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1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

James E Meyer Chief Executive Officer

James E. Meyer | Chief Executive Officer, SiriusXM


Scott Greenstein | President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM

Dara Altman | Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, SiriusXM


SiriusXM delivers quality ad-free satellite radio programing to its subscribers ever since its early inception in Washington, DC in the early 90’s. The broadcasting company transmits satellite radio services like Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio and Sirius XM Radio anytime and and anywhere for its subscribers in North America. Users can access the service in their car, computer, and smartphone and tablet devices. Sirius also has constructed deals with every major automaker while also providing weather and traffic updates for automobiles, trucks, boats, RVs and aircrafts. In regards to content, Sirius offers musical stations from various genres and time periods, sporting entertainment from all major professional leagues and top notch talk show programming across its hundreds of channels. SiriusXM also allows users to individualize their content by using MYSXM which lets users listen to hours of on-demand programing so they will never miss a beat. In regards to revenue, SiriusXM is the biggest in the market and recently reached 30 million subscribers during its first quarter of 2016(1). The American based company also has a Canadian subsidiary called SiriusXM Canada, which has a user base of 2 million users.

New Programming

This past year, SiriusXM has added more quality programs to its already impressive collection of stations. Some of their new content includes SiriusXM NHL Network RadioSiriusXM Comedy GreatsFOX News Headlines 24/7Velvet (a vocalist curated station for the likes of John Legend and Adele), SiriusXM Fly (Hip/Hop and RnB from the 90’s and early 2000’s) and KIDZBOP Radio(2).


SiriusXM also schedules in limited time channels throughout the year to test out potential ratings or to celebrate particular events or musical artists. In anticipation for the acclaimed music festival, Sirius launched Coachella Radio on April 11 to feature music by artist that are scheduled to perform(3). Last January, recently after his death, Sirius added a commemorative David Bowie station on channel 30 to celebrate his legendary career(4). As well, with the recent passing of Prince, they created a station in his honor on channel 50(5).

princetribute20fta-800x450-green-v1 dbchannel-fi-800x450-v21

This past march, SiriusXM provided all users access to every second of every game of the 2016 NCAA March Madness on their satellite radios and internet connected devices. They provided extensive coverage for both mens and women’s basketball with insight analysis from Mike Krzyzewski, Bobby Cremins, Tom Brennan, Steve Lappas and Mateen Cleaves(6). In addition, at the beginning of April, SiriusXM expanded its broadcasting coverage for Golfs biggest event, The Masters. There programing included commentary and hours of live play-by-play coverage from Augusta National(7). As well, Sirius will broadcast all the NBA and NHL playoff action this postseason while also providing MLB and NFL regular season and playoff games throughout the rest of 2016 and beyond.

CollegeSports_FI_260x146_031111,4SXMNBARadio-Court-FI-260x146,4 SiriusXMNHLRadio-FI-260x146-100112,0


Currently, Sirius XM Holdings Inc. has a share price of $3.96 on NASDAQ(8)

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 5.24.57 PM

In 2015, the company recorded its highest revenue at $4.6 billion while having their Net Income reach $510 million(9). Their Net Subscriber base grew by 2.3 million in the previous year, which helped them propel to 30.1 total users in 2016. In addition, their EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization(10)) surged 13% to an all time high for the company by reaching $1.66 Billion at the end of 2015 which eclipsed its 2014 mark of $1.47 Billion. For 2016, the company projects a 1.4 million net subscriber increase, $4.9 Billion rise in revenue, an EDBITDA of roughly $1.78 Billion and a Free Cash flow of around $1.4 billion. In addition, highly regarded financial analysis and TV personality for Mad Money, Jim Cramer, publicly stated earlier in April that: “When you see a lot of cars being sold — and we have a remarkable number of cars being sold — you want to own Sirius(11).” With SiriusXM having market control of satellite radios with the main automobile manufactures, its safe to say that SiriusXM will continue to be profitable.

Howard Stern

The king of SiriusXM’s programing is unquestionably Howard Stern. He has two stations on the service, Howard 100 and Howard 101, attracts millions of listeners and has generated huge earning for the company. As the highest paid radio broadcaster in the country, there was speculation if Stern would leave SiriusXM to purse a new distribution medium like Apple Music or Netflix(12). However, he decided to renew his contract with SiriusXM last November to give him a 5 year $90 Million per year deal, which is an annual increase from his previous $80 million yearly salary. By locking him up, SiriusXM can ensure that there biggest star is happy and still an integral part of their growing business(13).

