Sirius XM Radio




1221 Avenue of the Americas

New York City, New York, U.S.

Key Executives


James E. Meyer- CEO


Scott Greenstein- President & CCO



SiriusXM was originally two separate companies, Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio. Sirius Satellite Radio was founded in 1990 by Martine Rothblatt, David Margolese, and Robert Briskman. XM Satellite Radio was founded in 1988 by Gary Parsons and Hugh Panero. Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio merged in 2008, to become SiriusXM Radio. They were the United States’ only two satellite radio services. The merger was being questioned for years because many people thought that it would make it a monopoly. To this date, that has been proven wrong, because it is not a monopoly and terrestrial radio is still doing fine.


SiriusXM is a subscription-based radio service, which currently has 27.3 million subscribers (1). SiriusXM is commercial-free, and creates and broadcasts over 175 channels. These channels range from live sports, entertainment, talk and news shows, to any genre of music imaginable (2). The company also has SiriusXM Traffic and NavWeather, along with other options to provide details on traffic and weather. SiriusXM can be listened to in a car, plane, or even on a boat, as well as on a smartphone and tablet. Click here to find out the vehicle availability of SiriusXM. SiriusXM likes to say of their service that “It’s wherever you are,” and, “It’s wherever you go.” SiriusXM’s main competitors are Clear Channel Communications, Cumulus Media, and WestwoodOne (3). These companies are competitors because of their involvement in radio, except they are terrestrial radio companies, not satellite.


SiriusXM is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq. Its past 52-week range is 2.98-4.04 (4). SiriusXM repurchased 739 million shares in 2014, which returned $2.5 billion to the stockholders. The company also returned to the number one shorted Nasdaq stock (5). SiriusXM announced that they will be releasing the First Quarter results of 2015 on April 28th. As for 2014, their yearly revenue rose 10% to $4.18 billion. Their net income rose to $493 million, which was an increase of 31% from its net income of $377 million in 2013. Its fourth quarter net income was $143 million, compared to $65 million in the fourth quarter of 2013. These increases are staggering, but might come from the large amount of total new subscribers that SiriusXM received, 1,751,777, which completely exceeded their expectations of 1,250,000 (6).

Live Broadcasting

Recently, SiriusXM seems to have been attempting to make a huge splash with live broadcasting. The company has been and will continue to broadcast live sports and music festivals. In March, they announced that they would be offering live coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Division I Championship (7). In April they announcedthat SiriusXM would be covering the 2015 NBA playoffs. With this coverage, they will include daily programming of the SiriusXM NBA Radio (8). Also in April, SiriusXM Canada announced that they will have live coverage of every single NHL Playoff game. To broadcast the NHL playoffs, they will be using SiriusXM NHL Network Radio, photo.jpgSiriusXM’s main station for hockey (9). In March, SiriusXM announced that they would be broadcasting live coverage from the 2015 PGA Masters. With this, they had a total of 24 hours of live coverage spread throughout the four day tournament, plus 80 hours of never before heard audio from the Augusta National archives (10).

In March, SiriusXM had a live coverage of DJ sets from Ultra Music Festival (11). This was major because they even made a temporary station solely for this purpose, titled UMF Radio. On this station, they had the live DJ sets as well as interviews. Also, for the first time ever, Coachella, the two weekend music and arts festival in Indio, California, was broadcasted live and exclusively on SiriusXM Radio. It was broadcasted over a variety of stations, some of which are BPM and Electric Area (12).

Recent News

SiriusXM just concluded their 2015 MLB Spring Training Tour. The hosts were Mike Ferrin, Casey Stern, former General Managers Jim Bowden, Jim Duquette, and Steve Phillips, as well as World Series Champion Todd Holandsworth (13). SiriusXM does this tour yearly to provide the most in-depth coverage of the MLB Spring Training available on any radio format. Also, SiriusXM is the only radio broadcaster that covers every game live, play-by-play for every single team in the league throughout the season.

