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DIRECTV logo, Photo courtesy of: [1]


2260 E Imperial Hwy

El Segundo, CA 90245 United States

(310) 964-5000 [3]


DIRECTV was founded in 1990 and is currently one of the world’s largest digital television services. The company provides services to over 32 million customers in the United States and Latin America (20 million in the United States and 18 million in Latin America). These services include HD, 3D and Video-On-Demand programming. DIRECTV is known for their #1 ranking in customer service as well as their sports programming which includes the NFL Sunday Ticket (see below “Deals and Acquisitions” for more details[4].


Chairman, President & CEO

Michael White,  Chairman, President & CEO, Photo courtesy of: [5]

Chairman, President & CEO: Michael White

Chief Human Resources Officer: Joseph Bosch

President, DIRECTV Latin America: Bruce Churchill

Chief Financial Officer: Patrick Doyle

General Counsel: Larry Hunter

Chief Technology Officer: Romulo Pontual

Chief Accounting Officer: Steve Adams


DIRECTV announced their 2014 3rd Quarter results on November 6th, 2014 [6]. The results showed a revenue growth of 6%, making their total revenue $8.4 billion. This revenue growth was due to an increase in U.S. ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and DIRECTV Latin America (DTVLA) subscriber growth. However, this increase in revenue was offset by a lower ARPU at DTVLA. The lower ARPU at DTVLA was due to unfavorable changes in exchange rates.

6 month stocks

DIRECTV stock quotes from June 2014 to present (6 months), Photo courtesy of: [7]

Their current stock price (as of December 1st, 2014) is at $87.37 per share. This price has a year-to-date increase of 26.51% and a three-year increase of 89.69% [7]. Although financials have shown an increase it is important to note that DIRECTV has sustained subscriber loss in both the United States and Latin America units. This subscriber loss has been attributed to their credit policies and a rise in competition [6] [8].


DIRECTV has three main competitors: Comcast, Dish Network and Time Warner Cable [9]. Comcast is their biggest competitor ranking number one in the pay-TV market with 22.5 million video subscribers (DIRECTV holds about 20 million video subscribers) [10]. There is currently a proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable (see Tuned In [15] and The Eyes Have It [16] graphics under “Deals and Acquisitions). This merger is still under consideration by the FCC, but if approved will put Comcast even further in the lead of the pay-TV market [11].


On September 1st, 2014, a negotiation dispute between Raycom Media and DIRECTV caused a 7-day standoff that resulted in a blackout for some DIRECTV subscribers. 43 Raycom stations, including channels with NFL programming, went dark on DIRECTV. The dispute was resolved before the Sunday NFL game and all channels were restored [12].

Wall Street Journal

Displays percentage of the market Comcast and DIRECTV will have if both mergers are approved, Photo courtesy of:[15]

In May of 2014 AT&T announced that it planned on acquiring DIRECTV with a $48.5 billion merger. If combined, DIRECTV and AT&T will have more than 26 million subscribers in the United States. This would put DIRECTV ahead of Comcast (22.5 million subscribers as of Fall 2014) in the market for pay-TV. However, if the Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger occurs, DIRECTV would still remain second-largest. Looking at the graphic “The Eyes Have It [16],” if the DIRECTV and AT&T merger is made they will have a total of 25.8 million subscribers, unfortunately that number will remain dwarfed by Comcast if the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger occurs bringing them up to 33.1 million subscribers (note that The Eyes Have It graphic only shows data up to 2013, data not referencing The Eyes Have It are current). However, both mergers have yet to be approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) [13]. Both mergers have been under heavy consideration by the FCC because of the massive amount of subscribers each merger affects. If either or both merger are approved the pay-TV market competition will rise dramatically. On September 25th, 2014, DIRECTV stockholders approved the merger with AT&T in a vote that represented 77% of all outstanding shares. The voting results showed that more than 99% of votes casted were in favor of the merger agreement [14].

