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by Bridget McAllister & Andrew Mendosa

Scripps Networks Interactive: logo.

Scripps Networks Interactive is a U.S.-based network television company specializing in home and lifestyle content. Their primary brands are Food Network, the Cooking Channel, the DIY Network, the Travel Channel, Great American Country, and HGTV.[1]

Scripps Interactives' popular networks.

Scripps Interactive’s popular networks.


Scripps has seen some shake-up of its lead executive team in the last month; programming executive Allison Page was promoted mid-November to General Manager of US Programming & Development for all six of Scripps’ brands. She was previously not involved with programming for the Cooking Channel or Food Network. The move was announced November 14th by Kathleen Finch, the company’s Chief Programming, Content, & Brand Officer, and hopes to capitalize off Page’s observed success propelling HGTV in particular to the forefront of cable TV. Under Page’s leadership, HGTV became the #1 cable network for women, and has seen consistent growth for nine consecutive quarters.[2]

Page will be joined by Julie Taylor as new Senior Vice President of Program Planning & Strategy for all six networks in the United States.[3]

Shannon Jamieson Driver, a Scripps veteran who has already been leading marketing campaigns for all six of Scripps’ lifestyle networks, was promoted to General Manager of U.S. Brand Marketing.[4]

Mark Neil, former Chief Financial Officer for Scripps Interactive, was lured away from Scripps in late October by A&E Networks UK. A 25-year veteran of the media landscape, Neil will be leaving his contract with Scripps effective immediately in January 2017.[5] Stepping into the role is Lori Hickok, who has been with Scripps since 1988.[6]

Powerful Women of Scripps Interactive.

High-ranking female executives of Scripps Networks Interactive, here featured on the cover of Cablefax Magazine.


On November 7th, Scripps Interactive released their third quarter 2016 earnings report. Scripps exceeded analyst estimates, reporting earnings of over $803 million despite expectations of closer to $795 million. EPS (earnings per share) was reported at $1.26, where the same quarter 2015 was only $1.03.[7] [8]

Since the release of their third quarterly earnings report, Scripps has had the most animated rise in stock value it’s seen since July; a stock was worth just over $65 on the day of the release and the day after, rising each day afterward to $67, then just over $68, and so on. On November 14th, the day promotions were announced for Allison Page, Julie Taylor, and Shannon Jamieson Driver, stock value for Scripps shot up to nearly $74. While stock value has cooled after this peak, their stock value maintained stronger than the beginning of November at just over $69 at the closing of the market yesterday, November 28th. This is a happy upturn from earlier fourth quarter, when stocks reached a low of barely above $61 in mid-October.[9]

Scripps Networks Interactive plans, too, to present on December 6th at the 44th annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, an organized corporate event where companies engage with the general community and, in particular, current and potential investors. Scripps has announced only that they will be updating investors on the company’s strategy going forward into the new year.[10] [11]


On November 18th, Scripps used one of its most popular brands, Food Network, to expand its social media interaction. Food Network launched a conversation-simulating bot for Facebook Messenger, which gives users suggestions for recipes, interesting ingredients, or foods that compliment one another, just in time for the holiday season. Liesel Kipp, Vice President of Product Management for Scripps, explained that the bot’s intended purpose is to deepen the personal, friendly relationship consumers have with the much-trusted Food Network, and to increase consumer involvement with the brand on a daily, real-world basis. The bot currently “knows” approximately 60,000 Food Network recipes.[12]


Scripps Interactive and media conglomerate Tribune Media agreed on October 28th upon a multi-year extension of their partnership regarding Food Network; namely, Scripps will continue to allow Tribune to broadcast Food Network over its cable networks. Food Network is one of Scripps’ most coveted and successful brands. Both companies have expressed great excitement for the deal.[13]

However, Scripps also announced in early November that they will not be continuing their distribution deal with Netflix. In their third quarterly earnings call, CEO Ken Lowe explained that Scripps will be pursuing more traditional routes of advertising and distribution. Lowe explained that the decision was ultimately influenced by the monetization of content. The call stated that Netflix was no longer a promising source of revenue for Scripps’ brands, especially as Netflix has increased its focus on its own original content.[14] However, Scripps announced in late September that it will be joining Viacom in moving its content to DirecTV Now, an AT&T-owned streaming service to be launched later this year. It is unknown whether Food Network, HGTV, and Scripps’ other brands will be immediately available on the platform when it launches. [15]


A newly released study taken in the Asia-Pacific region reveals that Scripps’ brands, Food Channel, Food Network, HGTV, and Travel Channel are “significantly outranking” their competitors in the home and travel categories. The consumers are described as “highly engaged”, meaning Scripps’ audience is the most receptive to advertisers. Scripps’ audience members in the region tend to be wealthy, and are more likely to visit restaurants they see advertised, renovate their homes, or purchase higher priced ingredients compared to competition.[16]