SiriusXM announced in April 2015 that its subsidiary, Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services, made a deal with Nissan. The services that they will offer are for convenience, safety and security (14). Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services are in nine different car manufacturers, including Nissan. On the Nissan models, there will be three different packages, the NissanConnect Services, the NissanConnect Services Premium, and the NissanConnect Services Premium Plus (14). Also in the vehicle industry, Jaguar and Land Rover announced that they will use Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services in a way where it can connect to the vehicle’s already made infotainment systems to provide call center support for safety and security reasons (15). SiriusXM and Jaguar and Land Rover have all been working together for over ten years now, so it is a good sign that they are beginning to use SiriusXM for more reasons other than just entertainment. SiriusXM is clearly trying to expand their horizons in the vehicle industry, so that they are not just a radio service.

In March, it was announced that comedians Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy will launch their own channel exclusively with SiriusXM. The two comedians will produce the channel and have live comedy shows that can only be heard on their channel with SiriusXM, and nowhere else (16). Another new channel that was announced in March will be executive produced by Andy Cohen, the talk show host of “Watch What Happens Live.” All that is known is that he will personally select what is spoken about on the show when the time comes (17).


SiriusXM had a great year in 2014, which can be proven by the incredible amount of new subscribers and also by the revenue and net income comparisons to 2013. Hopefully these ecstatic numbers continue and SiriusXM continues to be a dominant force in the radio industry in the years to come.


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Sirius XM Radio

by Allie Reeves

Sirius Logo

[1] SiriusXM Logo

The Sirius Story:

Sirius XM Holdings Inc. is a satellite radio service that offers commercial-free streaming on over 175 channels in the United States and Canada. These channels are comprised of every type of radio – music, news, sports, talk, and more [2]. It is currently the largest radio broadcaster and caters to about 26.7 million subscribers [3].

SiriusXM Programming

[30] SiriusXM Programming

Currently, the most popular way for subscribers to enjoy SiriusXM Radio is in the comfort of their cars. SiriusXM has arrangements with over forty automakers for installation of their services directly into the vehicle [3]. However, as of recent, SiriusXM has become available to stream directly online in your home or office, as well as an app that can be accessed on Smartphones and Tablets.

SiriusXM currently offers three different packages: Sirius Select, Sirius All Access, and Sirius Mostly Music. The packages can be bought on a monthly or annual basis and range in price from $9.99 to $199 [4].

Most Popular Packages

[4] Most Popular Packages for SiriusXM Customers

The Sirius Team: 

Scott Greenstein, President & Chief Content Officer

[6] Scott Greenstein, President & Chief Content Officer

James E. Meyer, CEO

[5] James E. Meyer, CEO







Patrick L. Donnelly, Executive Vice President and General Counsel

[7] Patrick L. Donnelly, Executive Vice President and General Counsel


Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.30.57 PM

[31] SiriusXM finances as of December 1, 2014

SiriusXM recently released their 2014 Third Quarter Results, which revealed a 10% increase in revenue since this time last year, putting the company at a record high of $1.1 billion. This is higher than analysts originally anticipated for the company, as they put the company’s assumed revenue at $1.04 billion. The company also increased its subscriber count by 1.2 million [8].

Interest in shares of SiriusXM increased rapidly during the month of November. As of November 14th, there has been an increase of 2.8% since October 31st up to 247, 283,696. The company is now up to a $3.75 price on their stock [32].


Apple Inc. Logo

[11] Apple Inc. Logo

SiriusXM’s current competitors are Apple and iHeartMedia, as well as regular terrestrial radio. Pandora and Spotify have also been named as competitors, but in a recent interview with James Meyer, CEO of SiriusXM, the two services were ruled out.

iHeartMedia Logo

[12] iHeartMedia Logo

Meyer explained these companies are streaming services, which he doesn’t view as competition, but as its own distinct technology. Meyer also stated that out of them all, terrestrial radio is their primary competition, with 220 million people that use it everyday [9].

However, with Apple’s new CarPlay, that might not be the case for much longer. CarPlay gives drivers access to all of their music, podcasts, and audiobooks with the touch of a button, and major auto companies like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Ferrari are already on board. The venture is still in its early stages, but since SiriusXM is primarily used by vehicle subscribers, CarPlay could end up being a serious competitor [10].