DIRECTV vs Comcast Graph

Current subscribers to DIRECTV, AT&T, Comcast and Time Warner Cable, Photo courtesy of: [16]

To learn more about the AT&T and DIRECTV merger watch a news broadcast here. Video courtesy of: [17]  

On October 1st, 2014, DIRECTV renewed it’s deal with the National Football League (NFL) for the NFL Sunday Ticket. The NFL Sunday Ticket includes the showing of all out-of market games (regular season games outside of their local markets) as well as real time stats [18]. The NFL Sunday Ticket has been given exclusive rights to DIRECTV and is being extended for 8 years. The price was confirmed at $1.5 billion per season which is a 50% price increase compared to what DIRECTV paid in previous years. DIRECTV produces revenues of about $600 million from the NFL Sunday Ticket with around 2 million subscribers. This revenue is far below what they are now paying for the rights of the NFL Sunday Ticket programming [19]. A possible reason for DIRECTV’S agreeing to a dramatically increased price is their proposed merger with AT&T (see above paragraph). If DIRECTV did not renew it’s deal with the NFL for the Sunday Ticket, AT&T was allowed to walk away from the deal without any penalties [19] [20].

In early November, AMC Networks threatened to go dark on DIRECTV if negotiation standards are not met. With their hit show The Walking Dead halfway through its season a blackout would be dangerous for DIRECTV business. The contract is set to expire in 2015 and there have been warnings aired on the show that DIRECTV subscribers may not continue to receive programming from AMC [21]. However, DIRECTV has stated that subscribers will be able to view every episode of the upcoming season of The Walking Dead in a public promise on their website [22].

DIRECTV and Guest-tek announced a strategic relationship on November 13th. This relationship expands technology and programming for hotels and guests [23].


DIRECTV is now offering 4K Television. 4K television, also known as Ultra HD, is the latest HD technology and is called 4K because of the image width (4,000 pixels) [24]. DIRECTV is the first and only multi-channel video provider to offer 4K/Ultra HD TV. To receive DIRECTV 4K programming, subscribers need the DIRECTV Genie HD DVR and a DIRECTV 4K ready television. Currently the only DIRECTV 4K ready TV’s are the 2014 Samsung Ultra HD/4K television models [25]. The DIRECTV 4K programming was released on November 14th and currently has about 20 movie titles to choose from [26].


Photo courtesy of: [27]

DIRECTV has also been creating some of their own content programming since 2013. Most recently, a new drama called “Kingdom” starring Jonathan Tucker and Nick Jonas has had a 20-episode renewal a week after its premiere. The show is about a mixed Martial Arts group living in Venice, CA. “Kingdom” has been their most-watched series on their Audience Network [28]. The DIRECTV Audience Network is devoted to their original programming [29].

Watch the Kingdom series trailer here. Video courtesy of: [30]


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by Nick Sabatino
Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of [1]

Contact Information

Headquarters: 2230 E. Imperial Hwy, El Segundo, CA 90245                                    Phone: (310) 964-5000 [2]                                                                                                    Facebook: DirecTV                                                                                                    Twitter: @DirecTV


President and CEO: Michael White                                                                          Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer: Patrick T. Doyle                     Executive Vice President and President, DirecTV Latin America: Bruce B. Churchill [3]

President and CEO, Michael White Photo courtesy of

President and CEO, Michael White
Photo courtesy of [4]


DirecTV was founded in 1990 and was one of the country’s first satellite-cable providers. DirecTV offers quality television with a variety of channels, including many high definition (HD) channels. There are hundreds of channels on DirecTV and the number of channels a customer receives depends on the package that the customer buys. However, not only does DirecTV provide cable, they also provide On-Demand services, HD DVR products(recording devices) called Genie [5], and “TV Everywhere” applications so that you can enjoy your television shows or movies when you want, where you want, and on what device you choose.

DirecTV's Genie: HD DVR Photo courtesy of

DirecTV’s Genie: HD DVR
Photo courtesy of [6]

DirecTV is a satellite-cable provider, this means that instead of just having a cable box attached to your television inside of your home, DirecTV puts a satellite dish on top of your home. Appearance is mostly the only major difference. However, DirecTV has benefits over other cable providers. DirecTV is rated #1 in overall customer satisfaction, and has been ahead of cable for the past 14 years [7].


DirecTV offers its services in the United States and in Latin America. The company currently has over 37 million subscribers in these areas, and their revenues totaled about $30 billion dollars in 2013 [8]. DirecTV is a multi-billion dollar company traded publicly on the NASDAQ with the ticker symbol DTV. Their stock currently has a volume of 899,268 and it is being traded at $87.71 per share [9]. Over the past four years DirecTV has seen a substantial increase in subscribers. With that, came an increase in their stock value. Since 2010, DirecTV’s stock has rose about 60 points and it keeps steadily going up over time. These numbers are very good for DirecTV and proves that they are becoming more successful as a company and more people are choosing their product over others.