Broadcasting Partners

Despite having several fantastic musical stations, SiriusXM has established great partnerships with several sports, news and talk programming corporations. Some of their partners are BBC, Bloomberg Radio, CNBC, CNN, the Dave Ramsey Show, ESPN, NPR, Playboy, Radio Disney, and the Weather Network(14). By having a strong group of media corporations available for users within the Sirius ecosystem, it gives users tons of options to recieve quality news and talk.

Automobile Partnerships

With a major source of listenership generated from car owners, SiriusXM has partnered with almost every major car manufacture in the market. They have existing deals with AcuraAudi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Harley Davidson, Honda, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Toyota, and many more manufacturers(15). By having SiriusXM accessible with both American and non-American automobiles and in both luxuries and more affordable cars, the company is allowing all drivers the opportunity to subscribe to their service and its setting themselves up to be the go to place for in car audio entertainment in North America.

Closing Statements

SiriusXM provides a service unmatched in the industry. Despite heavy competition in the streaming market, SiriusXM is the only provider of ad-free satellite radio with a multitude of stations to entertain any kind of listener. From your favorite pop songs on Hits 1 to breaking news on CNN, you have 100’s of channels to choose from. After following another successful fiscal year, locking up their biggest entertainment asset in Howard Stern and continuously locking down automobile partnerships, theres nothing slowing down the satellite radio giant.


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Sirius XM #1

By Sydney Shulman



Sirius XM
1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

James E Meyer Chief Executive Officer

James E Meyer
Chief Executive Officer (17)

Dara Altman Executive Vice President &Chief Administrative Officer

Dara Altman
Executive Vice President &Chief Administrative Officer (16)

Scott Greenstein President & Cheif Content officer

Scott Greenstein          President & Chief Content officer (15)




Sirius XM is a company that brings you all your favorite radio programs anywhere and anytime. That includes 3,717,792 square miles of coast-to-coast coverage(1), and your favorite stations will continue to play even 200 miles off shore. It is the largest radio broadcaster measured by revenue and has 29 million subscribers. The radio can be accessed on your computer, in your car, at home, in your office, and on your smartphone or tablet. Sirius XM has arrangements with every major automaker for the installation of Sirius XM products. It also provides traffic and weather reports to cars, RVs, trucks, boats and aircrafts. Sirius XM is one of the largest ad-free audio entertainment companies and is among the largest subscription media companies in the United States. It offers a large variety of stations spanning virtually all genres and interests. This company offers a multitude of packages to accommodate all of their listeners. Customers can also personalize their channels by using MySXM, and listen to thousands of hours of programming on demand so that they never miss their favorite programs. Sirius XM is not only limited to the U.S., it also holds a minority interest in Sirius XM Canada. This minority interest has over 2 million subscribers. In short, this company provides a multitude of ad-free radio stations on various platforms for a diverse audience.


SiriusXM is always making new stations to accommodate their diverse subscribers. Tom Petty is set to launch his own station with SiriusXM. It will feature his music, covers of some of his most popular hits, unreleased studio and live tracks, and even full live concerts(2). Andy Cohen will also be launching his new show, Radio Andy(3). The show will be comprised of interviews with some of the biggest celebrities.


Andy Cohen (14)

With Basketball season quickly approaching, SiriusXM is offering subscribers nationwide coverage of the NBA season. This will include live play by plays of every games from the beginning of the season to the finals, and daily in depth talk and analysis of the games(19). Also, a new weekly show called, year one, hosted by two rookies, Stanley Johnson from the Pistons and Frank Kaminsky from the Hornets, will give listeners insight into the life of a first year NBA player(4).


NBA Radio (13)

SiriusXM will be gaining a lot of new shows but they may be losing one of their most successful ones. A SiriusXM veteran, Howard Stern, is in talks of renewing his contract with the satellite radio company but his return is not definite. The holdup has been due to a $20 million pay cut(5). Stern has been coy about this deal and only has good things to say about the company.


Howard Stern (12)

Always looking for new and unique programs, SiriusXM will be adding a “youtube country spotlight” to its weekly on the horizon show(6). This segment will be showcasing new music that’s gaining popularity on youtube. showcasing musicians popular on the internet is just another way that SiriusXM is keeping up with new trends.

