Minority Report- Post #6 Cut Backs

This week, Minority Report’s rating plateaued and remained at a .7/2. However, the number of viewers dropped from 2.3 million viewers to 2.05 million viewers. This drop in viewership is leading to cutbacks from Fox. This show will sadly most likely not make it to a second season.

Last week, Fox cut back from 13 episodes to 10 episodes. This did not cause too much stress because the 3 episodes that were cut were going to be aired after the fall hiatus. The 10th episode was always meant to be the big finale of the season and Fox will still air the last 10 episodes based on the original plan. Based on the fact that Fox already cut back on the last 3 episodes and no other media platform has picked up the show, Minority Report will most likely be canceled after the first season. The season finale might end up doubling as a series finale as well.


Scream Queens – Post #5

With Scream Queens kicking into it’s fourth episode tonight, the buzz for renewal is quickly spreading. When TheWrap asked Fox over the weekend if the comedic horror show would be accepted for a second season as long as delayed-viewing projections were to continue, Fox Television Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden responded with a firm “Absolutely.”

The challenge with network wide decisions of second season renewals lies in the missing statistics. In order for such assessments to be finalized, networks need data quicker than they are being received – this data takes time to gather as well as to interpret. For example, Nielsen live-plus-three ratings take five days to be produced, while live-plus-seven numbers aren’t finished being calculated by the company for an additional twenty-one days. Also, there is no standard accepted by the TV industry yet for multi-platform viewer calculations. The hope is for last weeks merge of comScore and Rentrak, Nielson’s competitors, to be a step toward a common standard. I guess time will tell as viewers (hopefully) continue to tune into Scream Queens, whether it be live or three to seven days afterward.

Minority Report- Post #5 Possibly Losing its Prime Time Spot?

“Minority Report” falls further and further in ratings every week. This week it fell .2 points again to a .7 rating with a total viewership of 2.3 million viewers. According to Variety, “Minority Report” might end up losing its prime time spot following “Gotham” if these ratings continue. According to Variety its opening night, which brought in 3.1 million total viewers and a rating of 1.1, “was the lowest average for any of the fall’s big Four premiers to date, and it has only gone downhill from there.”

The reviews have been tough on the show as well and USA Today in particular did not have very nice things to say about the show and the storyline. To quote USA Today, “A procedural that tries to use gimmicks to mask the emptiness of its characters and the transparency of its central mystery? Check.” Things are not looking good for “Minority Report” and I’m not sure if there will be much more a season to review.



Scream Queens – Post #4

In the aftermath of last Tuesday’s premiere, Scream Queens had a low initial rating of only 1.65. However, after three days, the show added 1.07 ratings from adults ranging from 18-49, boosting the show up to a 2.73 rating. That is a 65% increase and jumped ahead of three shows apart of Tuesday night’s competition. Ryan Murphy’s new horror comedy gained an additional 2 million viewers in these three days via television, as well as 1 million new streaming viewers, totaling out the shows three-day viewership to around 7.3 million. With all viewing platforms taken into account, that’s an 80% increase.

In an interview with Variety, Murphy stressed how these initial numbers are a perfect example of how people are watching their programming when they want to via the best outlet for them. It’s not a huge concern to Murphy at this time, as he is confident that the audience will stick with the show. Going forward, Murphy plans to wait for Live+3 numbers to get a true sense of the ratings for Scream Queens.

Will last night’s ratings prove true to Murphy’s theory?

Minority Report- Post #4 Slowly Crashing

This week was not a great week for “Minority Report”. Last week it premiered quietly, going somewhat unnoticed and without making a big splash. Unfortunately this week the rating dropped from 1.1 to a .9 in adults 18-49. It also only brought in a total of 2.57 million viewers.

After watching this week’s episode, I can agree with this rating. The first episode I watched was different than what I had originally watched over the summer. I had the opportunity to watch pilots and write coverage for my internship this summer, and Minority Report was one of the pilots I watched. After watching it live I realized they changed it from the original. They must have changed the pilot once Nick Zano was signed on to the show. The new pilot had a more intense storyline, but unfortunately I don’t see this show doing much better throughout the season. Unless this show manages to get picked up abroad or by a VOD network, I don’t think people will be seeing much more than a season or 2 of it. It’s still early in the season though, so who knows what’s going to happen.

Scream Queens – Post #3

Last night was the official two-hour premiere of Scream Queens on Fox. As promised, multiple characters died within the span of 120 minutes, and I frequently found myself laughing out loud to edgy humor. A reviewer for EW made a great point in saying that the show isn’t for everyone. “Some will find it too sadistic or too campy, or unfairly dismissive of Millennials.” For someone like myself though, I would say the show is hard-hitting in all the right ways.