DirecTV stock over the last four years Photo courtesy of

DirecTV’s stock price over the last four years
Photo courtesy of [10]

AT&T Merger

In May of 2014, DirecTV proposed a deal to AT&T to join companies and create a merger. With this merger, AT&T could improve the services that DirecTV already has. AT&T would focus on improving the Internet quality in many areas of the country that DirecTV does business [11]. With improved Internet, customers would be able to get better access to On-Demand and Pay-Per-View options that DirecTV offers. It would also better allow for the DirecTV app to be on products such as iPads and iPhones that are contracted under AT&T service, so that DirecTV can be at your fingertips wherever, and whenever you want it to be. This is the concept of “TV Everywhere.”

Over the past few months, the merger has been overseen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Justice Department over the legality of this merger. On November 20, 2014, DirecTV’s CEO, Michael White, said the deal should be approved next year. With this approved merger it is uncertain if DirecTV’s sales will go up. In a perfect market, the merger would cause an increase in the stock price of both AT&T and DirecTV. However, if one of the two company’s stock price starts to fall, being that both companies are in a merger, investors will sell their stock from the attached company and then both companies will have a decrease in stock price. This results in a loss of money for both AT&T and DirecTV [12].

AT&T and DirecTV Merger Photo courtesy of

AT&T and DirecTV Merger
Photo courtesy of [13]

International Expansion

In 2006, DirecTV gained 100% ownership of DirecTV Latin America [14]. With the expansion into new countries, DirecTV has asserted itself as more of a global brand. As of 2013, the number of subscribers that are from Latin America is about 18 million, which is an increase of about 9 million subscribers compared to the year 2010 [15]. With the success of expansion into Latin America, it is probable that DirecTV will expand into other markets as well and become even larger of a company. In the end of the day, it is all about getting your product to as many people as possible and making as much money as possible.

The DirecTV satellite dish portrayed as being on top of the Latin American countries where DirecTV is in. Photo courtesy of

DirecTV has expanded to Latin America.
Photo courtesy of [16]

Raycom Media

Back in September of 2014 there was a dispute between DirecTV and a broadcasting company called Raycom Media [17]. The dispute was over the broadcasting of Raycom Media’s channels through the means of DirecTV. The two companies did not come to a financial agreement by September 1st (the deadline) so for customers that had DirecTV they were unable to watch any Raycom Media channels for several days. Raycom Media is in 37 markets and 18 states, and they provide many different forms of television [18]. A major concern among people who had DirecTV and were in a Raycom Media market was the fact that they would not be able to watch some of the opening day NFL games on September 7th. Raycom and DirecTV made sure that this did not happen because of the potential financial loss that could have come from it. Agreements were made, and on September 7th customers were reinstated with their television channels.

Original Programming and What to Expect in the Future

Over the past few years DirecTV has entered into the world that Netflix and Hulu are also in. It’s the world of original programming, and it is the key to gaining more viewership, and in the case of DirecTV, more subscribers [19]. DirecTV’s goal is to have shows that viewers cannot get anywhere else. If this happens, then people may substitute the cable provider that they already have for DirecTV. DirecTV has their own channel called “Audience” that is only on DirecTV. On this channel is their newest show called Kingdom, and it came out in Fall of 2014. It stars Nick Jonas as a mixed martial arts fighter [20]. There is also a crime drama starring Thandie Newton called Rogue.

Click photo for Kingdom trailer courtesy of Youtube. Photo courtesy of

Click photo for Kingdom trailer, courtesy of
Photo courtesy of [21]

There is even a special channel called “DogTV,” which is a channel specifically made for your dog to watch.

DogTV Trailer Photo courtesy of Commercial courtesy of

Click photo for DogTV Commercial
Photo courtesy of
Commercial courtesy of [22]

DirecTV also prides itself on its sports channels and packages. They have many packages, but their most popular one is the NFL Sunday Ticket. Every Fall if you are a customer that has NFL Sunday Ticket you can watch every NFL game that airs every Sunday [23]. New this Fall too is the introduction of NFL Fantasy Zone, a show which is all geared towards Fantasy Football. Expect growth in this department over the next few years.

