Weinstein Company

by Phoebe Steinfeld
The Weinstein Company

[1] The Weinstein Company logo

About TWC

Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein, the original creators of MIRIMAX Films, which was sold to Disney in 1993, founded the Weinstein Company in 2005. TWC is an independent production and distribution known for its knack for taking home Oscars and ability to captivate audiences with offbeat, dramatic films. TWC also encompasses Dimensions Films, originally under MIRAMAX, and has recently stepped into the world of television production. [2]

Who’s Who: Key Executives

Bob Weinstein: Co-Chairman [3]

[4] Bob Weinstein

[4] Bob Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein: Co-Chairman [5]

[Harvey Weinstein]

[6] Harvey Weinstein

Dylan Sellers: President of Production

Dylan Sellers

[7] Dylan Sellers

In September it was announced that Dylan Sellers is stepping down as President of Production after three years at TWC to pursue his producing career. Sellers is responsible for such titles as award winning August: Osage County and the recent release, St. Vincent.[8]

 Stephen Bruno: President of Marketing

Stephen Bruno

[9] Stephen Bruno

Stephen Bruno has served as President of Marketing for TWC for the past three years. He has recently been offered a position by Netflix to head their marketing department. After 7 years with TWC, his contract is up at the end of the year.[10]

New Releases [11]/ Box Office Results

The Weinstein Company released 14 films to date in 2014. In the US market these films have brought in $132,955,985 so far[12], making TWC the 8th highest grossing studio with 2% market share.  TWC was ranked eighth in 2013, but they are down 2.5% market share from 2013[13]. Though the summer was a flop for films such as Begin Again[14] with Adam Levine, The Giver[15], and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For[16], TWC has five promising new titles in theaters this fall that could raise revenues and bring in awards for the studio. These titles include, The Disapearance of Eleanor Rigby, St. Vincent, Tracks, The Imitation Game and One Chance.

St. Vincent [17] 

St. Vincent Movie Poster

[18] Staring Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, and Chris O’Dowd, St. Vincent is the story of an unlikely friendship between two neighbors as they both struggle to find their way in the world.

The quirky comedy has already received Oscar buzz and high praise upon its debut at the Toronto Film Festival. It was released limitedly on October 10th in 4 theaters and saw $109, 878 in box office sales.Upon it’s wide release on October 24th, St. Vincent saw $7,746,596 in revenue in 2,282 theaters, ranking #6 in the box office overall that weekend. In its 9th week, St. Vincent has made $40,749,905 domestically, and $41,346,602 worldwide. Just 1.4% of revenue was seen internationally.[19] This may have to do with Netflix’s deal with TWC to release the feature film for streaming on Netflix in France the same day as the US wide release.[20] The week leading into its wide release, Variety reported that St. Vincent lead the week in TV ad sales, spending $5.1 million [21].



The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby [23]

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him and Her is the classic tail of two people falling out of love.

[24]The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him and Her shows both sides of the story in this classic tale of two people falling out of love.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them stands completely alone from Him and Her with a fresh perspective on Conor and Eleanor's relationship

[25]The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them stands completely alone from Him and Her with a fresh perspective on Conor and Eleanor’s relationship.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby is The Weinstein Company’s attempt to break the traditional templates of production. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby follows the relationship of Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy and consists of three feature length films from three different perspectives; his, her’s, theirs. Each film was created explicitly through editing, yet each film tells a completely different story and can stand on its own as a feature film. Him and Her were released on September 12th as a two part, 200 minute film, and Them was released on September 4th as a 123 minute film[26]. Though Eleanor Rigby has created quite a bit of buzz in the industry, the box office results have been anything but stellar. To date, the total revenue has been $985,007 worldwide. 59.7% of that revenue was seen domestically. Originally only in four theaters, by its 3rd week Eleanor Rigby was in 139 theaters, but is now only available in two.[27]



Tracks [29]

Directed by John Curran, Tracks tells the true story of Robyn Davidson, the woman who journeyed across the Australian Outback.

[30]Tracks tells the true story of Robyn Davidson, the woman who journeyed across the Australian Outback.

The Weinstein Company acquired the rights to Tracks, directed by John Curran after its premier in the Venice Film Festival. It premiered in the United States during the Telluride Film Festival and also made a favorable impression at the Toronto Film Festival[31]Tracks was released in seven theaters on September 19th and grossed $21,544 opening weekend. After ten weeks in theaters, the film has grossed $4,878,242. Notably, only 10.5% of that revenue is from the domestic box office[32].