SiriusXM is constantly evolving with their programming in order to fit the interests of all 29 million subscribers.


The third quarterly earnings have come in for SiriusXM and they have proven that the satellite company just keeps doing better and better as the years go on.Their net earnings this quarter were $167 million compared to $136 million in their third quarter of 2014(7) They reported an earnings per share of $.03 and a consolidated revenue of $1.17 billion, higher than the estimated $1.15 billion. Shares have gone up with a gain of $.012% after buying and selling at $4.11 with a volume of 11.20 million shares(8). Now sitting at $4.16, it has increased 1.2% since its previous close. Since joining with XM, they have doubled their shares outstanding(9). Jim Cramer, host of the show Mad Money, advised viewers to hold on to SiriusXM because of their prominence in automobiles, and their sturdy business model. 75% of new cars come with a satellite radio which gives SiriusXM the opportunity to grow even bigger with the years to come. With an all time high of 29 million subscribers, it is no surprise that this quarters earnings was one of the most successful in the history of the company.


SiriusXM has comprised their own list of the best songs and artists of 2015. The list was made by members of the SiriusXM music curation team and driven by subscriber feedback (10). Some artists on the list are; Adele, Taylor Swift, and Calvin Harris. While some of the best songs recognized by SiriusXM are; Hello and Cheerleader. By recognizing the best artists and songs of 2015, SiriusXM displays their dedication to bringing their customers the best entertainment out there. They ask the public what they like and want and then they make sure to make it available to them.

Future Projects

Sirius XM has paired up with Audi to showcase a new way in dealing with car accidents. Coming in 2017, the Audi Q7 SUV, will feature the new SiriusXM emergency service with unique human touch. This innovative service will feature; Automated 911 calling immediately after the deployment of an airbag, a two agent model where one operator stays on the phone and a second contacts first responders, and while waiting for emergency vehicle, the system continues to monitor the status and location of the vehicle(11). Another feature of this new system is that it will alert the police if the car is stolen, while simultaneously tracking it. It will also request roadside assistance and allow drivers to lock their car remotely using their smartphone. This new feature will soon be added to all new Audi cars. Now not only can you listen to your favorite stations but also ensure immediate action in case of an emergency.


Audi Q7 2017 (18)


Closing Statements

SiriusXM is a company that will continue to grow bigger and bigger as years go on. The dedication that this company has to bringing their audiences great content keeps them at the top of their game. As shown in their quarterly earnings this year. This innovative company is always looking for new ways to further their brand and stay relevant.


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SiriusXM Radio

by Trevor Gill

Courtesy of

The Basics



221 Avenue of the Americas #36

New York, NY 10020

Phone Number: (212) 584-5100

Social Media: Twitter  Facebook   Instagram   Youtube

What is it?

Sirius XM Radio is one of the largest subscription media companies in the United States, providing commercial free satellite radio to subscribers who pay anywhere from $14.49 to $17.99 per month (depending on the package they choose).

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Sirius XM has 23.9 million subscribers. The service offers over 140 channels with content ranging from Howard Stern talk radio, to hits from Jimmy Buffett, to NASCAR and beyond. Subscribers can access content either built into their vehicles via satellite, on Sirius XM’s website, or on mobile applications available for Apple and Android powered devices. (1)


A visual of what Sirius XM is all about, courtesy of their website.

Courtesy of


Courtesy of

James E. Meyer,                     Courtesy of


Key People

James E. Meyer, Chief Executive Officer

James Meyer joined Sirius XM radio in May of 2004, and after former CEO Mel Karmazin stepped down from the position, Meyer took over as CEO on December 18th, 2012. Before becoming CEO, Meyer held the position of President of Operations and Sales. Said Meyer, “Sirius XM is a great business and I look forward to working with our talented management team to continue to deliver the best content and service to our subscribers, while enhancing value to our shareholders.” (2)

Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer

Scott Greenstein is in charge of programming and marketing for Sirius XM. Greenstein previously was a consultant to the company on contractual agreements negotiated with the National Football League. (3)

Dara Altman, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Altman was previously the Executive Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for XM Satellite Radio, prior to the merger between Sirius and XM. (4)

What’s Going On Today?