Scripps Interactive also hopes to expand availability of the Food Network in Brazil through pay-tv platforms NET and Claro. Through a distribution deal with these platforms announced in early November, Food Network is now available to nearly 7 million Brazilian households.[17] This adds to the expansion of Food Network availability in Chile, Argentina, and Mexico from August through September.[18] [19] [20]

On October 19th, plans were announced to launch the Cooking Channel in Canada through a distribution deal with Canadian media company Corus Entertainment. This would build upon Scripps Interactive’s existing brand presence in Canada, joining Food Network, HGTV, and the DIY Network.[21]

However, Scripps has set its sights past North America and even Asia to Europe, where its popular channels are currently unavailable. Scripps successfully purchased Polish broadcast network TVN last year, and announced on October 25th that it will use TVN as a foothold to make HGTV, Food Network, and the Travel Channel available in Europe for the first time in 2017. Though initially only in Poland, it remains unannounced whether Scripps has any nearby plans to branch out to other countries.[22]

Scripps Networks Interactive is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, located at 9721, Sherrill Blvd. Their head of investor relations is Mike Gallentine, who can be reached at (865) 560-4473.[23]

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Scripps Interactive

By Ryan Lannum & Aaron Sortal
[1] Scripps Interactive Network Logo

[1] Scripps Interactive Network Logo

Brief History [1]

Scripps Networks Interactive began in 1878 when Edward W. Scripps founded The Penny Press in Cleveland, Ohio. Jump forward a 100 years and Scripps Networks Interactive began buying and building cable television systems, making it one of America’s largest cable operators, which was later sold to Comcast. In the 1990s, Scripps Network Interactive began building their media network. After the purchase of Cinetel Productions, a Knoxville-based cable creator, it launched HGTV in 1994.

[1] Source: WBIR-TV 10 Knoxville / Scripps Network Interactive

After the launch of HGTV, Scripps Networks started more lifestyle networks including: Food Network (1997), DIY Network (1999), Fine Living Network (2002), Great American Country (2004), and Travel Channel (2009). The organization describes itself as a “niche broadband [of] channels that extend the core brands’ presence on the Internet with advertiser-supported, on-demand content” (Scripps Networks Interactive).

In 2007, the board of directors decided to split The E.W. Scripps Company into two publicly-traded companies. One of the organizations would concentrate on national television lifestyle brands and the other focus on innovative and enduring local media businesses.



Stock er-er the last 5 years [2]

Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. has done very well financially the last few years.  At the end of 2015, Scripps’ revenue totaled $3.02 billion, with a total net income of $606.83 million [2].  This is a great increase from the previous years, as its 2014 net income totaled 545.28 million, and its 2013 net income totaled $505.07 million.  Their total net incomes are increasing at a steady rate, and will likely continue in the coming years.  While their stock price is lower than it was five years ago, it being at $70.06 now and 76.50 then, it has increased greatly in the past year, with the price being only $59.04 in November of 2015.

In the fall of 2016, Scripps Networks reported a 6.6 percent increase in advertising revenues, which totaled to a $477.5 million in advertising revenue during the quarter [3]. This jump in advertising revenue also added to five of the six networks having a ratings boost.  Focusing on ads that connect to the demographics that watch their channels resulted in tremendous success both in viewership and in revenue. The need for advertising revenue caused a major problem when it came to a subscription video on demand service deal with Netflix.

Netflix Deal Not Renewed for a New Season

Netflix Logo

Netflix Desktop [4]

During the fall of 2016, Burton Jablin, Scripps Networks Interactive’s COO, announced the organization would not be renewing its digital distribution deal with Netflix on the company’s quarterly earnings conference call [5]. This isn’t the first-time Scripps Networks Interactive has ended a subscription video on demand deal with a media distributor [6]. In February 2013, Scripps Networks Interactive had a deal with Amazon. That deal ended in March 2014. This prompted the Netflix and Scripps Networks Interactive deal that ended this past November. According to a article, Scripps Networks could have lost about $11 million of licensing revenue from Amazon [6]. Unlike the deal with Amazon, the CEO of Scripps Networks Interactive, Kenneth Lowe, commented on the company’s decision to leave Netflix. Lowe stated that a major reason for leaving Netflix was the loss of advertising dollars [7], which brought-in roughly $445 million dollars in revenue during the last quarter [3]. Jablin said in a article: “In the end, it really is not the kind of dual-revenue model that best monetizes our content over the long term” (Spangler). [8] Over the past couple of months, Netflix has removed content from its database because the company wanted to create room for its original content. All of Scripps Network’s shows will not be removed until the end of the year [7]. Some of the shows that are being removed are: “Cupcake Wars,” “Chopped,” and “Man v. Food.”