One Chance[34]

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.58.21 PM

[35]One Chance is an original biopic about singer Paul Potts

One Chance tells the story of Britain’s Got Talent’s first winner, Paul Potts. It was originally released to stream on Yahoo before debuting in theaters.[36] This was an attempt by TWC to capture more audiences as the landscape of movie viewing is vastly changing. The financials of the TWC/Yahoo deal were not released, but ads were shown throughout the online screening.Theater chains were reportedly unhappy with this deal[37]. When One Chance hit the box office on October 10th, it saw $33,405 in 43 theaters. To date, it has grossed $10,889,830 worldwide, with only 0.8% domestic sales.[38]


The Imitation Game[40]

 Benedict Cumberbach stars in the biopic of Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician condemned for his homosexuality.

[41] Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the biopic of Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician condemned for his homosexuality.

The Imitation Game is yet another British biopic about Alan Turing, a mathematician responsible for breaking Nazi codes during WWII. The film was produced by two first timers, Nora Grossman and Ido Ostrowsky.[42] There is already much Oscar buzz surrounding this film, and it was listed as one of AFI’s top films of 2014.[43] It was released on November 18th, and has already grossed $18,676,784. However, again only a small portion of those sales were domestic (5.5%).[44]



Shaking Up Distribution Models/ Future of TWC

 “In today’s digital era, technology has developed and changed the landscape of how many people watch movies and TV,” -David Glasser, COO [46]

The Weinstein Company has always been known to push boundaries and play by their own rules. Due to the rapidly changing landscape of the media, TWC has  attempted to capture audiences using unique distribution models. This fall, TWC announced they would be partnering with Netflix to release Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend. The second installment of the Crouching Tiger franchise will simultaneously be released in IMAX theaters and become available to screen at home on Netflix.[47]The industry saw similar shake ups with TWC’s Yahoo release of One Chance and the Netflix release of St. Vincent in France. As platforms continue to develop and media viewing continues to change, we should expect similar distribution disturbances and innovations from The Weinstein Company.


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Weinstein Company

by Shawn Namet

The Weinstein Company logo


Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the founders of Miramax, launched The Weinstein Company in October 2005. The studio handles the production and distribution of films as well as production of television content. Weinstein Company films took home the Academy Awards for Best Picture in 2011 and 2012, for The King’s Speech and The Artist, respectively. The Weinstein Company also owns Dimension Films, a label started by Bob Weinstein in 1993, which has produced films like Scream and Scary Movie. [1]

Key Executives

Harvey Weinstein
Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Harvey Weinstein founded Miramax in 1979 with his brother Bob Weinstein. The two have been nominated for 303 Academy Awards between them, 75 of which they have won. [2]

Bob Weinstein
Courtesy of the New York Post

Bob Weinstein established Dimension Films in 1993 while still at Miramax. The Dimension Films label specializes in science fiction, action, and horror films like Piranha, Grindhouse, and Sin City, as well as family films like Spy Kids. [3]



After finishing 2012 in eighth place among film distributors with a 2.4% market share, the Weinstein Company has moved up to second place with a 12.1% market share as of April 4, 2013. The smaller independent studio beat out most of the major studios in box office grosses for the first quarter with $282.4 million in revenue, up from $75.6 million at the same time last year. The lead may not hold, however, since the upcoming Summer season of blockbuster action films like Iron Man 3 is sure to give larger studios a boost that could take them the top of the box office rankings. The studio climbed the list thanks to high grosses from Silver Linings Playbook and Django Unchained, which also garnered critical acclaim and numerous Oscar nominations. [4] [5] [6]

Recent Film Releases

Silver Linings Playbook

Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Director David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook, adapted from a book by Matthew Quick, is the story of Pat Solitano, a man struggling with bipolar disorder who is released from his court ordered stay in a mental institution and attempts to put his life in order and win back his wife. Pat then meets the recently widowed Tiffany, who convinces him to compete in a dance competition as a way to prove himself to his wife. [7]

Silver Linings Playbook began its theatrical run in a limited release in only 16 theaters, but would eventually spread across the country to play in more than 2,800 theaters in its twelfth week. [8]

The film has made a total domestic gross of almost $130 million on a budget of just $21 million, and received an average review score of 81 out of 100, representing universal acclaim from major film critics, according to review aggregator Metacritic. The film went on to receive eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, and won lead actress Jennifer Lawrence her first Oscar. [6] [8] [9]

Django Unchained

Courtesy of the Weinstein Company

The latest in a series of director Quentin Tarantino’s collaborations with the Weinstein Company, Django Unchained, follows a slave, Django, who is freed and recruited by bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz. The pair track down and attempt to rescue Django’s wife at a plantation owned by the brutal Calvin Candie.[10]

