Station 19 #7

With the premiere of Station 19 looming, the press has been buzzing with news regarding the premiere. Many local news sources have written articles regarding what Station 19 is about and how it will be parallel to Grey’s Anatomy, just with firefighters. In the “Seattle Times”, Station 19 was described for “viewers who crave sophisticated characters or innovative plotting [who] might be inclined to scream “Fire!” in a crowded living room to escape.” Meanwhile, it will run parallel to all of Shonda Rhimes shows with the classic voice-over narration, multiple strong female characters, a diverse cast, a love triangle, and some lighter moments of humor. It will continue to push the limits, as do Rhimes’ other shows. However, as for the press tour, it is interesting that none of the stars of Station 19 are scheduled to go on Jimmy Kimmel this week to promote. As for twitter, the account has been officially verified and now has over 13,000 followers. It has been tweeting gifs and sneak-peeks this week to get the fans excited for the premiere.

Deception #6

It’s no secret that the stars of the new crime drama are not A-list celebrities. That is not to say that they are not the best actors for the roles. Sometimes, a fresh face can bring an unbiased and surprising love for a new show.

The @DeceptionABC Twitter account is following only 10 people–the producers, the stars, and the ABC network Twitter account. Interestingly enough, the two stars of the show, Jack Cutmore-Scott and Ilfenesh Hadera are the only accounts followed that are not verified. Justin Chon, a writer, actor, producer, and internet celebrity, is verified and he is not even the lead of the show.

The producers and writers are expected to have a professional and respected social media presence, even if many of them have not tweeted since 2017. The two stars of the show, Cutmore-Scott and Hadera should make more of an effort to interact with potential audiences and promote the upcoming series themselves.

Being a TV actor comes with being personable, especially with fans. Hopefully once the show begins next Sunday, the fans will tweet at them and encourage the actors to connect with them.

Deception #5

With just a week until the premiere of the new combination magic and crime series, Deception, the marketing team is enhancing its social media presence. Its Twitter presence embraces meme-culture with GIFs of the stills of the show and humorous captions, in hopes that the ability to relate to the show will improve retweets.

More boomerangs are reposted on Instagram and Twitter as well as more formal Facebook posts. The essence of the social media posts show that the team is appealing to a younger demographic–A18-49.

Next Sunday, March 11th on ABC, we will be able to see if this social media presence has paid off.

Station 19 #6

Station 19’s unveiling of their characters within Grey’s Anatomy on March 1st garnered 2.0, 7.5M views, hopefully meaning those viewers will move over and watch Station 19 when it premieres. As the premiere becomes closer, more actors have been announced who have signed on for roles. Mistress alum Brett Tucker will appear for a multi-episode arc. More notably, the Station 19 was released during the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday, sparking more excitement and twitter action then before. Derek Haas, Chicago Fire creator, tweeted after the airing of the trailer, “That is so cool they showed clips from our old pilot during the Oscar–. Ohhhh. Whoops. Disregard that.” This is due to the similarity between Chicago Fire and Station 19, and the fact that ABC had previously admitted that Chicago Fire’s success had made it difficult to name the show. Meanwhile, Jason Winston George was doing a Q and A during the Grey’s Anatomy Crossover event, along with Station 19 tweeting and Jaina Lee Ortiz retweeting gifs of her from the episode.

‘Station 19’: Brett Tucker Set To Recur On ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spinoff


Station 19 #5

With the Station 19 crossover premiering on March 1, they are still three weeks away from the premiere. The twitter account has only gotten 2,000 followers in the last 3 weeks, bringing it to a total of 8,815 twitter followers. On February 23 it was retweeting all the stars of the show posting about how there is only one month left to the premiere. Besides their minimal social media presence, there has been nothing on the talk show circuits. Using the hashtag #TGITCrossover, there has only been conversation about the How To Get Away with Murder and Scandal episode, nothing with Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19. Hopefully after this crossover episode airs, Station 19 will start publicizing the premiere of their show more and start doing interviews.