Apple CarPlay

[13] Apple CarPlay

The Sirius Edge:

What sets SiriusXM apart from its competitors at Apple, and iHeartMedia is the company’s original content that can only be accessed through subscriptions to SiriusXM.

The Howard Stern Show

[15] The Howard Stern Show, one of the most popular talk shows on SiriusXM

Some of the most popular original content shows include The Howard Stern Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and NFL Radio, although many more are available [3]. This original content helps keep   subscribers tuning in, and keeps SiriusXM’s churn rate at an impressive 1.9%. It also helps the company keep their acquisition costs low, which has recently become problematic for companies like Pandora [14].

SiriusXM Town Hall Event

[17] SiriusXM Town Hall Event in the Fishbowl

SiriusXM is also known for their “Town Hall” Series. These intimate gatherings take place in the SiriusXM fishbowl, a private listening studio, where entertainers sit down with a live studio audience comprised of about 30 SiriusXM subscribers who have won an invitation to the event [16].

Taylor Swift for SiriusXM

[19] Taylor Swift at a Town Hall Event for SiriusXM

Recently, SiriusXM was able to snag Taylor Swift for a Town Hall Event. Subscribers had the chance to ask her questions and listen to songs off of her newest album, 1989. This event comes after Swift’s recent decision to pull her music off of Spotify, giving even more leverage to SiriusXM [18].

The Today Show for SiriusXM:

This past year, SiriusXM announced a major deal with NBC, in which simulcasts of the hit NBC show, The Today Show, would be broadcasted on the satellite radio service. The format of bringing a morning show to radio has been done before, unsuccessfully. However, what makes this different is that SiriusXM will not be airing segments of the popular morning show, they will be airing the program identically as it airs on television [20].

The Today Show

[24] The Today Show

This move was a strategic boost for both companies. The show airs during popular morning drive time, when radio listening is at its highest. The deal will allow NBC to access SiriusXM’s 26 million listeners, and SiriusXM hopes to draw in more subscribers that are already fans of the show.



Suing Sirius:

SiriusXM has come under fire in the past year over use of music recorded before 1972. More recently, individual bands have started going after the company, claiming that they deserve compensation. Although songs recorded before February 15th, 1972 are not covered by federal copyright law, some artists and labels have been seeking protection under individual state laws – and the courts have been agreeing.  As of November 17th, the 1960s rock band, The Turtles, has had two victories against the satellite radio company [22].

The Turtles, 1960s

[25] Rock Band The Turtles in the 1960s

The court ruled that music recorded before 1972 still has a public performance right and that digital services cannot use it without permission or compensation. SiriusXM has requested to dismiss the lawsuit, but it has been rejected. The judge ruled that SiriusXM has until December 5th to show any factual issues that would be cause for a trial. If none are found, she will rule in favor of the band, and “assess damages” [23].

What’s Next:

Joel Osteen

[28] Joel Osteen

SiriusXM recently announced that Golf Hall of Fame member Sir Nick Faldo will receive his own show, where he will talk golf and get to know golf enthusiasts, while they get a chance to know him [26]. SiriusXM also launched a new pop channel, Venus, as well as adding some of their popular internet only channels like Y2Kountry and Utopia to their satellite lineup. Joel Osteen Radio will also be coming to SiriusXM, a station rooted in the power of “positive thinking with messages of inspiration” [27].

[33] Holiday music channels at SiriusXM

[33] Holiday music channels at SiriusXM

SiriusXM is currently celebrating the sounds of the holiday season with the addition of two new Holiday Music channels, Holly and Holiday Traditions. They plan to release more within the upcoming month [33].

Also effective January 2015, there will be an increase of 1.4 percentage points in the U.S. Music Royalty Fee applied to most SiriusXM audio packages, in order to fund royalty payments to the music industry [29].