Financial News

On February 5th Sirius XM released its annual financial report from 2012. The company reported that 2012 revenue was $3.4 billion, a 13% increase from 2011 revenue, which was $3.0 billion. Another positive for Sirius XM was that Net Income for 2012 was $3.5 billion, compared to $427 million in 2011. Net Income was higher than revenue for 2012 because of a $3 billion income tax benefit, and thanks to $130 million due to a loss on extinguishment of debt.

Sirius XM was also happy to announce that it added 2 million subscribers in 2012. That is the largest amount of added subscriptions since 2007 (before Sirius and XM merged).

Sirius XM predicts that 2013 revenues will exceed $3.7 billion. Also predicted is a total net subscriber addition of 1.4 million. (5)

On the negative side for Sirius XM, on Friday April 5th its stock (SIRI), dipped below $3 for the first time since late February. The stock dropped to $2.95, the lowest price so far in 2013. However on Monday, April 8th the stock closed at $3.04 per share, up from what was a down last week. (6)

The Competition

On April 2nd, A new study by The NPD Group suggest that streaming music is quickly gaining ground on traditional terrestrial radio, especially with the younger demographics (ages 13-35). The report, which looks at the fourth quarter of 2012, shows that in this 13-35 demographic, 23% of music is being heard on Internet radio, while 24% is still heard on traditional AM/FM radio. The report shows that just 5% of listeners in this age group listen to music via satellite radio.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


Breaking down the 23% of Internet “streaming” radio usage, Pandora leads the way, taking up 39% of users time. In second is iHeartRadio, which accounts for 11% of usage amongst ages 13 and 35 in the 4th quarter of 2012. (7)

Courtesy of

Courtesy of




According to Paul Sloan of Apple is in the works of signing deals with both Warner Music and Universal Music Group to allow Apple and iTunes to offer streaming content, similar to what Pandora offers. The new product is rumored to be called iRadio. This would add another huge source of competition for Sirius XM, especially if the Apple product is free (or cheaper than Sirius XM’s monthly rate). (8)

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Current Programing

Super Bowl Coverage 

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Sirius XM Radio offered in-depth coverage of Superbowl 47, which included broadcasting the game in eight foreign languages, and airing Beyonce’s halftime performance live. In addition, they offered coverage all Superbowl week long with specials from SiriusXM NFL Radio, Mad Dog Radio, Maurice Jones-Drew, Jeff Foxworthy and more. Sirius XM also aired a limited-run, special New Orleans jazz Channel called “Radio New Orleans” from February 1st – 3rd. (9)

Town Hall Exclusive with Al Gore

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

On Thursday, February 28th Sirius XM’s “Town Hall” series sat down with former Vice President Al Gore to discuss his new book “The Future: Six drivers of Social Change”. The special was hosted by Ari Rabin-Havt, who hosts The Agenda on Sirius XM, and allowed for audience members to ask Gore about a wide variety of topics. (10)



New 24/7 Entertainment Weekly Channel

On March 1st, Sirius XM announced that Entertainment Weekly would launch an all-new channel, Entertainment Weekly Radio, offering 24/7 coverage of all the latest news in the world of entertainment. The channel will offer shows hosted by Entertainment Weekly and editors, featuring news, interviews, opinions and more. (11)

New Addition to Mad Dog Radio

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

On March 4th, Sirius XM announced that Adam Schein has joined its all-sports Mad Dog Radio channel. Schein will host his own show, Schein on Sports. Schein previously worked for Sirius XM in 2004. He also currently works for SportsNet New York (SNY) and the CBS Sports Network. Prior to that Schein had worked at WFAN Radio in New York, and Fox Sports Radio.

Schein graduated from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in 1999. (12)

More Live Coverage

NCAA Final 4

Sirius XM provided an array of live broadcasts from The NCAA Final Four in Atlanta, including coverage of the National Championship game. Shows such as Inside College Basketball, Tim Brando Show, and SiriusXM’s Final Four Roundtable all provided live coverage from Atlanta, from Thursday April 4th, to Tuesday April 9th. (13)

The Masters

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Sirius XM will offer live hole-by-hole coverage of the 2013 Masters on the PGA TOUR Radio Channel from the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. The Masters coverage will last the length of the tournament from Thursday April 11th, to Sunday April 14th. The channel will also offer a two-hour pre-Masters show before each day of the event, and Masters Review recapping each round. (14)


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