Weird Loners – Blog Post 6


Every week I address this shows lack of ‘presence’ on social media and the basic web.

Last week I noticed a trend that has begun. This show’s whole marketing campaign — from my understanding — is promotion from each actor’s following from previous shows. There is virtually no talk of this show minus it’s established hashtag “weird loners.” As of last week, the show has begun to launch these promotional interviews of each main actor. Last week was with Becki Newton and this week is with Nate Torrence.

My guess is that in the next two following weeks, the show will promote its last two actors (which coincides quite nicely with the launch of the show, itself).

Time will tell if this plan ACTUALLY works!

Until next week.

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One Big Happy 3/12/15

As predicted, I was pleased to see more promotion for One Big Happy. The show’s commercial with Ellen DeGeneres is now more frequently played on NBC. After watching The Ellen DeGeneres show the other day, I was also pleasantly surprised to see her talking about the show to her audience. As the “Queen of Daytime Television” this is a smart move. Although DeGeneres is not in One Big Happy, she will bring her comedic style and its fan base to the show. Unfortunately, I have still have not seen promotion outside of this one commercial on NBC.

Weird Loners – Blog Post 4



The launch date for Weird Loners on FOX is rapidly approaching! March 31st will come sooner than you may think.

With about a month before its premiere, I thought I would check out what FOX has done to promote Weird Loners via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is what I found…


  • Since May of last year, there have been a total of 13 posts. 
    • 6/13 released within two days of Valentine’s day.


  • 30 tweets


  • 10 posts

Ultimately, I think FOX is doing a poor job of promoting Weird Loners. This show may want to take some pointers from ABC’s American Crime whose promotions began over a year ago.

It was definitely smart for Weird Loners to take advantage of Valentine’s Day for promotional value but that simply won’t deliver FOX the ratings they are looking for.

Most of Weird Loner’s social media buzz relates with the audience’s ability to relate to the show’s title. Thus, if this show hopes to become a major competitor, they are going to need to step up their promotion game ASAP.