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Headquarters Contact Info: 6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30328
(678) 645-0000

Overview [1]

Cox Media Group is an integrated broadcasting, publication, direct marketing, and digital media company which is a part of Cox Enterprises that includes Cox Target Media. Cox Target Media operates two leading American companies which are Valpak (direct marketing), and (online savings). The company’s operations currently include 19 broadcast TV stations, one local cable station, 87 radio stations, eight daily newspapers and more than 100 digital services. CMG’s reach includes more than 30 media markets and 52 million Americans weekly, which includes 18 million radio listeners, 32 million TV viewers, and more than four million print and online newspaper readers.

2012 Key Metrics [2]

  • Revenue: 1.9 Billion
  • TV Stations: 19
  • Local Cable Channels: 1
  • Television Markets: 11
  • TV Viewer Reach: 30+ million
  • AM Radio Stations: 15
  • FM Radio Stations: 72
  • Radio Markets: 20
  • Combined Weekly Radio Listeners: 18 million

The Business of Communications

A duopoly is a specific type of oligopoly where only two producers exist in one market. In context, Cox Media Group is a duopoly due to the fact that it is one of two firms with dominant control over the communications market. Cox Media Group is in the process of changing its structure as part of a new business strategy to sell off their stations in smaller markets. The broadcast realignment was announced in July 2012 by CMG President Doug Franklin following the purchase of duopolies in larger markets — Jacksonville, Fla., and Tulsa, Okla. — from Newport Television . [3] CMG’s strategy is focused on larger markets, cross-media collaboration, and heightened reach in fewer markets. “This simplified structure will enable CMG to capitalize on continued growth and synergies, while retaining its size financially,” said Franklin.

Simultaneously, CMG is realigning leadership structure to fit the new broadcast portfolio.  Leadership changes in 2013 are as followed:

  • January 11th – Romeo Solomon Named General Sales Manager at KICU-TV

  • January 14th – Cox Media Group Appoints Matt Dalton as National Sales Manager of Long Island’s 106.1 WBLI-FM and 102.3 WBAB-FM

  • January 30th – CMG Orlando Tammie McGrath promoted to Director of Sales for six stations [4]

  • February 7th – CMG Tulsa Radio Promotes Matt Ledbetter to Director of Sales for Its Five Station Cluster [5]

  • March 1st – Tom Calococci Joins CMG Miami as New Program Director East Coast

  • March 8th – Cox Media Group Atlanta Names Adam Wolfson New General Sales Manager

  • March 11th – Greg Bilte named general manager, Suzanne Nadell named News Director for CMG Tulsa

  • March 13th – CMG Jacksonville Named Eric Lauer GSM, CMG San Antonio Names Jeff Garrison as New Program Director of Y100 [6]

  • April 1st – Lee Rothenthal named News Director at KUTV in Indianapolis [7]


On February 12th, Cox Media Group announced the sale of radio stations in six markets to SummitMedia  – a Birmingham, Ala.-based ownership group which includes David DuBose, Cox Media’s Birmingham Vice President and market manager.



Cox Media Group also sold three Southern Connecticut radio stations and contract rights for an additional station to Connoisseur Media based in Conn. Four stations were sold to Connoisseur and 21 stations were sold to Summit. In southern Connecticut, Cox sold WPLR-FM, WEZN-FM, WFOX-FM, and contract rights for WYBC-FM to Connoisseur Media for $40 million. SummitMedia paid $66.25 million for a number of stations in Birmingham, AL, Greenville, SC, Louisville, KY, Richmond, VA, and Hawaii, according to documents filed with the FCC. [8] As part of the broadcast realignment, Cox recently added four TV stations to its broadcast portfolio: WAWS-TV (fox) and WTEV-TV (CBS) in Jacksonville, Fl, and KOKI-TV (fox) and KMYT-TV (MyNetwork) in Tulsa, OK. [9]



Sinclair Broadcast Group had the opposite strategy, and acquired four COX small television stations for $99 million on February 25th, 2013; the purchase was part of a string of over thirty acquisitions over the past year and a half. [10]  They also purchased 18 stations from Barrington Broadcasting Group for 370 million. [11] Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. is a Hunt Valley, Maryland-based diversified television broadcast company.  The four stations Sinclair purchased from Cox were:

  • KFOX (Fox) El Paso, Texas DMA 91

    WJAC (NBC) Johnstown-Altoona, Pa. DMA 102

    KRXI (Fox) Reno, Nev. DMA 108

    WTOV (NBC) Wheeling, W.Va.-Steubenville, Ohio DMA 158

FCC rules prohibit ownership of two stations in markets as small as Reno, Nev., therefore Sinclair plans on getting past this loophole by operating MNT affiliate KAME Reno under contract with a third-party licensee, Deerfield Media. [12] Sinclair said it expects to finance the deal through a bank loan, the deal will close in the second quarter and is pending FCC approval. Sinclair is arguably taking this strategy because there are less medium-sized stations for sale, but small stations provide large profits through local advertisements. [13] “Over the past 18 months, we have led the industry’s consolidation efforts in the mid-sized markets, purchasing 30 TV stations and creating over $400 million of equity value,” said David Smith, Sinclair President and CEO.