AT&T Long-Term Distribution Agreement

AT&T Logo [9]

In September of 2016, Scripps Interactive reached a deal with AT&T, in which they agreed for a continuation of distribution of Scripps Networks for DIRECTV [10].  This deal will be made for multiple years, ensuring that DIRECTV will continue its widespread distribution of the Scripps Network channels.  They also agreed to include Scripps Networks on DIRECTV’s streaming service, DIRECTV NOW.  Programs on channels such as HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, DIY Network, Great American Country, and Cooking Channel are included to be distributed through this deal.

As DIRECTV has over 20 percent of the market share of cable providers in the US, this deal will assist in allowing Scripps Networks’ programs to be distributed to as many people as possible [11].  DIRECTV is also expected to grow in market share in the next decade, so this deal will continue the great relationship Scripps has with AT&T.  With DIRECTV NOW launching at the end of November, it will also allow people whom prefer to stream their content the chance to view Scripps Network shows [12].  The portability of DIRECTV NOW will allow its customers to view Scripps Network shows at anywhere at any time, which will increase the flexibility and make it more likely that the shows will be viewed a lot more often than before.  DIRECTV NOW is also a lot cheaper alternative to established cable packages, so the low cost may also bring in a lot more viewers, in which can increase Scripps’ revenue and exposure.

DirecTV NOW Informational Video [13]

Pluto TV Financing


Pluto TV Logo [14]

Pluto TV is a television platform launched in 2014, which is solely internet-based [14].  They play content from over 75 different partners, including NBC, Bloomberg, Sky News, and Paramount Pictures [15].  The format is basically the same as a television network, as the programs are played in different time slots, as opposed to letting the viewer decide what they want to watch whenever they want to watch it.

In October of 2016, Scripps Networks participated in a $30 financing round, which was led by ProSiebenSat.1.  With this participation, this will allow Pluto TV to air a great amount of Scripps’ content, giving more exposure and potential revenue as a result.  Pluto TV is also available for free, so even people without cable can have access to Scripps’ content.  With this plus the AT&T deal involving DIRECTV NOW, it can definitely be shown that Scripps Networks is investing a lot of money into online streaming services, as they can see the market for internet-based content is growing every year.  If regular cable tv ends up being less popular and streaming services become the most used service to access television, Scripps will be ahead of the change and be able to retain and potentially gain a lot of revenue for the future.

Pluto TV Advertisement[16]


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Scripps Networks Interactive #1

Adriana Yorke

Source: / Scripps Networks Interactive Logo [1]

9721 Sherrill Blvd
Knoxville, TN, 37932 United States
(865) 694-2700

Key Executives:

Kenneth W. Lowe | Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

Joseph G. Necastro | Chief Development Officer

Burton Jablin | Chief Operating Officer

Henry Ahn | Press Content, Distribution & Marketing

Steven J. Gigliotti | Chief Revenue Officer

Kathleen Finch | Chief Programming, Content & Brand Officer

For the complete list of leaders, visit



Source: / Scripps Networks Interactive Brands [1]

This is Scripps Networks Interactive.

Scripps Networks Interactive is a leading lifestyle orientated content developer for multimedia platform distribution including television, digital, mobile and publishing. [2] Their company’s holdings include its six national television networks: Food Network, Home and Garden Television, Travel Channel, DIY Network, Cooking Channel and Great American Country, and their award winning associated websites. [3] 


In 1990, the E.W. Scripps Company began to channel its investments into information and entertainment content. In 1994, Scripps obtained Cinetel Productions, a creator of cable programming, and announced their plan to launch Home and Garden Television (HGTV). Capitalizing on the success that HGTV had, E.W. Scripps launched more lifestyle television networks. In 1997, they launched the Food Network that now, along with HGTV reaches over 100 million television households in the US. In 1999, the DIY Network was started, followed by the Fine Living Network just three years later. Great American Country was acquired in 2004, and five years later, the Travel Channel was obtained, rounding out Scripps Networks six-network holdings. [4]

By 2007, The E.W. Scripps Company had evolved into one of America’s most forward thinking companies. In October of that year, the board of directors authorized a separation into two publicly traded companies, one focused on the expanding television lifestyle brands and internet services and the other on local media businesses. The deal was completed on June 30, 2008, and Scripps Networks Interactive was formed on July 1, 2008. [4]

Financial Information:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.43.31 PM

source: / 2015 Third Quarter Financial Results [20]

Scripps Networks Interactive had unexpected third quarter results with earnings of $124.6 million, with an earnings per share increase to 96 cents. Last quarter, their revenue rose to $776.1 million and they anticipate this carrying over into the fourth quarter. There was a 22.2 percent increase in advertising revenue and 13.5 percent affiliate fee growth, which helped drive this increase. Kenneth Lowe said, “This has been a transformative quarter for Scripps Networks Interactive… With a strategy that enables us to create deeper connections with consumers across the world, we are focused on delivering long-term growth and enhanced shareholder value.” [19]