The Resident #5

“The Resident’s” biggest competitor this season is ABC’s new medical drama “The Good Doctor”. The show follows Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome, is recruited into the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. The show is the #2 show on network television this season, behind NBC’s “This Is Us”. It has received critical acclaim. Freddie Highmore has been nominated for a Golden Globe for best performance by an actor in a television series – drama. He was also nominated for a Critics Choice Award for best actor in a drama series.

“The Good Doctor” has exceeded expectations. The pilot on September 25 put up a rating of 2.19 and over 11 million viewers for the 18-49 demographic. The shocking part is the show’s ability to keep those ratings. The show’s biggest viewership deficit was 8.17%, but then went back up the next week 12.49%. While it has not been officially picked up for a second season, it is a shoe in for renewal. Overall, “The Resident” is no threat to “The Good Doctor”.

Deception #4

by Anjani Iman

Though “Deception” has not released many teasers or promos for the upcoming premiere date of March 11, that is not to say that the creators of the show have not made appearances at high-profile events–i.e. New York Comic Con 2017.

The panel at NYCC17 featured the executive producers Chris Fedak and Martin Gero as well as the co-stars Jack Cutmore-Scott and Ilfenesh Hadera. You can read more on their repertoire in my last blog post linked here.

Gero said that the series may be dubbed “Magician Impossible” with the stakes of the main character’s illusions running high and possibly costing people’s lives.

Gero also uncovered that he used to be a birthday magician, having been obsessed with magic and David Copperfield specials since he was very young.

The full list of EPs includes: Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, David Nutter, Chris Fedak, and of course, Martin Gero. The production companies involved with the making of “Deception” are Berlanti Productions, Quinn’s House, and Warner Bros. Television.

“Deception” will premiere on Sunday, March 11 at 10/9C on ABC.

Deception #3

by Anjani Iman

With the premiere of ABC’s new crime drama, “Deception”, less than a month away, its marketing team is pushing social media with more force. The target demo for the new series is A18-49, so its social media presence is important for its success.

Unsurprisingly, the show is most prevalent and popular on Facebook as it is the #1 leading social media site in the world. On FB, the page rakes in 22,429 likes and posts with a wider variety of multimedia ranging from articles to livestreams (by ABC Television Network, not “Deception”) to promo videos.

On Twitter, the series’ second most prioritized social media, the account is just shy of one thousand followers, a huge difference from Facebook. This social media account reposts a lot of the stars and producers’ Twitter content, as well as Boomerangs from Instagram. On the whole, the account is weaker than Facebook and less personal.

The weakest link for “Deception” is their instagram, which has even lagged on the logo rebrand that is prevalent on Twitter and Facebook. There are only 8 posts and just over 700 followers.

Social media does not seem to be a driving force for the “Deception” series, whether that is the folly of the social media/marketing team or simply not a priority for the producers and development team.

“Deception” will premiere on Sunday, March 11 at 10/9c on ABC.

Station 19 #3

#Station19 has had more traction this week as they have begun shooting and posting pictures. Wendy Calhoun, a producer for Station 19, tweeted a picture of the real life firefighter tech and stunt crew, showing their incorporation of real life heroes into the show. Even though the post did not receive a lot of attention, I think this is an important factor of the show that will most likely be brought up in interviews and press tours. In regards to the buzz around the show, ABC has announced that Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 will be having a crossover episode on March 1st, titled “You Really Got a Hold On Me.”. This will be a great introduction to the Station 19 actors and will be airing before the Scandal and How To Get Away with Murder crossover episode. It will be a full night for #TGITCrossover and will garner a lot of social media attention.



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Academy Awards 2018

Overview of the Academy Awards

The 90th Academy Awards, aka the Oscars, took place on March 4th, 2018 at 8 p.m. ET. It was located at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the program for the second time. He started off with a comedic monologue, but also played tribute to the MeToo movement.

An interesting start to the program, they took on a black and white theme. This was to simulate an older, classic film. Another interesting take on the comedic front was how Kimmel poked fun a decent amount with Black Panther and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This was interesting because it could be seen as a promotional opportunity for ABC, being that they own both franchises.