There is also an ongoing dispute currently taking place between DirecTV and AMC. AMC is threatening to take away all of their channels (AMC, We TV, IFC, and Sundance) because they are claiming that DirecTV violated the existing deal that they had with them [24]. AMC is running campaigns during its show The Walking Dead, and DirecTV has an online petition[25]. DirecTV says that AMC is issuing a false alarm and nothing will happen. This is a developing story that needs to be kept a close eye on in the coming months.

In the near future, expect DirecTV to come up with more original content, renewal of their successful shows, expansion into new countries, and new and better deals to lure new customers to their services.


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Hearst Television

By Apollonia Maldonato
Hearst TV

Photo courtesy of

Hearst Television Inc.

300 W 57th St.

New York, NY, 10019 United States

(212) 887-6800

About Hearst Television Inc. [1]

Hearst Television Inc. is the broadcasting arena of the Hearst Corporation. It is comprised of 29 television stations and two radio stations. Its stations reach as many as 18% of households in the United States spanning over two dozen markets. It is one of the nation’s largest television groups. The company owns several ABC and NBC affiliate stations. They also have two radio stations in Baltimore as well as two CBS affiliate stations. Hearst Television leads the convergence of local broadcast television and the Internet through its partnership with Internet Broadcasting. The company started trading privately in 2009 after becoming privately owned by Hearst Corporation.

Key Executives:

David J. Barrett [2], Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hearst Television Inc. began working for Hearst Corporation in 1984 as the general manager of the company’s Baltimore radio stations. He was appointed CEO of the company in 2001. Barrett has received several awards in the industry including being inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame in 2008 and being named Broadcasting & Cable magazine’s 2004 “Broadcaster of the Year.” jordan wertlieb- HearstJordan Wertlieb [3],  President of Hearst Television, began working for Hearst Corporation 1993 and was named the company’s president in December 2012. He also serves as the President- Chairman of the NBC Affiliate board.Frank Biancuzzo- Hearst

Frank Biancuzzo [4], Senior Vice President of Hearst Television, began working for the company in 1995 when he served as the Vice President of Marketing and Promotion. He later became the President of the Hearst Television ABC station in Milwaukee from 2002 until 2007. He was appointed to be a Senior Vice President in 2007. He also has a role of Hearst Television Group Head.john drain- Hearst

John J. Drain [5], Senior Vice President of Finance, began working at Hearst in 2010 when he was appointed the Senior VP of Finance. Before working for Hearst Television, he was the Vice President of Finance and Administration for the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable Corporation, Comcast Spotlight.

Click for more information on important people at Hearst Television

Competition [6]

Some major industry competitors of Hearst Television are:

  • Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.
  • Raycom Media Inc.
  • Local TV, LLC

Financials [7]

The last annual report available to the public was published in 2008. During this year the the company had earned $755,738 in revenue. In 2009, Hearst Corporation acquired Hearst- Argyle and it became Hearst Television, a wholly owned component of the company. Since the acquisition, it is no longer a publically traded company and its financial statements are unavailable. However, according to Crain’s New York Business, the company has earned a revenue of almost $10 billion, a $1 billion increase from its 2012 revenue which was slightly more than $9 billion. [8]

Brief History [9]

Hearst argyle

Photo courtesy of

Hearst Corporation was founded in 1928 when it entered the broadcasting world by acquiring WSOE Radio Milwaukee. Since its original acquisition, the company has bought out dozens of other TV and radio stations. Hearst merged with Argyle Television in 1997 to form Hearst- Argyle Television. The company was publicly traded, first on Nasdaq until 1998 and then transferred to the New York Stock Exchange where it was public until 2009 when the company became wholly owned by Hearst Corporation. The name was officially changed to Hearst Television.