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by Nick Sabatino
Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of [1]

Contact Information

Headquarters: 2230 E. Imperial Hwy, El Segundo, CA 90245                                    Phone: (310) 964-5000 [2]                                                                                                    Facebook: DirecTV                                                                                                    Twitter: @DirecTV


President and CEO: Michael White                                                                          Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer: Patrick T. Doyle                     Executive Vice President and President, DirecTV Latin America: Bruce B. Churchill [3]

President and CEO, Michael White Photo courtesy of

President and CEO, Michael White
Photo courtesy of [4]


DirecTV was founded in 1990 and was one of the country’s first satellite-cable providers. DirecTV offers quality television with a variety of channels, including many high definition (HD) channels. There are hundreds of channels on DirecTV and the number of channels a customer receives depends on the package that the customer buys. However, not only does DirecTV provide cable, they also provide On-Demand services, HD DVR products(recording devices) called Genie [5], and “TV Everywhere” applications so that you can enjoy your television shows or movies when you want, where you want, and on what device you choose.

DirecTV's Genie: HD DVR Photo courtesy of

DirecTV’s Genie: HD DVR
Photo courtesy of [6]

DirecTV is a satellite-cable provider, this means that instead of just having a cable box attached to your television inside of your home, DirecTV puts a satellite dish on top of your home. Appearance is mostly the only major difference. However, DirecTV has benefits over other cable providers. DirecTV is rated #1 in overall customer satisfaction, and has been ahead of cable for the past 14 years [7].


DirecTV offers its services in the United States and in Latin America. The company currently has over 37 million subscribers in these areas, and their revenues totaled about $30 billion dollars in 2013 [8]. DirecTV is a multi-billion dollar company traded publicly on the NASDAQ with the ticker symbol DTV. Their stock currently has a volume of 899,268 and it is being traded at $87.71 per share [9]. Over the past four years DirecTV has seen a substantial increase in subscribers. With that, came an increase in their stock value. Since 2010, DirecTV’s stock has rose about 60 points and it keeps steadily going up over time. These numbers are very good for DirecTV and proves that they are becoming more successful as a company and more people are choosing their product over others.

DirecTV stock over the last four years Photo courtesy of

DirecTV’s stock price over the last four years
Photo courtesy of [10]

AT&T Merger

In May of 2014, DirecTV proposed a deal to AT&T to join companies and create a merger. With this merger, AT&T could improve the services that DirecTV already has. AT&T would focus on improving the Internet quality in many areas of the country that DirecTV does business [11]. With improved Internet, customers would be able to get better access to On-Demand and Pay-Per-View options that DirecTV offers. It would also better allow for the DirecTV app to be on products such as iPads and iPhones that are contracted under AT&T service, so that DirecTV can be at your fingertips wherever, and whenever you want it to be. This is the concept of “TV Everywhere.”

Over the past few months, the merger has been overseen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Justice Department over the legality of this merger. On November 20, 2014, DirecTV’s CEO, Michael White, said the deal should be approved next year. With this approved merger it is uncertain if DirecTV’s sales will go up. In a perfect market, the merger would cause an increase in the stock price of both AT&T and DirecTV. However, if one of the two company’s stock price starts to fall, being that both companies are in a merger, investors will sell their stock from the attached company and then both companies will have a decrease in stock price. This results in a loss of money for both AT&T and DirecTV [12].

AT&T and DirecTV Merger Photo courtesy of

AT&T and DirecTV Merger
Photo courtesy of [13]

International Expansion

In 2006, DirecTV gained 100% ownership of DirecTV Latin America [14]. With the expansion into new countries, DirecTV has asserted itself as more of a global brand. As of 2013, the number of subscribers that are from Latin America is about 18 million, which is an increase of about 9 million subscribers compared to the year 2010 [15]. With the success of expansion into Latin America, it is probable that DirecTV will expand into other markets as well and become even larger of a company. In the end of the day, it is all about getting your product to as many people as possible and making as much money as possible.

