Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders – Post #1 by Tionge Johnson

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The release date for the new “Criminal Minds” pilot on CBS, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” a spinoff of the original crime drama, premieres March 16, 2016. Social media buzz surrounding the show has already developed, and the show has been busy marketing towards companies such as TV Guide and Youtube. The new pilot is promoting its new cast by interacting with actors on Twitter such as Daniel Henney (Big Hero 6, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and by sharing a special “Meet the Cast” article published on that was also posted on Twitter. Youtube promos and Twitter promo’s have been focused on these new actors and their past credentials. And, to further promote these actors, actors from the original “Criminal Minds” are also interacting with the new cast, wishing them good luck on the new pilot on Twitter, which has 1, 693 followers already.

“Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” has its own Youtube Channel with 3 videos posted (They’ve only been active since last Friday). The first promo into the first episode had the most views of 880 out of the three videos, which was posted just yesterday, January 27th, 2016. Overall, their Youtube channel has 57 subscribers since last week Friday, which isn’t too bad for just starting up.

Legends of Tomorrow – Post #1

Pilot-Part 1 

This past Thursday night, a new team of heroes joined the silver screen. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premiered to 3.14 million viewers and joined fellow DC heroes of the Green Arrow and the Flash.

Superheroes on television is hardly a novel idea, but it appears as if the CW has gotten the formula down to a science. But there comes a time when there is too much superheroes in mass media. In a time where there is so much saturation when it comes to the caped crusaders, it becomes hard to stand out.

Legends of Tomorrow accomplishes that. With a new team of superheroes instead of a single hero destines to save his city, this team consists of both heroes and villains fighting in the past to save the future. Definitely an interesting concept, but it will be interesting to see what happens as this show progresses. With a history of superheroes on the CW, it should be easy for Legends to be competitive in this saturated market.

Grandfathered Post #7

This has been a huge week for Fox’s comedy Grandfathered because Fox has requested six additional script orders for both Grandfathered and The Grinder. This shows the network, that the show is worthy of continuing production and showing episodes. On the contrary, Fox’s show The Minority Report’s episode order has been reduced from thirteen to ten, which shows Fox’s lack of faith in that show. Grandfathered has remained relatively consistent in the ratings and appears stable enough for Fox to grant the okay on the continuation of production.


Unfortunately directly correlating with this positive accolade for the show, Grandfathered lead John Stamos was charged for a DUI coming from an arrest that occurred earlier this year. Although, Stamos could face up to six months in jail, Fox keeps reassuring the press that this incident will not affect future production for the show.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rob Latour/Variety/REX Shutterstock (5120784fg) John Stamos 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 20 Sep 2015

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rob Latour/Variety/REX Shutterstock (5120784fg)
John Stamos
67th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America – 20 Sep 2015

Even with reassuring remarks the question still remains, how this charge and possible sentencing will affect the rest of the season and future production of this new comedy.

Grandfathered Post #6

After opening up to a decent audience, Fox saw a decline in all three of its Tuesday night programming including Scream Queens, The Grinder, and Grandfathered. Grandfathered in the second week dropped 26%
in viewership, which is staggering and probably very disheartening for Fox Executives. The show received a 1.1rating/4 share and reached only 3.8 milli
on viewers in the key 18-49 demographic.


Grinder-Grandfathered-1       The show is already working to generate more fans by tying in some of John Stamos’ previous successes such as Full House, which is in the works as a sequel, Fuller House. Grandfathered will be having Bob Saget guest star on an episode. This is a perfect example of cross-promotion between different shows, but interestingly the shows are not on the same network. Fox’s Grandfathered and Netflix’s Fuller are sharing their talent pool to generate more viewers for hopefully both of the programs.


Grandfathered really needs to improve its fan base not only in the viewership, but also on social media. Currently, the show’s official Twitter has less than 10,000 followers, which compared to Fox’s Scream Queens that is on an hour later, which has about 266,000 followers. This juxtaposition shows that Grandfathered really needs to improve its social media especially in this multifaceted industry, which is integrating more and more social media into television programming.


Grandfathered Post #4

Is John Stamos involved in too much?

A simple Google search of John Stamos provides you with millions of results. Unfortunately for Fox, most of the links relate to the Full House spinoff, “Fuller House”. Although the extensive publicity for Fuller House cannot be blamed on Stamos, it could cause some worry for Grandfathered executives who appear to be having difficulty spreading the word about this new show. John Stamos went on the Today Show and had a one-on-one interview with Matt Lauer, but the highlights from the interview revolved around Stamos’ rehab stint and Fuller House. Stamos’ social media platform is also not focused around Grandfathered, which might damage the premiere ratings on September 29th. On the contrary, Josh Peck, the younger star of Grandfathered has been covering his social media accounts with posts about Grandfathered to help create buzz for the show.