Hearst Television’s Current Expenditures:

Hearst Television’s Upward Spiral

cronkie award

Photo courtesy of

Although Hearst Television is not a commonly spoke of company, its role in political coverage through the years has made Hearst Television a staple in news broadcasting. A challenge for the entirety of Hearst Corporation is finding new businesses that can help define the future of Hearst. The company is currently spiraling upwards, and Hearst Corporation CEO, Steven Swartz and Hearst Television CEO, David Barrett, are striving to find new ways to keep the company heading in this direction. The company has won six consecutive Walter Cronkite Awards for its coverage of politics and is the media leader in political coverage. The Hearst Television group has been successful in local advertising as well as solid coverage of elections. [10]

Improving the TV Viewing Experience

An article published by TV Technology on November 7 stated that Hearst Television Inc has fully incorporated Matrix Solutions’s web-based media CRM and sales analytics solution into all of its TV stations. The complete implementation process took a total of ten weeks to complete. According to Al Lustgarten, vice president of IT for Hearst Television, “Hearst Television’s objective was to find a CRM solution with a partner that understands the broadcast business model and could provide software as a service model.” The Matrix system allows access by means of the web or mobile device. It normalizes data saving time in analyzing it. This is extremely useful at a corporate level. [11]

Hearst vs. Aereo: A Copyright Fight


Hearst Television appeared in federal last month in a plea to shut down the internet streaming website startup, Aereo. The federal court denied Hearst’s request and decision could lead to a supreme court case. The website is unlawfully using copyrighted content from WCVB, Hearst Television’s ABC affiliate Boston TV station, for profit. The law suit was originally filed by Hearst in July. The Judge had decided that the compnay did not make its case and the victory went to Aereo. However, other major broadcasters are fighting the same battle with Aereo’s, so-called, unconstitutional practices. [12]

A Visit to UNC Chapel Hill

Just last week, Hearst Televsion CEO, David Barrett and ABC News President, Ben Sherwood  headlined at the Wade H. Hargrove Communications Law and Policy Colloquium at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The two men shared their own remarks on what they believed would be the “Future of Televsion News.” they then engaged in an open discussion with the audience. During his visit, Barrett shared a conversation with Dean Susan King of the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The two discussed disruptive media in today’s culture as well as the reputation Hearst strives to uphold in society. [13]

Conversation between David Barrett and Dean of UNC Chapel Hill School of Journalism

Support of New Technologies: Investment in Roku

Roku Box- amazon

Photo courtesy of

Roku, an internet set-top box company, had earned $60 million in funding. One of the companies that invested in Roku was Hearst Television. The company sells softball size boxes that allow consumers to stream music and videos. Roku is currently collaborating with consumer-electronics to have merchandise with Roku readily installed.The Senior Managing Director at Hearst, Ken Bronfin, said in a statement about Roku’s product that Hearst is very impressed about the unique position that Roku has constructed in the media market and they anticipate working with them to develop other innovative services for television audiences. CEO of Roku is grateful for the recognition of his brand’s potential success in the market and belief in the Roku platform. Hearst’s, along with other companys’ generous funding was necessary for this product to potentially re-frame future television consumer experiences. [14]

Hearst Ahead of the Times: The Next Generation Newsroom

Hearst Television’s new project, The Next Generaton Newsroom, is giving reporters, photographers, and producers the latest technology so they can update news on all platforms. The state of the arc technology has changed the way the newsrooms operate. Although the consumers do notice the change, they expect it. Brian Bracco, Vice President of News at Hearst Television Inc. states that with all of the new platforms and methods of spreading news, there is no more exciting time than the present to be in the media business. [15]

Watch “The Next Generation Newsroom” Video


Over the years, Hearst Television has developed innovative ways to better the TV viewing experience. The company has earned a renowned reputation due to its outstanding coverage on politics. Hearst continues to strive to be one of the best television companies in this fast paced world. 


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Hearst Television, Inc.

By Val Wasserstein
hearst logo1

[12] Hearst Television, Inc. logo on their homepage

Hearst Television, Inc.
300 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019-3789
Tel: (212) 887-6800/Fax: (212) 887-6855

Hearst Corporation: Overview 


[13] Hearst Corporation official logo

Hearst Corporation dates all the way back to 1887 when William Randolph Hearst founded the company as an owner of newspapers. Today, the company’s holdings include a wide variety of media such as newspapers, magazines, television stations, cable networks, business publishing, Internet businesses, and real estate. Hearst prides itself on becoming one of the nation’s largest diversified media and information companies. [1]