The DirecTV satellite dish portrayed as being on top of the Latin American countries where DirecTV is in. Photo courtesy of

DirecTV has expanded to Latin America.
Photo courtesy of [16]

Raycom Media

Back in September of 2014 there was a dispute between DirecTV and a broadcasting company called Raycom Media [17]. The dispute was over the broadcasting of Raycom Media’s channels through the means of DirecTV. The two companies did not come to a financial agreement by September 1st (the deadline) so for customers that had DirecTV they were unable to watch any Raycom Media channels for several days. Raycom Media is in 37 markets and 18 states, and they provide many different forms of television [18]. A major concern among people who had DirecTV and were in a Raycom Media market was the fact that they would not be able to watch some of the opening day NFL games on September 7th. Raycom and DirecTV made sure that this did not happen because of the potential financial loss that could have come from it. Agreements were made, and on September 7th customers were reinstated with their television channels.

Original Programming and What to Expect in the Future

Over the past few years DirecTV has entered into the world that Netflix and Hulu are also in. It’s the world of original programming, and it is the key to gaining more viewership, and in the case of DirecTV, more subscribers [19]. DirecTV’s goal is to have shows that viewers cannot get anywhere else. If this happens, then people may substitute the cable provider that they already have for DirecTV. DirecTV has their own channel called “Audience” that is only on DirecTV. On this channel is their newest show called Kingdom, and it came out in Fall of 2014. It stars Nick Jonas as a mixed martial arts fighter [20]. There is also a crime drama starring Thandie Newton called Rogue.

Click photo for Kingdom trailer courtesy of Youtube. Photo courtesy of

Click photo for Kingdom trailer, courtesy of
Photo courtesy of [21]

There is even a special channel called “DogTV,” which is a channel specifically made for your dog to watch.

DogTV Trailer Photo courtesy of Commercial courtesy of

Click photo for DogTV Commercial
Photo courtesy of
Commercial courtesy of [22]

DirecTV also prides itself on its sports channels and packages. They have many packages, but their most popular one is the NFL Sunday Ticket. Every Fall if you are a customer that has NFL Sunday Ticket you can watch every NFL game that airs every Sunday [23]. New this Fall too is the introduction of NFL Fantasy Zone, a show which is all geared towards Fantasy Football. Expect growth in this department over the next few years.

There is also an ongoing dispute currently taking place between DirecTV and AMC. AMC is threatening to take away all of their channels (AMC, We TV, IFC, and Sundance) because they are claiming that DirecTV violated the existing deal that they had with them [24]. AMC is running campaigns during its show The Walking Dead, and DirecTV has an online petition[25]. DirecTV says that AMC is issuing a false alarm and nothing will happen. This is a developing story that needs to be kept a close eye on in the coming months.

In the near future, expect DirecTV to come up with more original content, renewal of their successful shows, expansion into new countries, and new and better deals to lure new customers to their services.


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SiriusXM Radio

by Trevor Gill

Courtesy of

The Basics



221 Avenue of the Americas #36

New York, NY 10020

Phone Number: (212) 584-5100

Social Media: Twitter  Facebook   Instagram   Youtube

What is it?

Sirius XM Radio is one of the largest subscription media companies in the United States, providing commercial free satellite radio to subscribers who pay anywhere from $14.49 to $17.99 per month (depending on the package they choose).

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Sirius XM has 23.9 million subscribers. The service offers over 140 channels with content ranging from Howard Stern talk radio, to hits from Jimmy Buffett, to NASCAR and beyond. Subscribers can access content either built into their vehicles via satellite, on Sirius XM’s website, or on mobile applications available for Apple and Android powered devices. (1)


A visual of what Sirius XM is all about, courtesy of their website.

Courtesy of


Courtesy of

James E. Meyer,                     Courtesy of


Key People

James E. Meyer, Chief Executive Officer

James Meyer joined Sirius XM radio in May of 2004, and after former CEO Mel Karmazin stepped down from the position, Meyer took over as CEO on December 18th, 2012. Before becoming CEO, Meyer held the position of President of Operations and Sales. Said Meyer, “Sirius XM is a great business and I look forward to working with our talented management team to continue to deliver the best content and service to our subscribers, while enhancing value to our shareholders.” (2)

Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer

Scott Greenstein is in charge of programming and marketing for Sirius XM. Greenstein previously was a consultant to the company on contractual agreements negotiated with the National Football League. (3)

Dara Altman, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Altman was previously the Executive Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for XM Satellite Radio, prior to the merger between Sirius and XM. (4)

What’s Going On Today?