Tarantino’s first foray into the western genre made $30 million dollars for it’s Christmas release, and went on to gross a total more than $162 million domestically. Like Silver Linings, Django received universal acclaim on Metacritic with an average review score of 81 out of 100. The film received five Academy Award nominations, winning in both the Original Screenplay category as well as the Supporting Actor category for Christoph Waltz’s performance as Dr. Schultz. [11] [12] [6]

Despite the critical and commercial success of Django Unchained, the picture drew criticism for the consistent use of racial slurs in the film’s dialogue. Director Spike Lee was especially outspoken on the issue. Controversy does not appear to have harmed the film’s box office revenues or Oscar hopes, and in fact brought the film more publicity and visibility in the news media. [13]

Upcoming Projects

Big Eyes

Tim Burton
Courtesy of Biography.com

The Weinstein Company is in the process of completing a deal to fund and distribute the next film from popular director Tim Burton, titled Big Eyes. The film is based on the true story of Walter and Margaret Keane, a couple who found success in creating some of the first mass marketed artwork, selling their paintings through retailers across the United States until their partnership and marriage bitterly ended. Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams are set to star.

Many of Burton’s recent films have been highly successful at the box office, with his film Alice in Wonderland grossing over $334 million domestically. Given Burton’s current popularity and the dedicated fan base he has gathered, Big Eyes could be a boost for the studio, even though the subject matter may not lend itself to a large scale event film like Alice. [14] [15]

Early Oscar Contenders

The Weinstein Company has already begun laying out release dates for some of its Oscar hopefuls, focusing on the traditional year end award season. The first will be August: Osage County, a dark comedy with an ensemble cast including  Meryl Streep, Sam Shepard, and Julia Roberts. The studio has also acquired the distribution rights to Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury and Audience Award, Fruitvale, which is also likely to be an awards contender.

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly in “Grace of Monaco”
Courtesy of guardian.co.uk

In recent months the company has also announced acquisition of United States distribution rights for two high-profile biopics that are likely to garner nominations in acting categories. The Weinsteins will distribute Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman as classic Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, as well as Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, which will star Idris Elba as South African president and apartheid activist Nelson Mandela. [16]

Coming Soon

The Weinstein Company has begun promoting Only God Forgives, starring Ryan Gosling. A May 2013 release date has been announced for France, hinting at a showing at the Cannes Film Festival. [17]

The studio’s next film to release will be Scary Movie 5, the newest installment in the horror parody franchise. The film is expected to draw in an established fan base, and advertisements show a focus on cameos from celebrities like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. [18]



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The Weinstein Company

by Mary Salmonsen

Company Logo (1)


The Weinstein Company is a production and distribution company focused on movie and television production. The Weinstein Company describes itself as producing “mainstream, genre, and specialty films”, and has a sub-imprint, Dimension Films, for self-defined “genre” movies. (2) The company is also partnered with Weinstein Books, a book publisher, Project Runway, a series produced by Weinstein, Chopard, a jeweler, L’Oreal, and Lexus Short Films (see Upcoming), a project between Lexus and The Weinstein Company. (3)

The Weinstein Company is located at 345 Hudson St., New York, NY, 10014. Its contact phone number is (646) 862-3400. (4)


Bob and Harvey Weinstein (5)

The company’s founders, brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, first founded Miramax, a film production company, in 1979. (2) During this period, some of their greatest successes were Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and Chicago. (6) The company was independent until 1993, when it was bought by Disney. Over the course of their professional tenure, the brothers have received 303 Oscar nominations and 75 Academy Awards for their films. (2)

The Weinstein Company’s President of Television is the former Miramax President of Production, Meryl Poster. Current investors in The Weinstein Company include Goldman Sachs, TF1 – a French television company – and WPP Group, an advertising firm. (4)


The Weinstein Company itself was founded in October of 2005, when Bob and Harvey Weinstein left Miramax after a falling-out with Disney. (4) The company absorbed Dimension Films, which Bob had founded in 1993. (2) Their first film release was Derailed in November of 2005,which grossed $57 million (7), and their first animated release was Hoodwinked, released in December of 2005, which grossed $51 million on a budget of $8 million. (8)

Michael Moore and Harvey Weinstein (10)

In February 2011, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore sued the Weinstein Company, alleging that the company had re-routed $2.7 million of the profits from his documentary Farenheit 9/11 that had been meant for him, among other accusations of wasteful spending. The case was settled in February 2012, and terms were not disclosed. (11) The Weinstein Company has also been sued over The Reader (see September 2012) and Escape From Planet Earth (see Upcoming).