Hearst Television: Company Overview

Hearst Television, Inc., wholly owned by Hearst Corporation, holds 29 television stations and 2 radio stations across the United States. This broadcasting company was formerly known as Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc. and later changed its name to Hearst Television, Inc. in June 2009. The company was founded in 1994. The television stations are viewed in approxiately 18% of US homes making Hearst Television, Inc. one of the largest US television station groups. Hearst Television Inc. owns 13 ABC affiliated channels, 10 NBC affiliated channels, and 2 CBS affiliated channels. The company is also known for its integration of local broadcast television and the Internet through its partnership with Internet Broadcasting. Hearst Television Inc. is also a leader in the “application of digital broadcast spectrum for new local informational services.” [2]

Picture 2

[14] Affiliates of Hearst Television, Inc.

Hearst Television Inc. employs approximately 3,000 full-time employees and their major competitors include Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., Raycom Media Inc., and Local TV, LLC. [3]

Hearst Television station group has won a multitude of awards. The company has been given six consecutive Walter Cronkite Awards (presented by University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication) for their excellence in television political journalism. The stations also have receeived awards for excellence in journalism, programming, and community service (e.g. the Peabody, the duPont-Columbia University Journalism Award, the Sigma Delta Chi Award, the Garbiel, the Ad Council Silver Bell, the National Headliner Award, the Edward R. Murrow Award and the Emmy). [4] 


David J. Barrett-- Chairman & CEO, Hearst Television Inc.

[15] Chairman & CEO, Hearst Television Inc. — David J. Barrett

“The advent of new media platforms is an exciting opportunity for Hearst Television to further advance engagement with local communities. Technology is providing us with new opportunities to reach our viewers, enhance our news-gathering efforts,and provide a broad range of advertising and marketing solutions for our customers.” [5]

 –David J. Barrett, Chairman & CEO, Hearst Television Inc. 

Broadcasting Office
David J. Barrett,
Chairman & CEO of Hearst Television, Inc.
Jordan Wertlieb, President of Hearst Television, Inc.
Frank Biancuzzo,
Senior Vice President of Hearst Television, Inc.
John J. Drain,
Senior Vice President, Finance of Hearst Television, Inc.
Roger Keating,
Senior Vice President of Hearst Television, Inc.


TV Stations
WCVB – Boston, MA – ABC affiliate
WMUR – Manchester, NH – ABC affiliate
WMOR – Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL – NC affiliate
WESH – Orlando, FL – NBC affiliate
WKCF – Orlando, FL – CW affiliate
WTAE – Pittsburgh, PA – ABC affiliate
WBAL – Baltimore, MD – NBC affiliate
WYFF – Greenville-Spartanburg, SC – NBC affiliate
WPBF – West Palm Beach, FL – ABC affiliate
WGAL – Lancaster, PA – NBC affiliate
WXII – Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC – NBC affiliate
WLKY – Louisville, KY – CBS affiliate
WMTW – Portland-Auburn, ME – ABC affiliate
WPTZ – Burlington, VT – NBC affiliate
WNNE – Plattsburgh, NY – NBC affiliate
KMBC – Kansas City, MO – ABC affiliate
KCWE – Kansas City, MO – CW affiliate
WISN – Milwaukee, WI – ABC affiliate
WLWT – Cincinnati, OH – NBC affiliate
KOCO – Oklahoma City, OK – ABC affiliate
WDSU – New Orleans, LA – NBC affiliate
KCCI – Des Moines, IA – CBS affiliate
KETV – Omaha, NE – ABC affiliate
WAPT – Jackson, MS – ABC affiliate
KHBS – Fort Smith, AR – ABC affiliate
KHOG – Fayettville, AR – ABC affiliate
KCRA – Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, CA – NBC affiliate
KQCA – Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, CA – MNT affiliate
KOAT – Albuquerque, NM – ABC affiliate
KITV – Honolulu, HI – ABC affiliate
KSBW – Monterey-Salinas, CA – NBC affiliate

WBAL 1090 – Baltimore, MD
WIYY 97.9 – Baltimore MD [6]


On June 3, 2009 the Hearst Corporation acquired outstanding shares of Series A Common Stock of Hearst-Argyle that it did not already own. Since August 5, 2009, Hearst Television Inc., once the company merged to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hearst, stopped filing and sharing periodic and annual reports to the public making it no longer a SEC reporting company. [7]