Financial News

On February 5th Sirius XM released its annual financial report from 2012. The company reported that 2012 revenue was $3.4 billion, a 13% increase from 2011 revenue, which was $3.0 billion. Another positive for Sirius XM was that Net Income for 2012 was $3.5 billion, compared to $427 million in 2011. Net Income was higher than revenue for 2012 because of a $3 billion income tax benefit, and thanks to $130 million due to a loss on extinguishment of debt.

Sirius XM was also happy to announce that it added 2 million subscribers in 2012. That is the largest amount of added subscriptions since 2007 (before Sirius and XM merged).

Sirius XM predicts that 2013 revenues will exceed $3.7 billion. Also predicted is a total net subscriber addition of 1.4 million. (5)

On the negative side for Sirius XM, on Friday April 5th its stock (SIRI), dipped below $3 for the first time since late February. The stock dropped to $2.95, the lowest price so far in 2013. However on Monday, April 8th the stock closed at $3.04 per share, up from what was a down last week. (6)

The Competition

On April 2nd, A new study by The NPD Group suggest that streaming music is quickly gaining ground on traditional terrestrial radio, especially with the younger demographics (ages 13-35). The report, which looks at the fourth quarter of 2012, shows that in this 13-35 demographic, 23% of music is being heard on Internet radio, while 24% is still heard on traditional AM/FM radio. The report shows that just 5% of listeners in this age group listen to music via satellite radio.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


Breaking down the 23% of Internet “streaming” radio usage, Pandora leads the way, taking up 39% of users time. In second is iHeartRadio, which accounts for 11% of usage amongst ages 13 and 35 in the 4th quarter of 2012. (7)

Courtesy of

Courtesy of




According to Paul Sloan of Apple is in the works of signing deals with both Warner Music and Universal Music Group to allow Apple and iTunes to offer streaming content, similar to what Pandora offers. The new product is rumored to be called iRadio. This would add another huge source of competition for Sirius XM, especially if the Apple product is free (or cheaper than Sirius XM’s monthly rate). (8)

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Current Programing

Super Bowl Coverage 

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Sirius XM Radio offered in-depth coverage of Superbowl 47, which included broadcasting the game in eight foreign languages, and airing Beyonce’s halftime performance live. In addition, they offered coverage all Superbowl week long with specials from SiriusXM NFL Radio, Mad Dog Radio, Maurice Jones-Drew, Jeff Foxworthy and more. Sirius XM also aired a limited-run, special New Orleans jazz Channel called “Radio New Orleans” from February 1st – 3rd. (9)

Town Hall Exclusive with Al Gore

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On Thursday, February 28th Sirius XM’s “Town Hall” series sat down with former Vice President Al Gore to discuss his new book “The Future: Six drivers of Social Change”. The special was hosted by Ari Rabin-Havt, who hosts The Agenda on Sirius XM, and allowed for audience members to ask Gore about a wide variety of topics. (10)



New 24/7 Entertainment Weekly Channel

On March 1st, Sirius XM announced that Entertainment Weekly would launch an all-new channel, Entertainment Weekly Radio, offering 24/7 coverage of all the latest news in the world of entertainment. The channel will offer shows hosted by Entertainment Weekly and editors, featuring news, interviews, opinions and more. (11)

New Addition to Mad Dog Radio

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On March 4th, Sirius XM announced that Adam Schein has joined its all-sports Mad Dog Radio channel. Schein will host his own show, Schein on Sports. Schein previously worked for Sirius XM in 2004. He also currently works for SportsNet New York (SNY) and the CBS Sports Network. Prior to that Schein had worked at WFAN Radio in New York, and Fox Sports Radio.