Acquisition of TVN:


Source: / TVN Logo [7]

In September, Scripps Networks Interactive finalized their tender offer for all remaining shares of TVN (TV Nowa), Poland’s premiere multi-platform media company. Prior to this time, Scripps Networks Interactive had owned a majority holding of 52.7 percent of TVN through a deal they worked with Canal+ Group and ITI Group. On March 16th of this year, Scripps Networks Interactive €584 million deal was subjected to regulatory approval, which closed on July 2. At this time, Scripps Networks Interactive announced their intentions to acquire all remaining shares through a public tender offer. [5]

On September 28, Scripps Networks Interactive had obtained 46 percent more of TVN for 3,134.4 million zloty (approximately $833.1 million), or 20.00 zloty (approximately $5.32) per share. With the accumulation of these shares, Scripps Networks Interactive now own 98.8 percent of TVN. They have just finished a squeeze-out process, to obtaining the remaining 1.2 percent of shares. [6]

TVN is available in 86 percent of Polish households and they have numerous lifestyle and entertainment brands, such as TVN StyleTVN Turbo, and Poland’s leading 24-hour news channel, TVN24[7]

Creation of New Senior Rolls:


Source: LinkedIn / Scripps Networks Interactive executive team [17]

On September 28, Scripps Networks Interactive created new senior management positions intended to boost their marketing efforts, brand recognition, and US network research. These new roles come after the announcement in August that Kathleen Finch was being promoted to the new position of Chief Programmer, Content & Brand for all networks. This follows the promotion of Shannon Jamieson Driver to Senior Vice President, Network Marketing & Creative Services. Prior to this, Jamieson was lead marketer for HGTV, DIY Network and Great American Country, and has been accredited with the monumental growth that HGTV had this past year.  She now will be in charge of marketing across all of Scripps networks. Gabriel Gordon has also been promoted to a cross-network role, rising from lead researcher for the Food Network and Cooking Channel to head researcher for all of Scripps Networks Interactive. Following suit, Freddy James and Alaka Williams have also been appointed to new roles that unite the six networks. [8]

These new cross-network positions show Scripps Networks Interactive’s approach to unite the networks and increase brand recognition overall. The network chose industry professionals from within the company that they think have both creative and commercial interests in mind, expanding all six networks potentials and increase audience share. [9]

New Fall Programming:

Scripps Networks Interactive have began creating and launching more unique creative content throughout many of their networks. Along with the return of past hit shows, such as Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America and HGTV’s “Flip or Flop,” they are integrating new programming to their fall lineups. Starting in November, Kelsey Nixon, will become the host of a new show, “Kelsey’s Homemade,” on the Cooking Channel‘s Saturday morning cast [10]. Giada De Laurentiis, a ratings all-star with the Food Network, is launching a seasonal program, “Giada’s Holiday Handbook.” The first episode was aired on the Food Network on November 8, and features a guide to creating culinary masterpieces for entertaining friends and family throughout this holiday season. [11]

Green Team's Duff Goldman and Drew Scott, Red Team's Jonathan Scott and Ron Ben-Israel with Host Egypt Sherrod, as seen on Food Network’s All-Star Gingerbread Build, Special.

Source: / Duff Goldman, Drew Scott, Jonathan Scott and Ron Ben-Israel with Host Egypt Sherrod [13]

The Food Network and HGTV have come together this winter as well to create cross-network programming. On November 28, Food Network and HGTV stars such as Duff GoldmanRon Ben-Israel, and the “Property Brothers” Jonathan and Drew Scott, came together to create a baking and building masterpiece, All-Star Gingerbread Build.” The program was simultaneously cast on both networks, and recast on on November 30 on the Cooking Channel. [12]

Hungry For More Food Network:

The Food Network has begun global expansion, throughout Europe and Australia. On November 6, a German language Food Network was launched for the first time. This lifestyle channel, along with Scripps Networks Interactive’s Fine Living Channel, have partnered with an OTT platform, TV Spielfilm which was launched in July of this year. Both of these channels, along with the Travel Channel, are available in the pay-TV lifestyle package for €2.99 per month. [14]


Source: / Chef Curtis Stone [16]

In Australia, public broadcaster SBS has partnered with Scripps to launch a version of the Food Network. The Food Network began airing down under on November 17 at 1 pm, free for all viewers. Programming was a mix of licensed Food Network shows, like Giada at Home, or Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals, and original SBS programming led by Australian personalities, like Chef Curtis Stone. Food Network Australia will be aired 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all shows will also be available on SBS On Demand. [15]

Future Endeavors:

Scripps Networks Interactive plan to continue to deepen their brand recognition through multi-platform mediums. They will continue to make more original content throughout all of their networks and launch new shows, which will be available through both traditional and OTT methods. They also plan to continue global expansion and plan to maintain and strengthen their position as the number one lifestyle entertainment brand. [18]


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Scripps Networks Interactive

by Julie McCullough

9721 Sherrill Blvd, Knoxville, TN 37932

(865) 694-2700


courtesy of

Scripps Networks Interactive started in 1875 when E.W. Scripps founded The Penny Press and soon became one of the most successful newspaper publishing companies. The E.W. Scripps Company later evolved, acquiring local television stations. It was not until the company bought HGTV and the Food Network that it became Scripps Networks Interactive, the leading developer in lifestyle media. [1]

Today, Scripps Networks Interactive develops lifestyle media across the platforms of cable television, digital, mobile, and publishing. Home of HGTV, Food Network, The Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, DIY Network, and Great American Country, SNI reaches viewers all over the world with the goal of changing and improving everyday lifestyles.

Key Executives [2]

Kenneth W. Lowe – President and Chief Executive Officer 

Ken Lowe Headshot th

Henry Ahn- Executive Vice President, Content Distribution and Marketing

Joseph G. Necastro- Chief Financial and Administrative Officer JoeSharper

Jim Samples- President, International


Lori A. Hickok- Executive Vice President, FinanceLori84_edited-1

Burton Jablin- President thmb-Leader-Burton-Jablin

Tamara Franklin- Executive Vice President, Digital thmb-leaders-franklin

 Right Here, Right Now


SNI’s 2014 Upfront event in NYC revealed 35 new primetime and daytime series for the fall seasons of Food Network and Cooking Channel [3]. Among the new shows were Food Network’s Bobby Flay Fit, The Big Tip, and Chopped Teens Tournament and Cooking Channel’s Proper Pub Food and Compete to Eat. The channels are showing trends of gravitating toward competition and travel shows that take the audience out of the traditional home/kitchen. DIY Network and HGTV also premiered many new series and specials this fall. Among the lineup for DIY were The William Shatner Project, documenting renovations to the famous Star Trek actor’s house, The Property Brothers at Home, and Amish RENOgades, featuring Amish craftsmen as they travel outside of their community and learn to navigate the modern world and work on home improvement projects. 
HGTV series this fall included Lakefront Bargain Hunt, A Hero’s welcome, White House Christmas, and Half-Price Paradise.  [4]


courtesy of

In September 2014, Dish Network obtained the rights to deliver live and on-demand content from all six of SNI’s cable networks on their over-the-top internet service, “Dish Anywhere”. The pact allows dish subs to access authenticated Scripps Networks programming over any Internet connection, on devices including connected TVs, PCs, smartphones, tablets and video game consoles.[5] At the 2014 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference in September, President Burton Jablin and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Joseph NeCastro stressed the OTT deal as a way to increase distribution for their up-and-coming networks, Cooking Channel and DIY Network, while giving their live viewers (which make up about 90% of total viewership) more opportunities to view their high-quality content, and appealing to a wider audience of millennials and cord-nevers. [6]

Also in September, Scripps announced the expansion of HGTV into Singapore. The global expansion of SNI’s content signifies the universality of the network’s themes. The expansion to Singapore will include localized original short-form content exclusively for the launch of HGTV in Asia based on the popular series Extreme Homes. Jim Samples, president of Scripps Networks International, commented, “The launch of HGTV across Asia-Pacific signifies the first time HGTV has launched as a premiere 24/7 channel destination focused on home and lifestyle programming outside North America, including the Caribbean. This is a testament to how successful Scripps Networks’ high quality lifestyle content has performed around the world, and we see great potential for this channel offering to drive value for audiences, affiliate and advertising partners alike.” [7]

Publishing/ Digital

At its first ever Newfront presentation in April 2014, Scripps showcased an array of web series produced for its lifestyle video platform ulive, as well as websites for SNI television channels like HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Cooking Channel, and Travel Channel. Many web series are designed as companions of SNI’s cable series. For example, “Star Salvation” runs on parallel to season 10 of the TV series Food Network Star, giving eliminated finalists the opportunity to get back on the TV show. SNI’s strong focus on online content, as well as its presence at the 2014 Newfront presentations, signifies the company’s strong adaptability in today’s digital age. [8]


Vanilla Ice and Rev Run at 2014 Newfront (courtesy of

On Nov 17, 2014, SNI announced a cross-platform content partnership with Hearst Magazines to support the launch of the Citi Double Cash Card. Food Network and HGTV released seasonal holiday content in late November that connect across the holiday issues of Food Network Magazine, HGTV Magazine, food, and These holiday-inspired recipes, entertaining ideas, and DIY (do-it-yourself) projects were made to show consumers the two ways to earn cash back with the Citi Double Cash Card. [9]


SNI’s 2014 Upfront concluded selling just under 50% of inventory, hitting $1 billion in sales. There have been recent shifts toward scatter advertising. Scripps networks are very attractive to advertisers, as they have non-violent, popular, family-friendly content targeted to an upscale audience. There is also a higher demand for convergent buys, in which SNI packages TV ad space with corresponding digital content to appeal to a wider and more diverse audience. [6]

In October 2014, Scripps began offering its employees voluntary buyouts as a way to cut costs. “Each department will address its specific budget targets as they see fit. However, it is likely that this effort to bring costs in line with revenue will include the elimination of activities, projects and positions. We plan to announce any project and/or job eliminations resulting from this budget process by the end of the year,” said CEO Kenneth Lowe [10].