Those Who Stole the Show

Something that seemed to stick out to the audience was length of the program. Audience seemed to be disappointed with the length of the program, being that it was too long and that they ended up losing attention to the program or falling asleep being that it was late at night on the east coast.

Something that seemed to interest the audience was a speech based towards immigrant and the dreamers. Kumail Nanjiani and Lupita Nyong’o offered the speech to the audience before presenting an award.  

The way that ABC and Jimmy Kimmel tried to thank the people that go to the movies was also an interesting twist on the normal thank you given during an award show. Jimmy Kimmel and a group of major actors went across the street to a sneak peek viewing of A Wrinkle in Time that was set up by ABC for this event. They went over into the theater and surprised the audience with candy and food and a live stream into the Oscars across the street. The movie theater went crazy and Jimmy Kimmel let one of the audience members introduce the presenters following.

Annabella Sciorra, Ashley Judd and Selma Hayek, all women who have spoken out about their alleged mistreatment by Harvey Weinstein, came onstage to discuss about the efforts with Times Up and #MeToo movements and to make sure that equality, diversity and inclusion are represented and continue to be represented.  Following was a short sequence of clips from various arts in the industry speaking out about their path to where they were then (all nominated for awards) and how they got there. They all were minorities who had to push their way into the industry. There were bits and pieces about the movement throughout the program as well, some seeing that the show was split with Casey Affleck presenting, in light of two lawsuits brought against him, and also Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet for E!, also with allegations against him.

Ratings and Competition

The 2018 Oscars hit a new viewership low with only 26.5 million viewers across the almost four-hour time span. This was 19% down when compared to the viewing number from 2017, being 33 million viewers. From 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., the Oscars averaged an 18.9 household rating and 32 shares from Nielsen’s metered market overnight ratings. The previous low was in 2008 when Jon Stewart hosted.

Even though this was a decrease from previous years, ABC still dominated overall for that evening. When compared to the other networks for that evening, ABC averaged a 5.8 rating and 22.4 million viewers. NBC averaged a 0.6, CBS and Fox both averaged 0.5, CBS averaged 4.5 million viewers, NBC with 2.7 million and Fox with 1.7 million viewers.

Social Media

People took to social media both before, during, and after the Oscars. Facebook was the exclusive social media network to live-stream the red-carpet and the backstage coverage from the event. Viewers were able to find the live stream from both ABC’s Facebook page and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science page. It was also live streamed on ABC news website and the Oscars website.

Twitter blew up throughout the program. Viewers took to their social media accounts to discuss their reactions on the program. Some of the top hashtags were #oscars, #oscars90, #oscars2018, #oscar2018, #blackpanter, #theshapeofwater, #coco. People were tweeting and mentioning some of the presents, winners, losers, and the academy. The majority of the tweets came from across the United States and many came from other areas across the globe such as the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Canada. These all varied throughout the program. Many people took to twitter to discuss their feelings towards who they believed should have won. Some tweeted about the politics around the Oscars and how politics plays into the movies and the decision behind who wins.

Advertising and Sponsorship

ABC used the Academy Awards as a way to gain major advertising dollars.  The 30 second advertising spots went for between 2.6 and 2.8 million dollars. This amount has raised since the 2017 Oscars, with the top number being 2.5 million dollars.

The Oscars was brought to the viewers by a variety of companies, such as ABC’s Mary Poppins Returns, Samsun, AT&T, Cadillac, and Walmart’s Delivery Box. Walmart chose to advertise their new delivery box through three different short films that were showcased throughout the program. There were also major advertisers that dropped some major cash in order to advertise during the Academy Awards. There were some by ABC themselves, using the opportunity to showcase their upcoming content and some other that just wanted to be show on a big night for Hollywood.  These companies are: Samsung, Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns, Rolex, American Idol. Cadillac, AT&T, Verizon, Twitter, ABC’s Splitting Up Together, ABC’s Station 19, Google Assistant, News Channel 9 (local), the Roseanne reboot, AARP, Crouse Hospital (local), Discover Card, ABC Network all together, Direct TV, Microsoft AI, Dunkin Donuts, and some others.