Schein graduated from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in 1999. (12)

More Live Coverage

NCAA Final 4

Sirius XM provided an array of live broadcasts from The NCAA Final Four in Atlanta, including coverage of the National Championship game. Shows such as Inside College Basketball, Tim Brando Show, and SiriusXM’s Final Four Roundtable all provided live coverage from Atlanta, from Thursday April 4th, to Tuesday April 9th. (13)

The Masters

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Sirius XM will offer live hole-by-hole coverage of the 2013 Masters on the PGA TOUR Radio Channel from the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. The Masters coverage will last the length of the tournament from Thursday April 11th, to Sunday April 14th. The channel will also offer a two-hour pre-Masters show before each day of the event, and Masters Review recapping each round. (14)


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Daystar Television

by [Justin Swope]

Daystar Television Network is a religious broadcast network centered in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area in Texas. The network focuses on Christian programming meant to evangelize and spread the scriptures to its viewers. Daystar Television was founded by Marcus Lamb and his wife, Joni Lamb on New Year’s Eve 1997.  Holding over 70 major television stations in the United States and a number of stations worldwide, Daystar functions under its parent company, Word of God Fellowship, Inc. The religious network’s primary objective is to present valuable programming that effectively preaches the “good news” to its followers. Due to its progressive expansion, Daystar has left its mark as the fastest growing Christian network in the world. [1]


Marcus Lamb and his wife Joni moved into Dallas, Texas in 1990, striving to construct a brand new evangelical television station. KMPX-TV 29 went on air in 1993, but in 1997 the couple relocated to a larger facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth television market region. Thus, Daystar Television Network was initiated on New Year’s Eye 1997, beginning with a telecast from Bishop T.D. Jakes. Currently, Daystar is situated in its International Ministry Center, equipped with two cutting-edge studios. [1]

Major Competitor

Trinity Broadcasting Network

Key Executives

Marcus Lamb: Co-Founder, President and CEO

Joni Lamb: Vice President and Co-Founder

 Steve Gray Appearance

Steve Gray, the writer and executive producer of the religious comedy known as 3 Blind Saints appeared on Daystar’s show, Celebration on November 20 to promote and talk about the film. 3 Blind Saints was scheduled for DVD release on that day. [2]

Daystar Assists Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts

In the midst of the damage and destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, Daystar announced on November 7 that they had pledged a donation of $200,000 to contribute to relief efforts in New Jersey. The network also donated $10,000 to the American Red Cross to assist their emergency responses in the northeast regions affected by the hurricane. [3]

Joni Lamb’s Controversial Statement

In the midst of the 2012 presidential election on November 6, while on her talk show Jonihost Joni Lamb made a divisive comment about Christianity in the United States. Kelly Shackelford of the Liberty Institute made a guest appearance on the show to talk about a legal battle between a high school valedictorian who wished to include a prayer with her graduation speech and the family of an agnostic peer who opposed the idea of a prayer being articulated in a public school. In response to the issue, Joni Lamb expressed her personal thoughts, stating that “you shouldn’t live here” if one is bothered by prayers since the United States is, according to Lamb, a “Christian society”. The statement stirred up resentment among political blogs such as the Daily KosRight Wing Watch, and Opposing Views. [4]

Joni’s Controversial Statement:


Refreshing Times Conference

From November 1 through November 3, Daystar hosted its free-to-the-public Refreshing Times Conference. Marcus and Joni Lamb were both present to facilitate the event. This annual religious convention served to unite fellow Christian followers as well as Marcus and Joni Lamb themselves. This 3-day conference also brought together some respected religious speakers, like John Hagee, T.D. Jakes, and John Paul Jackson. The conference transpired at the Fort Worth Convention Center and proudly celebrated its tenth anniversary. Additionally, the event featured performances from Joni Lamb and the Daystar Singers and Band, a diverse, religious  musical group. The event brought together believers from across the world. Furthermore, a DVD package of the event was made available on Daystar’s website, consisting of footage from the event. [6], [7]

Refreshing Times Conference 2012:


Extension into California and the Philippines

As of October 23, 2012, Daystar has broadened to cover northern regions of California and eight different regions of the Philippines. Viewers in California cities, such as Berkeley, Cupertino, Fairfield, Novato, and Pleasanton, can now receive Daystar programming on Comcast’s channel 234. [9]