John Stamos on the Today Show

John Stamos on the Today Show


Also, Grandfathered reviews have arrived from a multitude of sources praising John Stamos for his performance and claiming that he fits really well into television narratives. This positive critical acclaim and lackluster social media presence could lead to unpredictable viewership for the premiere.

More Reviews: Yahoo ReviewNew York Times, & Deadline



Grandfathered Post #3

As the premiere for Grandfathered grows closer, Fox Executives and show creators are looking to create better buzz for the show. This past week, Grandfathered was a part of PaleyFest, the Paley Center’s fall event in Los Angeles. This event allows networks to promote their shows for the upcoming season by showing screeings of the premiere and conversations with the casts and creative teams. Grandfathered seized this opportunity for promotion with the hope of creating more publicity for the show.

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This event provided fans and future fans with the opportunity to hear about the show from the actors themselves. John Stamos alongside creator Danny Chun answered questions about the show and discussed their perspective on its role in the Fall Season. Throughout the interview, their statements were put onto a live twitter feed, which provided the feeling of a first-hand encounter for fans that were not in the actual audience. This kind of multi-media promotion is extremely important in this day in age because it creates a sense of connectivity for viewers and hopefully draws them in week-to-week.

Life After The Slap

As far as the internet is concerned, The Slap never existed. Where many shows, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones come to mind, engage viewers the entire year (including the off-season), The Slap has had little to no activity since its finale. On April 7th, five days after the season/series finale, its Twitter and Facebook posted the same thing. They each posted the same quote with a picture of the cast. The most recent news article is from April 4th, just two days after the finale. This seems like a surefire sign that the rumors of cancellation are true. If no one is talking about a show, there’s no reason to keep it on air.

The quote on the social media posts was, “At some point you’ve got to decide what kind of person you’re going to be.” The Slap had to decide what kind of show it wanted to be. It apparently chose to be a show that no one was really going to miss.

Secrets and Lies – Post Eight

            Secrets and Lies was preempted on Sunday, April 5 for ABC’s annual airing of The Ten Commandments. It is the first time since the show began that a new episode was not aired. The show returns to its regularly scheduled 9:00 p.m. time slot on Sunday, April 12.

ABC is yet to renew Secrets and Lies for a second season. The show seems to have a solid following, as week in and week out the viewership remains at about 5 million people. Much like the expert reviews, which greatly vary, audience opinion does too. The show has a Metascore of 48 on Metacritic based on 22 critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the Secrets and Lies has a 36% score, with 21 people deeming the show rotten.

American Odyssey: The Pilot

American Odyssey debuted on Easter Sunday in the 10 o’clock slot on NBC.  TV By the Numbers reported that it received a 1.2 rating and a 4 share with 5.4 million total viewers in 18-49.  It beat Battle Creek on CBS in 18-49 ratings and share, but lost in total viewership.  Battle Creek received a .7 rating and 2 share, but had 5.6 million total viewers. A.D.: The Bible Continues was the lead in which brought in 9.5 million total viewers, so there was a significant drop-off between the two programs, but I attribute that to the biblical nature of A.D. on Easter Sunday.

The first episode has received mixed reviews so far, with slightly more positive feedback than negative.  American Odyssey has a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 59% on Metacritic– not overwhelmingly good, but not terrible for the first episode of a television series.  Critics are saying that there are too many storylines going on that are too contrived.  Another critique of the show is that there are a few lapses in logic and coincidences that held advance the storyline. Positive reviews of the show have complimented the complex storyline calling it clever and fresh.  It is difficult to make a conspiracy story with a unique story that also sticks as close as it can to reality, and it seems to me that American Odyssey is accomplishing that pretty successfully.


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Twitter followers: 11,600

American Crime- Slight Dip in Ratings, Renewal Up in the Air

As American Crime enters its fifth week on the air, its ratings are holding fairly steady with just a slight dip in the April 2nd episode. The show posted a 1.1 rating among adults 18-49, which is below the 1.3 rating it had been hovering around for the previous couple of weeks.

The media has given this show very little buzz in the last couple of weeks, which might suggest that it simply doesn’t have enough fanfare to really move forward. Nonetheless, USA Today has not totally given up hope on the series yet, and says that its status for renewal is currently “on the bubble”.