In better news, Scripps Network Interactive’s new cable and digital programming received very positive feedback from advertisers. The 2014 third-quarter earnings results shows that sales increased 4.5% to reach $644 million. “These solid third-quarter operating results demonstrate our unique competitive advantage, and our ability to create long-term value for shareholders in a changing marketplace,” Kenneth Lowe said in a press release accompanying the results [11]. TV station revenue has grown 22% since the third quarter of 2013, up $21.8 million for a total of $121 million. The company as a whole reported consolidated revenue of $208 million, an increase of 9.5%, or $18.1 million, from the year-earlier quarter. [12]

Looking forward, SNI has a promising financial future from ad revenues from both cable and digital. Bucking the trend of television in general, Food Network has lowered its median age in the last two years, due to much stronger growth in the 18-49 demo. At the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Conference, Burton Jablin and Joseph NeCastro outlined SNI’s plan of increasing viewership by expanding the Travel Channel, expanding their international brand, keeping Food Network and HGTV a healthy priority, and increasing distribution for Cooking Channel and DIY Network. [6]


courtesy of



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Scripps Networks Interactive

By Alexa Sternschein

This photo is curtesy of wkrb13 (1)

Scripps Network Interactive is a cable network that specializes in life-style oriented content.  They’re main brands include HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, and Great American Country.  They’re company is based on delivering content and products related to the home and food.  The shows that are aired are all about inspiring their viewers to live a better lifestyle, whether it’s through home improvement or new recipes try to here and there.  If you click on the image below, it will lead you to Scripps Networks Interactive’s 2013 upfront video. (2)




Key Executives (3)

           Ken Lowe Headshot th                                                        Joe NeCastro Headshot th

         Kenneth W. Lowe                                                   Joseph G. Necastro

      Chairman of the Board,                                             Chief Financial and

President and Chief Executive Officer                            Administrative Officer

           Burton Jablin                                                        Thmb-Leader-Henry-Ahn

          Burton Jablon                                                              Henry Ahn

           President,                                                          Executive Vice President

       Scripps Network                               Corporate Controller and Emerging Business CFO


Scripps Network Interactive was founded in 1878 by Edward W. Scripps.  It started as a newspaper publishing company after he founded The Penny Press in Cleveland.  During the post-war era it started to build its reputation as a leading local television operator.  HGTV was the first television network to be developed by Scripps Network Interactive.  After that the Food Network, DIY Network, and Fine Living Network.  Scripps also added Great American Country and the Travel Channel to its portfolio later on.

 In 2007 the company split into two publicly traded companies.  One side focused on the growing national television lifestyle brands and global Internet services.  The other side focused on relevant, innovative and enduring local media business. (4)


Revenue:  $594 Million

Operating Income: $219 Million

Costs of services before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization: $163 Million

The figures above are the 2013 first quarter results.  The company is currently in its third quarter but the second quarter results have not been made public yet.  Compared to 2012, there was a major increase for all three categories in the first quarter of 2013.  Revenue increased 11% from $535 million in 2012 to $594 million in 2013.  Operating income increased 2.4% from $214 million in 2012 to $219 million in 2013.  Costs of services before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization unfortunately also increased by 18.8% from $137 million in 2012 to $167 million in 2013.  Overall Scripps Networks Interactive is showing great improvement from 2012 to 2013. (5)



HGTV consists of home and lifestyle programming.  It was the first brand to be part of the Scripps Networks Interactive portfolio and it was created in 1994.(6)  Most of the shows on HGTV are about home decorating such as 24 Hour Design, 25 Biggest Renovating Mistakes, and Behind the Build: HGTV Dream Home.  With the holidays around the corner, they are also doing a lot of holiday specials, such as Celebrity Holiday Homes and 25 Great Holiday Ideas.(7) 


Food Network consists of new, interesting, and creative ways to approach food.  It is not only “how to” cooking shows, there are also competitions and travel shows.  It keeps food relevant.  Food Network was introduced in 1997. (6)  You can find shows such as Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, Chopped, and 30 Minute Meals. (8)