On March 4th, 2013, Broadcast stock analyst Marci Ryvicker and Wells Fargo Securities approved the Sinclair buy. “We like SBGI’s scale, leverage and opportunistic approach to M&A and anticipate there is more to come,” stated in an investor’s note. According to the note, Sinclair is paying a reasonable 4.6 times cash flow for Cox and 5.2 times for Barrington while maintaining a healthy debt profile of 5.1 times projected for the end of 2013. [14]

Other news concerning COX



On January 18th, Cox Media Group made radio history with Tampa 97X by giving local listeners total control of the music by utilizing social media. Listeners chose songs they wanted to hear by selecting from over 1,800 songs listed on 97X app and website. The app gave listeners the ability to interact with an ‘Open Mic’ feature which enabled them to record and upload themselves introducing songs. [15]

On March 6th, Cox Media Group was accepted into the Google AdWords (TM) Premier SMB partner program. This partnership allows CMG to be a leading provider in digital marketing solutions for local and regional advertising clients. Premiere SMB partners meet Google’s highest criteria for qualification, transparency and customer service, which include completing extensive Google product and account management training to provide businesses with the most effective AdWords advertising solutions. In addition to in-depth AdWords knowledge, PSP partners provide campaign management, detailed reporting, one-on-one customer support, and broad marketing guidance to help advertisers make the most of their advertising campaigns. [16]


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Cox Radio, Inc

by [Isabel Herrera]

6205 Peachtree | Dunwoody Road | Atlanta, GA 30328| Phone: 678-645-0000| Website:

Major Market Competitors:

▪       Clear Channel Communications, Inc

▪       Cumulus Media, Inc

▪       CBS Radio, Inc


Cox Radio, Inc is a radio company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1934 by James M. Cox, Cox Radio, Inc continues to deliver quality radio content, reaching 18 million radio listeners across the country. Cox Radio prides itself in establishing the first FM station in the south during 1964. [1]

Company Overview:

They operate as a division of Cox Media Group, Inc, a subsidiary of conglomerate Cox Enterprises. In 1996, Cox Radio became a publicly traded company.  However in 2009, Cox Radio, Inc made the transition from a public company to a private corporation. [2] Over the years, Cox Media Group has expanded its television, newspaper and broadcasting services; however, radio remains a relevant component to the company’s overall successful $1.8 billion revenue. Cox Radio, Inc along with Cox Enterprises is considered to be one of the few successful family-own businesses currently functioning in the entertainment market. [3]

Cox Radio is 62 percent-owned by Cox Enterprises, Inc, and is responsible for a total of 86 radio stations (15 AM radio stations, 71 FM radio stations) in locations such as Atlanta, Stamford/ Norwalk, New Haven, Bridgeport Connecticut; Dayton, Ohio, Greenville, South Carolina; Honolulu, Hawaii; San Antonio and Houston Texas; Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville, Florida; Long Island, New York, Louisville, Kentucky, Richmond, Virginia; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. [4]

In Cox Radio Syndication, the company is able to produce and distribute expansive radio programming to approximately 200 affiliate stations through a partnership with Jones Radio Network. [5]

In 2009, Cox Media Group, Inc announced a new model that “reorganized its media businesses by maximizing the expertise and talents of its media across its portfolio or radio, television and newspaper businesses.” Adapting this progressive agenda enabled for the radio division to bring together advertising services and their firms in a costly-efficient manner. [6]

Notable Key Executives:


Courtesy of Google Images

James C. Kennedy is the grandson of the legendary founder is currently the Chairman of the conglomerate Cox Enterprises, Inc. Prior to his position as Chairman, he was CEO from 1988 to 2008. James Kennedy also serves as Chairman of the Board for Cox Radio. [9]


Courtesy of Cox Media Group

Robert Neil as Executive Vice President of Cox Media Group supervises several radio, television, newspaper, and digital research operations within the company. He joined Cox in 1986 as Station Manager of WSB- AM/FM and by 1988 was named VP and General Manager WWRM-FM. Eight years later, he was named President and Chief Executive Officer of radio when Cox Radio became a public company (1996). [7]

