courtesy of Yahoo Finance [5]

At the closing of April 5th, Lionsgate’s stock had gone up .74 of a point, a 3.29% increase.

With blockbuster films such as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire being released in 2013, Lionsgate is likely to have a comparable year to that of 2012, during which the release of franchised movies, including The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games, led to more than $2.5 billion being made at the worldwide box office in 2012. [6]

Recent News


Courtesy of IMDB [14]

January 22, 2013– Lionsgate’s comic-based film DREDD achieved a DVD and Blu-Ray release that made it the best-selling new release title of the year.  DREDD also became the top film download of the week, beating out all other films in digital sales as well.  This feat adds to Lionsgate’s list of films that have made up for a lacking box office performance through DVD and Blu-Ray sales, helping Lionsgate be the industry leader in DVD-to-box office conversion. [7]

Official DREDD Trailer

February 12 and 13, 2013– Media Investor Gordon Crawford joined Lionsgate’s board of directors, increasing the size of the board to 13 members.  In addition, Wayne Levin signed a long-term agreement to act as Lionsgate’s General Counsel and Chief Strategic Officer. [8] [9]

March 5, 2013– Andrew Kramer was named Chief Operating Officer of International Distribution. [10]


Courtesy of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 [15]

March 5, 2013– Lionsgate reported that Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 sold 3.85 million DVD’s and Blu-Rays in its first weekend of release.  This news is more significant due to the fact that 27% of the sales were Blu-Ray copies, up from the 22% seen for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which further indicates the growing acceptance of the Blu-Ray format.  Similarly, 20% more transactions were electronic, such as Video On Demand, for this film. [11]

Official Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Trailer

March 21, 2013– Lionsgate and the new digital entertainment service M-GO announced that they are partnering to bring Lionsgate’s library of films and television programs, such as The Hunger Games, Twilight, Madea, and Mad Men, to the digital service for customers to purchase or rent. [12]


Courtesy of TV Guide [15]

March 26, 2013CBS Corporation and Lionsgate officially partner in a 50/50 ownership of the TV Guide Network as well as, a cable channel that reaches 80 million households. [3]


Though Lionsgate may not have as profitable of a fiscal year in 2013 and 2014 due to The Twilight Saga wrapping up and no longer overlapping The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as well as the rest of the trilogy are sure to be box office successes for Lionsgate.

Other upcoming films for Lionsgate include The Big Wedding, We the Peeples, You’re Next, I, Frankenstein, and Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas.  Lionsgate is also planning to add to the Texas Chainsaw 3D franchise. [13]

Official We The Peeples Trailer

Official You’re Next Trailer

Official Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas Trailer

In addition, Summit Entertainment’s upcoming 2013 slate includes Now You See Me, Red 2, The Tomb, and Ender’s Game.


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