DIY Network consists of Home Improvement shows.  These are the shows you watch when you want to learn how to get your hands dirty and really improve your house yourself and not just decorate it.  DIY Network was added to the Scripps Network Interactive portfolio in  1999. (6)  Some of the shows that you will find on this channel are House Crashers and I Hate My Bath. (9)


The Cooking Channel is sort of an extension of Food Network.  Food Network is a network that consists or television programming and websites.  The Cooking Channel is the actual channel that provides the Food Network Programming. (6)


Great American Country celebrates American culture through music, food, family, home and travel.  It was added to the Scripps Networks Interactive portfolio in 2004.(6)  Some of it’s shows are Top 20 Country Countdown, Celebrity Motor Homes, and Made in America. (10)


The Travel Channel consists of programming exclusively devoted to travel entertainment.  It helps people explore the world without leaving their couch, but it also helps them plan a trip if they want to get out there and explore.  Scripps acquired the Travel Channel in 2009. (6)  It consists of shows such as Bizarre Foods, Baggage Battles, and The Dead Files. (11)

What’s Happening Now

Scripps Networks Interactive has accomplished many things in 2013 and has a lot coming up in the year 2014.  According to the CEO, Kenneth Lowe, the lifestyle programming that is offered by Scripps Networks Interactive is very similar to sports because it is usually viewed live.  Scripps emphasizes immediacy and because of this most of the advertising is C3 advertising.  However, lately there has been a large viewing through DVR on Sunday nights, so there might be a slight shift to C7 advertising.  “So, I think it’s good for the industry … that we’re moving to C7 for sure,” said Lowe. (12)

In order to keep up with the large live viewership of the Scripps audience, Scripps Networks Interactive has recently released a new lifestyle video site and distribution platform called ulive.  Ulive will provide videos from each Scripps brand along with over 70 original series. (13)  Ulive is almost like another brand added to the Scripps portfolio that offers all the old existing shows along with new shows and series.  Because of the holiday season, a lot of the new shows on ulive are holiday specials such as Holiday Hangups. (14)

In other news, Scripps Networks Interactive was recently in the midst of making a deal with Chellomedia BV.  The two parties unfortunately could not agree on a deal and Chellomedia was sold to AMC Inc instead.  The thought process behind this attempted deal was that Scripps is trying to “bring in the minority interests of both Food Network and Travel Channel.”  The company is still in the process of deciding what to do with its cash reserves for now. (15)

Expanding Their Borders

Scripps Networks International has just recently launched Food Network and the Travel channel in Croatia.  Programming will be available through two channels owned by Vipnet. The two channels will be available in standard definition.  Travel Channel is fully localized and Food Network will be fully localized by 2014. (16)  Scripps Networks International is currently available in 170 countries around the globe.  Scripps also owns 50% interest in UKTV. (17)

New President

Scripps Networks Interactive’s president of it’s operating division, John Lansing, is retiring.  After nine years with the company, Lansing is finally stepping down and Burton Jablin, the president of the home category division, will be stepping up and taking his place.  Alongside him will be Kathleen Finch, senior vice president and general manager of HGTV and DIY Network.  Finch and Jablin will be splitting Lansing’s original role in the company. (18)

Post-Thanksgiving Live!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, all of the Scripps networks are doing holiday specials.  Food Network in particular is taking part in holiday fun.  Food Network is conducting a Google+ Hangout on Saturday, November 23rd at 2pm.  It will be an interactive, Thanksgiving themed “hangout” with chefs such as Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Alton Brown, and Ina Garten and they will discuss post-Thanksgiving leftovers and food advice.  It can be viewed at (19)


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Scripps Networks Interactive


by Melissa Clawges



9721 Sherrill Boulevard

Knoxville, TN 37932

(865) 694-2700



Ken Lowe CEO

Courtesy of Scripps Networks Interactive [3]

Kenneth W. Lowe – Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

Joe NeCastro, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer, Scripps Networks Interactive

Courtesy of Scripps Networks Interactive [4]

Joseph G. NeCastro – Chief Financial and Administrative Officer


Courtesy of Scripps Networks Interactive [5]

John F. Lansing – President, Scripps Network


Company Overview

Scripps Network Interactive is the leader in lifestyle content for a variety of media platforms that include publishing, mobile, digital, and television. Their brands include HGTV, DIY Network, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Great American Country (GAC), and Travel Channel. They have a variety of online content, including video and social media and e-commerce, that acts as a compliment to the on-air programming. Scripps Network Interactive strives to deliver content to the consumer when and wherever the consumer wants it. The lifestyle content that Scripps provides has a series of niche audiences that makes Scripps a desirable company to advertise with. Scripps programming is available and has been viewed on every continent in the world. Also, their websites gets over 18 million visitors each month. Scripps Networks Interactive distributes their content in a variety of ways. They include: Internet, books, satellite radio, video-on-demand, DVDs, magazines, video games, and more recently mobile. They also have a variety of branded merchandise in categories such as kitchenware, food venues, cruises, and festivals. Although they are headquartered in Knoxville, TN, they also have offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Nashville, Detroit, Dallas, Cincinnati, and an international office in London. [7]


Scripps Networks [8]


Scripps Networks Interactive was started in 1878 when Edward W. Scripps founded The Penny Press in Cleveland, Ohio. Scripps quickly became one of the most successful newspaper publishers and began to build its reputation as one of the top operators of local television stations. During the 1980s, Scripps decided to start buying and building cable television systems in order to create revenue that didn’t depend on advertising. Scripps later sold these Cable TV systems to Comcast.