Courtesy of Cox Media Group

Charles L Odom serves as Chief Financial Officer & Principal Accounting Officer has served Cox Radio since January 2009. Charles joined Cox Radio in 1996 as Manager of Financial Reporting, and served as Director of Financial Reporting and Analysis from 2001- 2008. [8]


Courtesy of Cox Media Group


Neil Johnston  currently serves as the Executive Vice President, Strategy and Digital Innovation. He oversees Strategic Development, and the digital expansion of Cox Media Group. Neil was also Cox Radio’s Chief Financial Officer for the past nine years, and he has currently stepped down from the position. [9] [10]

Finances/Market Revenue:

After announcing their transition from public to private in 2009, it was reported that Cox’s revenues increased from $1.8 billion to $15 billion. Nonetheless, in 2011, Cox’s annual earned profits was $14.6 billion, falling -0.7 percent short from the previous $15 billion revenue. [11]

Specifically, over the past year Cox Radio’s revenue has increased 1% compared to radio’s overall revenue, which fell by 2%. Similar to other radio companies, Cox Radio, Inc is currently threatened by the ipod effect and the general struggle to maintain profitable radio advertising results in the market. [12] [13]

Popular Radio Shows: 

Alan Cox Show Flyer. Courtesy of


Kono 101.1 flyer. Courtesy of www Kono


Cox Radio reportedly experienced a $404 million loss due to weak advertising revenue. This equates to a $4.08 per share relative to the net income of $1.8 million and earnings back in 2007. Particularly, the general economy and the advertising market contributed to the 7.2 percent decrease in local revenue, while national revenue decreased at an astonishing 11.7 percent. [14]


Interestedly enough, Cox Radio, Inc acquired Valpak of Jacksonville in order to best cross-promote their radio services along with advertising incentives to radio listeners. Valpak mails over 20 billion coupons and targets about 100 markets in 48 states and four Canadian areas. They also integrate digital advertising into their promotions through Smartphone apps, QR codes, and phone messaging interaction. This opportunity will provide a unique outlet for local Cox Radio stations to market their shows and upcoming events. [15]

Cox Radio is set to expand their radio news service throughout their Atlanta-based locations. The news stations will provide regional weather coverage, sports information, and regional weather coverage that w. They decided on this news alternative after seeing an opening where Clear Channel declared closure for their Georgia News Network by the end of this year. [16]


Once again, Cox Radio stations experienced budget cut expenses. Cox Radio has released two of the most charming radio personalities: the amiable Steve O. Sellers and the laid-back Katrina Curtis. The cuts were not done on personal ends, but simply because it was a  “business decision.”  Loyal radio listeners were a bit gloomy, considering there no indication of a goodbye announced through the radio on behalf of the Disc jockeys themselves.  An interesting comparison was made recalling how in the 70s and 80s Disc Jockeys dominated stations, and the ratings correlated with the sales of ads, respectively. Nowadays, large companies are far more concern with cutting costs even if it means getting rid of the most important element in radio shows: the talent. [17]

Cox Radio supports The Internet Fairness Act , which will help end the discrimination against online radio. Their decision to stand in favor of this act demonstrates the acceptable shift between traditional radio and modern radio alternatives. This is certainly a pivotal step towards the merging direction our radio culture is intended to encounter. [18] [19]



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Cox Media Group

by Tyler Limpert

Cox Media Group is a company within Cox Enterprises which also owns and operates the national advertising firm Cox Rep. and the national marketing company Valpak.  Cox Enterprises was founded in 1898 in Dayton, Ohio by the founder, James Middleton Cox when he purchased Dayton Evening News. Cox was so successful with the newspaper that he eventually became Ohio’s first three-term Governer and the presidential nominee in 1920. The Cox Media Group was founded over a century later in December of 2008 when Cox Enterprises combined Cox Radio, Cox Newspaper and Cox Television. Out of the 15 stations Cox Media Group owns and operates, only two were started by the group,WHIO-TV in Dayton, Ohio and WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia.  [1],[2]

2011 Metrics

  • Revenue = $1.7 Billion
  • Television Stations = 15
  • Television Viewer Reach = 30+ Million
  • Local Cable Channels = 1
  • Television Markets = 11
  • Local Cable Channels = 1
  • Page Views for Television Website = 996 million
  • Employees = 9,000 [3]
Mission Statement

Building on the foundation and talents of our core, we are transforming CMG into a digital media company by creating scalable content and advertising services businesses. And we will accomplish this with speed, passion and courage. [4]