ListenFirst Media provided The Wall Street Journal with DAR (digital audience ratings) for all current shows resonating content most among Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Wikipedia combined. From August 15th through September 15th, Scream Queens generated a DAR of over 6 million. This number exceeded all other new fall shows by an ample margin. Scream Queens landed in 8th place last week in overall broadcast DAR ratings with a total of 2,255,000 ratings, as reported by Variety.

Next weeks blog will include the official ratings from last night, as well as Live+7 as I am positive that a great percentage of viewers will fall into that category. Stay tuned to see the results!

Minority Report- Post #3 The Premier Results

The day has finally come, “Minority Report” has premiered. The pilot episode was pretty much just an episode to set the scene for the series and start a larger story. The format of the show seems like each week will be a mini mystery or crime that needs to be solved, while a potential love story and a family reunion slowly unravel throughout the season. After watching the first episode, I am definitely hooked due to the thrilling possible crime scenes, attractive cast, and the little futuristic digs at things that exist in today’s society, but the overall viewing public did not seem to be on the same page as me.

According to “TV By The Numbers”, the show only got a 1.1% rating for the 18-49 rating and a 3.10% rating for the live + same day viewing. There are no L+5 or L+7 ratings yet because the show just premiered last night. I will have to keep following it and see where the show goes. Unfortunately, Gotham’s new season premiering before did not help with Minority Reports ratings because the ratings dropped between Gotham and Minority Report. People must have tuned out at 9, which isn’t do great for Fox.

“Rosewood”-Post #3

Whenever one reads an article about Fox’s upcoming series “Rosewood,” the popular series “Empire” will most likely be discussed alongside the new series. Fox appears to be giving an extra boost to its new comedy drama series “Rosewood” by having it lead into “Empire”. However, not only will “Rosewood” be the opener to “Empire,” but it has also taken “Empire’s” original 8pm Wednesday slot. Much of Fox’s success with “Empire” have been due to the networks extensive and early promos for the show starting as far back as May, right after the show was picked up. Furthermore, Slate Magazine claims, “Fox also took things a step further by capping each of Empire’s first ten episodes with an extended, 90-second teaser touting coming attractions—not just for the next week’s episode (standard practice), but for the entire season to come,” which gave “Empire” a leg up to it’s competitors. Slate magazine predicts Fox will thrive off of “Empire’s” success and apply it’s innovative structure to future series in what it calls “The Empire Effect”. Thus, I will be interested to see if “Rosewood” follows in “Empire’s” innovative promotional efforts during its first season. “Rosewood” has already followed “Empire’s” footsteps with early promotions starting as soon as May 7th 2015, right after Fox announced that the series had been picked up.

“Rosewood” premieres next Wednesday night at 8pm on Fox!


Grandfathered Blog #2

Grandfathered – Blog #2

As Grandfathered prepares for its premiere on Tuesday September 29th, Fox must consider this show’s competition for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, Grandfathered will be directly competing against the CW show, The Flash. The Flash is known for being one of the first Superhero TV show hits in recent years. This along with Jane the Virgin helped boost ratings on CW Network last year. This show and network are targets younger viewers in their teenage years, so Grandfathered might lose some younger viewership to this program.

Also, Grandfathered will be competing against NCIS, which has long-standing viewers that tend to be older. NCIS, draws in a solid following, but their viewers could be becoming bored with their average content and might look to some new programming like Grandfathered. Completely different genres, but hopefully Grandfathered can steal some of this viewership.

ABC will also be premiering a new show at this time, The Muppets. The Muppets, always a fan favorite might cause some shifting in this Tuesday night lineup and it will be interesting to see what age demographic ABC will be targeting.

Scream Queens – Post #2

Scream Queens is set as FOX’s anchor on its all-new Tuesday programming schedule, following Grandfathered featuring John Stamos and Rob Lowe in The Grinder. This is a bold move for the network, but they continue to exude confidence with these adjustments. Tuesday night’s schedule overall is highly focused on female content, leaving Ryan Murphy with the slight hesitation as to whether men will tune in, or not. It’s not a concern for Scream Queens creators, but it is a curiosity to see if men will become a fan of the show’s combination of horror-like elements, comedy and drama.

Pertaining to the show’s pre-production, it was interesting to read in Variety that Jamie Lee Curtis initially turned down her role, despite Murphy writing it specifically for her. Curtis’ primary reasoning was that she had bigger responsibilities back at home. Not taking no for an answer, Murphy created a shooting schedule for Curtis, grouping workdays into four-or-five day periods at a time and limiting her travel. There was no way she could pass this opportunity, and Curtis now considers it the role of a lifetime.

The show airs next week, so let’s see how the ratings pull through in next weeks blog!