In the 1990s, Scripps decided to direct its free cash flow to invest in entertainment and information content. Then, Scripps purchased Cinetel Productions. This was a creator for cable programming. With this new asset, Scripps announced its launch of HGTV in 1994.

After the success of HGTV, Scripps created various other lifestyle based networks, including Food Network (1997), DIY Network (1999), and Fine Living Network (2002). They also acquired GAC (2004) and Travel Channel (2009).

The E.W. Scripps Company quickly became a visionary media company that had created value for its shareholders. In 2007, the board of directors spilt The E.W. Scripps Company into two publicly-traded companies. Scripps Networks Interactive was created to focus on fast growing television lifestyle brands and Internet services while The E.W. Scripps Company focused on local media businesses.

Today, Scripps Networks Interactive includes its lifestyle anchored networks, interactive businesses, and shopping services that include its easily recognized television and internet brands. Meanwhile, The E.W. Scripps Company is a leader in providing communities through television stations, newspapers, and a variety of digital options. [9]


Discovery Communications, Inc.

MTV Networks Company

NBCUniversal Media, LLC



Scripps Networks Interactive Class A Common Share stock is currently valued at $65.95. The change for today is +0.68 or 1.04%. Its volume is 850,900 and its 52 week high is $66.41 while its 52 week low is $45.67. [11]

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 3.45.40 AM

Stock Quote [12]


Scripps Networks Interactive, Stock Information [13]

Scripps Networks Interactive made a substantial amount more in 2012 than 2011. According to its income statement, Scripps Network Interactive had a net income of $681, 478 in 2012 versus $411,558 in 2011. Their total revenue for 2012 is $2.31 Billion. [14]

Recent News

The Food Network began 2013 by redefining its look. It is celebrating its 20th anniversary by getting a brand makeover that will be featured on the network over the course of the next fews months. [15]

The food service distribution company, Sysco, has launched a marketing relationship with the Food Network. The campaign is slated to last for a year. Sysco will sponsor “Restaurant: Impossible” in return for product integration and TV commercials. They will also hold multiple customer sweepstakes over the course of the next year. [16]

Food Network Star winner, Justin Warner, has a new show ‘Rebel Eats’ on Food Network. The show premiered on March 30th and consists of Justin going out with $300 in his pocket in search for culinary rule breakers. [17]


Justin Warner, The star of the new Food Network Show ‘Rebel Eats’ [17]

GAC recently filmed an ‘ACM New Artist’ Special. Florida Georgia Line, Brantley Gilbert, Jana Kramer, and Scotty McCreery were all in attendance. Florida Georgia Line, Jana Kramer, and Brantley Gilbert will be competing for the coveted ACM New Artist of the Year Award at this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards. [18]


Artists featured on the ‘ACM New Artist’ Special [18]


HGTV is currently gearing up for its first ever Smart Home Giveaway. The contest opens for entries on April 11 and will last until May 31, 2013. The house is located in Jacksonville Beach, FL and the winner receives the fully furnished home, a 2013 GMC Terrain Denali, and $100,000. [19]

Great Room of the new HGTV Smart Home.

Great Room of the new HGTV Smart Home. [19]

A new Food Network Series will be premiering Thursday, April 25th. The show has four employees who will endure a series of events to test their management skills. They will be recorded on hidden camera working at one of the busiest pizza places in Manhattan. Whoever wins the show will be awarded their own franchise. Franchises that will be showcased include Jersey Mike’s Subs, 16 Handles, Muscle Maker Grill, and more.[20]

The Travel Channel will be premiering six new shows this summer. There will be over 100 hours of new, original programming. The new shows include, “Rock My RV with Bret Michaels,” “Bikinis & Boardwalks,” and “RIDE-iculous.” “Bizarre Food America,” “Xtreme Waterparks” and “Insane Coaster Wars: World Domination” will also make their return on the Travel Channel this summer. [21]


Bret Michaels, star of new show on Travel Channel [21]

Scripps Networks Interactive plans to continue to be the leading provider of lifestyle-oriented content and also to expand their reach through all media platforms. Scripps will continue to evolve by introducing new television shows and products as the year continues.


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