Top Competitors

 Recent News

With the rise in audience approval of homegrown developed entertainment in the past few years and it’s expected hike in fall of 2012, Cox Media Group made sure they wouldn’t miss out on the new trend by taking up a one-third stake in RightThisMinute (along with Scripps and Raycom). The show airs during primetime on the local news channels owned by Cox Media Group all over the nation and includes viral videos with commentary from the cast. The show has a quirky 60 minutes vibe and has a log line of “Videos First, Before They Go Viral”. The show’s website also offers an option where viral videos can be sent to you by email (finally we don’t have to keep responding to that annoying coworkers emails to find the coolest viral videos!). The show which premiered in 2011 has been a success ever since and was a great investment by Cox Media Group. The show’s video content is available online at, but to get the full episodes you need to be subscribed to a Cox, Scripps or Raycom Broadcasting network. Below is a promotional video for the show and is a good representation of the kind of informative entertainment Cox Media Group likes to provide it’s customers. [6],[7]


October 3rd, 2012 Cox Media Group announces its plans to start a state-wide news operation in Georgia. The Georgia News Station powered by Cox Media Group will be replacing the the current Statewide News Network which will be filling out it’s duties until it retires at the end of the year. Cox Media Group has a long history in Georgia news and already owns WSB radio, WSB TV and the Atlanta Constitution. The headquarters for The Georgia News Station will be within the WSB radio facilities in Atlanta, GA. This integration of Cox Media Group resources combines more than 150 daily news reporters knowledge and sends it to the entire state of georgia in an easily digestible format.[8]


On November, 13th Cox Media Group Ohio, located in Dayton announced it will be accepting an award for it’s philanthropic contributions to the surrounding community. The award will be presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Greater Dayton Region Chapter. It is a huge honor for WHIO-TV, WHIO radio and the Dayton Daily News especially since the entire Cox name grew out of Dayton, Ohio. The Cox Media Group Ohio Market Vice President Julia Wallace is accepting the award.[9]

Cox Media Group Ohio is very proud of it’s roots as the start of Cox Enterprises. In this promotional video you can see CMGO’s involvement with the surrounding community and how important Dayton’s success is to the group.

Hurricane Sandy
After Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast in early November, Cox Enterprises decided to put on their philanthropy boots. On November 12th in partnership with the John M. Cox Foundation , Cox Enterprises made a cash donation to the American Red Cross of $100,000 to be put towards the Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts. Cox Communications also helped out the American Red Cross by running ads and public service announcements online about the relief effort. Cox Media Group followed up this donation with a $75,000 donation towards Sandy relief efforts. [10]


On December, 4th 2012 Cox Media Group closed it’s deal with Newport Television Stations in Jacksonville, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Cox Media Group President Doug Franklin recently commented on the deal closing in a statement release “Countless hours of hard work have taken place over the last few months to prepare for today, and I want to thank everyone at CMG and these stations involved who made today a reality”. Through the deal Cox Media Group acquired WAWS (FOX Affiliate) and WTEV-TV (CBS Affiliate) in Jacksonville, Florida and KOKI (FOX Affiliate) and KMYT-TV (MyNetworkTV Affiliate) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jim Zerwekh the Vice President and General Manager of WAWS and WTEV-TV only had good things to say about the deal too “The Action News Team is thrilled to be joining the Cox Media Group Family with their proven 100-plus year record of producing journalism excellence and commitment to the local community…This opportunity is a big win for our team, our city and our customers.” Even Holly Allen the Vice President and General manager at KOKI and KMYT had positive things to say, stating that her team in Tulsa is “thrilled to be joining a company that not only has deep historic roots in the news business, but also is continually looking toward the future.” The positive feedback from both sides of the deal shows how good the Cox reputation really is and how important this deal can be for Jacksonville and Tulsa. [11]


In conclusion Cox Media Group has had a very busy quarter and has invested time and money into bettering the local communities that they service throughout the nation. There philanthropic nature has existed long before these past few months and in return Cox Media Group Ohio, the birthplace of Cox Enterprises, was awarded a very prestige’s award.  Cox Media Groups philanthropy goes beyond Dayton, Ohio which could easily be seen by their contribution to the Red Cross after the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought the east coast. You can also see how important the local communities are to Cox Media Group in Atlanta. When the State of Georgia realized they were losing their Statewide News Network by the end of 2012 they looked to Cox Media Group to fill the gap and Cox Media Group answered that call. Cox Media Group is a great example of a company that understands how important it can be in contributing to the growth of the United States one community at a time. With revenue in the billions you wouldn’t think a company would be so giving, especially in a world where high-profiting companies are seen as the bad guy. Cox Media Group gives a good name to big business.


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