In Recent News

On December 6, 2012 Hearst Corporation announced new executive leadership positions. David J. Barrett would be the new chairman and CEO of Hearst Television and Jordan Wertlieb would become president. All changes were effective immediately. [8]

In Hearst Corporation CEO Frank A. Bennack Jr.’s 2012 Annual Review letter, he emphasized how much the year brought on “tremendous growth for Hearst Television’s on-air and digital revenues.” It was reported that eighty percent of Hearst Television Inc.’s newscasts hold first or second place rankings. [9]


[16] Hearst Television Inc.’s 2012 Annual Review Letter

The election year of 2012 also helped the company with stations in key primary and swing states, redesigned websites and the new Election 2012 app. The app allowed for consumers to access “up-to-the-minute and in-depth election-related national content as well as content from the company’s news stations in 25 markets stretching from Portland, Maine to Honolulu.” [10]


[17] Election 2012 app for iPhones & smartphones

On April 3, 2013 Hearst Television Inc. announced the renewal of its alliance with PolitiFact, the fact checking website of the Tampa Bay Times. “In one recurring feature of the exclusive partnership, Hearst Television’s Washington, D.C., Bureau produced segments on PolitiFact’s fact-checking about the presidential campaign using the website’s much-discussed ‘Truth-O-Meter‘.” [11] 


[18] PolitiFact logo


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Raycom Media

        by Katherine J Hart

Courtesy Raycom Media

Raycom Media is a broadcasting and television production company. It is one of the nation’s largest broadcasters with regional cable deals and exclusive digital media rights to the Atlantic Coast Conference college athletics. Rraycom owns and operates Raycom Sports, Tupelo-Honey Productions and Broadview Media. The company affiliates with national broadcasting leaders like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and MNTV for local news. This network reaches 37 regional television markets with 48 different stations, is watched in 12.6% of U.S. television households, and is viewed in 18 states. (1)


Raycom Media Inc., RSA Tower 201 Monroe St. 20th fl., Montgomery, AL 361404. Telephone: 334-206-1400. Fax: 334-206-1555.

Courtesy Raycom Media

Paul McTear, President and CEO

Courtesy Raycom Media

Wayne Daughery, Executive Vice President and COO

Jeff Rosser, Don Richards, Leon Long, and Brad Streit are all Television Vice Presidents

Raycom Media was created in 1996. Bert Ellis formed the Ellis Communications group in 1992 with control over 13 television stations and two radio stations. Ellis then went on to purchase Raycom Sports, a marketing firm that had already been in business for 15 years. The merge to become Raycom Media occurred after Ellis sold his share to a growing media group that had ownership in the South and Midwest region of the country. Three parties, including Federal Broadcasting’s TV Group, Retirement Systems of Alabama and the original Raycom Media came together to expand their broadcasting power. This new Raycom Media corporation joined with Malrite Commuications in 1998 and acquired The Liberty Corporation in 2006. Lincoln Financial Sports was also bought by Raycom Sports in 2007 and the company continues to look for ways to grow today.   (2)

Raycom Media, Inc. Current Events

September 7, 2012, Raycom Sports announced the start of the “Ultimate Road Trip” Contest. This event ran from September 8 to November 8, 2012 and was sponsored by Chevrolet and the ACC. The ACC Road Trip Driven by Chevy is a television program on Raycom Sports and it launched this sweepstakes. Two grand prize award trips for the 2012 Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee were up for lottery as well as speciality prizes that were drawn throughout the two months. Fans entered online by visiting the site, or going to The  promotion rewards those who tune into the weekly program and linking the love of football to the love for country music. The ACC Road Trip Driven by Chevy program highlights the traditions, campuses, and tailgates of the ACC college games and has been honored with Emmy Awards and Telly Awards. The host, Tommy Kane brings a comical narrative with spunky energy to the inside look of what makes every college in this conference unique and fun. (3)

Courtesy Raycom Sports

On October 10, 2012, Raycom Media released a statement on the website titled “Proud of Our Management Diversity.” The main page of the company website highlights the initiative to stay involved in the communities it serves, and to provide various viewpoints on news and local issues. This goal is in constant progress, and as the news release states, Raycom is successful in this work. The National Association of Black Journalists has recognized Raycom Media as having the highest diversity index of all broadcast groups surveyed. 31 of its 179 television newsroom managers are people of color, and overall, at least 60% of the companies stations have one person of color or more in a ranking position. Raycom had made an effort, starting in early 2012 to work with the National Association of Black Journalists to focus on the promotion of the people of color perspective. According to Bob Butler, Vice President of NABJ, Raycom is the only television group to welcome the diversity initiative and create such quick progress across their companies leadership portfolio. (4)

