Grandfathered Post #3

As the premiere for Grandfathered grows closer, Fox Executives and show creators are looking to create better buzz for the show. This past week, Grandfathered was a part of PaleyFest, the Paley Center’s fall event in Los Angeles. This event allows networks to promote their shows for the upcoming season by showing screeings of the premiere and conversations with the casts and creative teams. Grandfathered seized this opportunity for promotion with the hope of creating more publicity for the show.

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This event provided fans and future fans with the opportunity to hear about the show from the actors themselves. John Stamos alongside creator Danny Chun answered questions about the show and discussed their perspective on its role in the Fall Season. Throughout the interview, their statements were put onto a live twitter feed, which provided the feeling of a first-hand encounter for fans that were not in the actual audience. This kind of multi-media promotion is extremely important in this day in age because it creates a sense of connectivity for viewers and hopefully draws them in week-to-week.

Blindspot- Post #2

The early reviews for “Blindspot” have been relatively positive. The critics are all agreeing that this seems like an exciting new show calling it, “the surest drama bet this fall” (Eonline). Jamie Alexander is proving to be an interesting leading lady that has everyone talking. “I have been waiting for Jamie Alexander to snap a leading role worthy of her badassness and she’s definitely found it” (Eonline).

The demographics for the Greg Berlanti produced show fall in line with some of his other shows, such as, “Arrow”, “The Flash”, and “Supergirl”. The action/thriller, “Blindspot” is marketing to the (mostly) male demographic, similar to that of other “superhero” shows. Even though “Blindspot” is not a superhero show, many elements and similarities can be drawn in correlation to the main character and superheroes.

The social media outreach on “Blindspot” is relatively low, with only 9,932 followers on twitter and 1,712 instagram followers, but holds a decent 90,216 likes on facebook. However, I do expect those numbers to grow once the show premieres next week.








Life After The Slap

As far as the internet is concerned, The Slap never existed. Where many shows, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones come to mind, engage viewers the entire year (including the off-season), The Slap has had little to no activity since its finale. On April 7th, five days after the season/series finale, its Twitter and Facebook posted the same thing. They each posted the same quote with a picture of the cast. The most recent news article is from April 4th, just two days after the finale. This seems like a surefire sign that the rumors of cancellation are true. If no one is talking about a show, there’s no reason to keep it on air.

The quote on the social media posts was, “At some point you’ve got to decide what kind of person you’re going to be.” The Slap had to decide what kind of show it wanted to be. It apparently chose to be a show that no one was really going to miss.

American Crime- Social Media Presence

After a few weeks on the air, things are still not looking good when it comes to the possibility of renewal for another season for “American Crime”. However, it seems as if the show has created an impressive social media presence for itself, which has helped to generate conversation for the show during its live broadcasts.

In addition to official “American Crime” Twitter account retweeting comments from fans, the main stars of the program have been live tweeting with viewers during the show. The show has faced stiff competition on social media with March Madness dominating much of the conversation over the last few weeks, but it has found a community of talkers nonetheless.

“American Crime”‘s social media presence likely won’t save the program from cancellation, but if it continues to grow, it would make the case for renewal more compelling.

Trending Now: The Odd Couple

Since The Odd Couple will be on hiatus for the next two weeks because of the NCAA Basketball Tournament airing on CBS, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the show’s social media presence. As now more than ever, social media presence is an integral part of a television show’s success, it appears that The Odd Couple is taking full advantage of all that twitter has to offer. For example, as a nice tie-in with CBS’s NCAA coverage, the stars of The Odd Couple have filled out NCAA brackets and the show’s twitter feed is encouraging viewers to see how their brackets measure up with those of the stars, Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. Additionally, the stars have been live tweeting and the show has been posting photos of the different cast members tweeting for both the east and west coast feeds. They even suggested a drinking game, consisting of everyone taking a drink every time that Matthew Perry wears a blue shirt that matches his eyes! So far, they have 3,263 followers, which is a drop in the ocean, compared to ABC’s rival new spring 2015 sitcom, Fresh Off The Boat, which has 16,700 followers. Therefore, The Odd Couple has a way to go before being the number 1 new comedy on Twitter.

The Dovekeepers – Publicity

Publicity for the CBS miniseries The Dovekeepers has been ramped up in recent weeks.  The most prominent of the promotions campaign is that the 30 second ad has begun running on CBS in primetime.  CBS has also been releasing a number of promotional videos on it’s website as well as on YouTube, including set tours with each major cast member.  There have also been segment appearances on shows like Entertainment Tonight and print articles in TV Guide magazine and CBS Watch magazine.

The more interesting of the promotions has been the digital and social media campaign.  The Dovekeepers has been getting decent exposure on the CBS Television website, with features on the front page.  It also has a Facebook, and Twitter, on which they conducted an “Ask the Author” livetweeting session with author Alice Hoffman under the hashtag #TheDovekeepersAskAlice.  More unconventionally the show also has a Pinterest account, on which CBS is releasing the sketches for wardrobe, jewelry and set design as well as promotional stills.   Whether or not this promotion will boost the ratings for the broadcast is yet to be seen.  The Dovekeepers airs on CBS March 31 and April 1.

Weird Loners – Blog Post 4



The launch date for Weird Loners on FOX is rapidly approaching! March 31st will come sooner than you may think.

With about a month before its premiere, I thought I would check out what FOX has done to promote Weird Loners via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is what I found…


  • Since May of last year, there have been a total of 13 posts. 
    • 6/13 released within two days of Valentine’s day.


  • 30 tweets


  • 10 posts

Ultimately, I think FOX is doing a poor job of promoting Weird Loners. This show may want to take some pointers from ABC’s American Crime whose promotions began over a year ago.

It was definitely smart for Weird Loners to take advantage of Valentine’s Day for promotional value but that simply won’t deliver FOX the ratings they are looking for.

Most of Weird Loner’s social media buzz relates with the audience’s ability to relate to the show’s title. Thus, if this show hopes to become a major competitor, they are going to need to step up their promotion game ASAP.