Coverage of the Messiah in Jerusalem

As announced on October 1, 2012, in an effort to provide live coverage of the anticipated descent of Jesus Christ from the Mount of Olives, Daystar has positioned a webcam from its terrace overlooking the city of Jerusalem. After expanding its purview to a television studio in Jerusalem, the network is now contending with the Trinity Broadcasting Network, who purchased the adjacent studio in Jerusalem, to deliver unprecedented footage of the phenomenon. The network’s anticipation has resulted from accounts in the Christian Bible, which predicts the return of the major biblical figure, Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, Daystar’s motive for entering the city has also been to spread Christianity in Israel. Moreover, the network already broadcasts English programming in Israel with access to both cable and satellite television. [10], [11]

 Daystar Hosts “Sharathon”

From August 20 through September 3, in an effort to reward its dedicated viewers and contributors, Daystar hosted its exclusive “Fall Sharathon.” The Sharathon included religious proclamations, singing, and relevant news from prominent traveling ministers, such as Perry Stone and Robert Morris. The program emphasized the major contributions from Daystar’s partners, those who made it possible for the network to augment its international and nationwide coverage. [12], [13]

Fall Sharathon Overview:


Daystar’s Involvement in Israel

Daystar has been notable in the past few years for establishing positive relations with the government of Israel. Moreover, the network has striven to disseminate its messages to the Israeli people. Daystar is the only Christian network accessible via Yes satellite and HOT cable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only has Daystar purchased a new station to cover the alleged return of the Messiah in Jerusalem, but the network also has sponsored several initiatives in Israel to help strengthen its economy. One is the Olive Tree Initiative, a project designed to strengthen agriculture in Israel. Through contributions and donations from the network’s partners, the initiative has planted numerous trees dedicated to the nation of Israel. [15], [16]

 Satellite Coverage

In addition to its availability in the United States, Daystar is notable for its immense satellite handling, delivering its evangelical programming to not only a national audience, but also an international one.

Daystar reaches a total of approximately 100 million households in the United States alone and a total of about 680 million households worldwide. To make this possible, the network owns 13 satellites that provide programming across the globe. Furthermore, viewers can connect to Daystar in the United States through providers such as Verizon FIOS, Direct TV, and Dish Network.

[17], [18]

 Programming and Distribution

Daystar broadcasts its programming from its headquarters in Texas so that its shows appear at the same times across the globe, depending on the viewer’s time zone. Thus, every viewer has access to the exact same programming. In the United States, for instance, each station receives equal coverage. In addition to its substantial international coverage, Daystar owns stations in several key markets in the United States. These key markets are listed below (those in the top 50 markets).

Call Letters          Market          Market Ranking          TV Homes          % of U.S. 

KDTN            Dallas-Ft. Worth             5                        2,588,020            2.267

WYDN                  Boston                    7                        2,366,690            2.073

WDDN-LD    Washington, D.C.           8                        2,359,160            2,066

KLTJ                   Houston                  10                        2,215,650            1.941

WUDT-CA           Detroit                     11                       1,845,920            1.617

KWDK           Seattle-Tacoma            12                       1,818,900            1.593

KDPH-LP            Phoenix                   13                       1,812,040            1.587

KDTP-LP             Phoenix                   13                       1,812,040            1.587

KRMT                  Denver                    17                       1,566,460            1.372

WDTI                Indianapolis               26                       1,089,700            0.954

KCBU            Salt Lake City               33                        917,370              0.803

KUTF             Salt Lake City               33                        917,370              0.803

KOCM          Oklahoma City              41                        718,770              0.630

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Original Programming


Check the Sound

Empowered by the Spirit (with Marcus Lamb)

Gospel Music Showcase





Daystar has not announced any other upcoming news or events this year, but they hope to continue bringing their original content to their audience as they await progress in Jerusalem with the alleged return of the Messiah.

Contact Information

Address: 3901 Hwy 121, Bedford, Texas 76021

Phone: (817) 571-1229

Fax: (817)-571-7458




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