WXIX-TV, a Raycom owned station in Cincinnati, Ohio is making news of its own for some bad reasons. On November 14, 2012, Tricia Macke, a co-anchor for the evening newscast, was suspended by her station for making remarks that have been interpreted as homophobic. The comments were written on Facebook and were directed at Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC host. Bill Lanesey, the general manager of WXIX-TV kept Macke off air for two days as she worked to mend the controversy. The GLAAD division in the Ohio area demanded a response from the vocal news anchor. Tricia Macke apologized online for any offense caused by her comments, and she made it clear that her words in no way reflected the opinion and position of her employer, WXIX-TV, and more broadly, Raycom Media.  (5)

Raycom Media Networks Current Events

Raycom Sports: Raycom Sports is the most prominent division of Raycom Media Inc. With owned television rights to the Atlantic Coast Conference, ACC, since the 1980s, Raycom Sports is the central viewing station for these college football and men’s basketball games. A sublicensing agreement was met with Raycom Sports and ESPN in 2012 that Raycom will be the national syndicator for the ACC conference and this deal will continue until at least 2027. Raycom Sports created the Belk Bowl, a tournament featuring the Big East versus the ACC leagues. Raycom is involved in the operations of these games and also organizes the ACC Championships. Ken Haines and about 50 employees working under him, run Raycom Sports in Charlotte, North Carolina. (3)

Courtesy Louisville Cardinals

September 9, 2012: Viewers express unhappiness with Raycom’s coverage of Clemson University football games. Commercials for local business often interupted the video feed, and even some blank screens have appeared during the broadcast. Fans of ACC football worry that this quality professionalism from the network will lower the status and reputation of the league overall.

October 26, 2012: Business Journalist, Erik Spanberg, in Charlotte, NC speculates that the new network Speed, a News Corp. owned property could grow in the Charlotte area to become an all-encompassing sports channel. This would mean new competition for Raycom Sports who is also based in Charlotte. Raycom Sports provides general sports news and specializes in ACC college athletics. With Speed moving into the area, Raycom Sports could lose viewers.

November 20, 2012: Raycom Sports recieved six nominations for the 27th Annual Midsouth Regional Emmy Awards. The winners will be announced in January 2013. “Havoline Football Saturdays in the South,” “Kings of the Court,” and “ACC Road Trip” were nominated this year.

Bounce TV: Bounce TV features programing of movies, sports, documentaries, and original television shows that are all centered on African American perspective. It is the first broadcast network of its kind and was founded by Martin Luther King III, Will Packer, and Rob Hardy, along with many other contributors. Currently the station hosts its own shows such as Back Stage Pass, Off the Chain, and Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. (6)

September 26, 2012: On the network’s one year anniversary, the company has seen great growth and has expanded to Detroit, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Orlando. IT has reached an estimated 80% of African American homes and at least 60% of all U.S. television households. The station will start airing African American focused movies, such as Monster’s Ball and Pride coming up soon this year. (7)

October 3, 2012: Bounce TV announced it will be premiering its newest series, “Off the Chain”, hosted by Rodney Perry.

November 7, 2012: Bounce TV announced that they will air their first boxing telecast and will continue airing matches throughout the season.

Raycom Media Program Current Events

Right this Minute: Raycom created this weekday television show that covers news and pop culture. This program is interactive in that it is paired with a website and video blog. It is different than most telecasts in that its material is supplied by citizen journalists. Most of the video is supplied by cellphone, webcam, digital cameras, and Skype feeds from average people all over the world. Viral video sensations are highlighted on the show and it is up to date and current for new viewers to relate to. Interestingly, this program is a cooperation of Cox Media Group, Raycom Media Inc. and E.W. Scripps Company, along with MagicDust. (8)

September 4, 2012: The program expands into seven more markets in its second year in production. It will now be available in Detroit, Denver and San Diego which spreads its reach to about 30% of U.S. TV homes and 45 TV markets.