August 2012

On August 10th, Vivek Shah, a largely unknown actor, was arrested for blackmailing Harvey Weinstein, among four others, and threatening to kill members of his family unless $4 million was wired to him. He is now being held without bail and if convicted could face 20 years in prison. (12)

This aside, the largest event for The Weinstein Company this month was the release of Lawless on August 29th. One week before its release, the Company attempted to drum up publicity for the film by tweeting about a redband trailer, viewable above. (13) The film, directed by John Hillcoat and starring Shia LeBoeuf, Tom Hardy, and Gary Oldman, was, according to a Hollywood Reporter article, “greeted politely [at Cannes] but didn’t capture any prizes.” (14) Its budget was approximately $26 million, and as of November 2012 it grossed $37 million domestically – a modest success. (15)

September 2012


On September 16, The Master, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, had a limited art-house run, which brought in record-breaking numbers – $729,745 for the weekend, with a per-theater gross of $145,949. At Cannes the film was received as “ambitious and exciting” and some talk was made of the film’s inspiration in the form of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. (16)The film was released nationwide on September 23, with an opening weekend gross of $4.3 million. (17)

In the background of this hype, the Weinstein Company battled – and lost – another lawsuit, this one from Bernard Schlink, author of The Reader, the book on which the 2008 Weinstein film was based.  In the suit, which was filed in January, he claimed that the Weinstein brothers owed him over $1 million in movie profits based on the original film rights contract he had signed with Miramax in 1998. While The Weinstein Company claimed that this deal was never made, Los Angeles Superior court ruled in Schlink’s favor on September 21st. (18)

October 2012

On October 1, 2012, the Weinstein Company released an article about “The New Film By Quentin Tarantino”, which until then had only been previewed and promoted at Cannes. (16) Django Unchained, the “violent story of a slave (Jamie Foxx) on a mission to free his wife (Kerry Washington) from the plantation of the man who owns her (Leonardo diCaprio)”, was heavily inspired by Italian spaghetti westerns. (19) The film will be released on Christmas Day.

Throughout the month, The Weinstein Company continued to promote The Master. New York Times editorial writer A.O. Scott called it “the great polarizing puzzle-film of 2012, in no small part because it unfolds with what seems to be a total disregard for the audience’s expectations.” (20) The film did not quite live up to its art house promise in terms of ticket sales, however – it only grossed $15 million of its $35 million budget. (17) Members of the Church of Scientology also reacted negatively to the film, and made multiple harassing calls to the company, despite claims by lead actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman that “it’s not the L. Ron Hubbard story.” (21)

November 2012

The Company continued to release information about Django Unchained, and on November 13 they revealed on the company Twitter (22) that an official site had been made for the movie.


The largest release for Weinstein this month was Silver Linings Playbook, starring  Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games fame and Bradley Cooper. The film won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival and the award for Best Feature at the San Pedro International Film Festival. (24) Playbook had a limited 16-screen opening of $443,000 on November 18th, and was widely released on November 23rd. It has grossed $11 million of its $21 million budget thus far. (25)

Riding on the cottails of Playbook is Killing Them Softly, which stars Brad Pitt. The film was widely released in theaters on November 30th, and has grossed $7 million. (26) Released with far less fanfare on November 2nd was This Must Be The Place, starring Sean Penn. The film was only on 15 screens nationwide, and has thus far grossed only $128,000. (27)


The next project in store for The Weinstein Company is its partnership with the Lexus company to make Lexus Short Films (see About). On the front page of the project site, the project is explained: “To highlight the new look and feel of the brand, Lexus approached The Weinstein Company to produce a series of short films that will offer similar levels of inspiration to viewers.” (28) Five directors will come together to make these films, which will be released in early 2013.


Another large forthcoming event is the Escape From Planet Earthdue out in February of 2013 in the midst of a lawsuit surrounding its production. In March of 2011, Brian Inerfeld and Tony Leech, filmmakers of Hoodwinked and Escape, sued The Weinstein Company for over $54 million over claims that the brothers, Harvey in particular, had botched Escape by canceling and reinstating the project multiple times, ordering 17 script rewrites, and eventually firing Inerfeld and Leech from the project, among other accusations. (29) Desperate to avoid bad publicity at the time when The King’s Speech, a large Weinstein success at this time, was due to receive an Academy Award for Best Picture, the Weinstein brothers attempted to pay Inerfeld and Leech $500,000 to keep quiet until after the Oscars were over. The suit is still in settlement, and the current version of Escape was directed by Cal Brunker and written by Brunker and Bob Barlen. (30)


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